FanFic - Max/Liz
"A New Breed"
Part 1
by Susan
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Summary: The FBI doctors decide they want more.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
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Setting: Eagle Rock Military Base

"What exactly are we looking for?" Asked Agent Madison.

"I need all the medical information they acquired when they held the Evans boy. If my experiment is going to be successful then I'll need to know if the capability is there."

"Well, this is the room they kept all the records on that kid." The two men gathered up as much information they could and quickly made copies. They returned the original documents to their rightful place and left.

"I don't understand why you don't want Agent Pierce to know about your experiment?"

The doctor simply looked at the agent. Then he decided to make him understand since he knew he would need this man's help. "Pierce doesn't want any aliens to live. He thinks they have invaded our planet to take it over. He would never agree to my experiment. In fact he would halt it prior to it even getting started if he found out about it. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Yes, sir, I agree this must be kept to those of us that want to see your experiment succeed for our future benefits. So what's the next step?"

"You have your team follow all of them. Michael Guerin, Maria Deluca, Alex Whitman, Tess Harding, Kyle Valenti, Liz Parker, Isabelle Evans and most importantly Max Evans. Here is their pictures, but most importantly they cannot know they are being watched. I need to know which pairs would be the best to put together in order for them to be willing subjects."

"Why do they have to be willing. We have the technology to make the experiment a success even if they decide not to go along with it willing."

"I know, but first it would be best for them to be willing participates in the experiment. If they chose not to participate the old fashion way, then we will use modern technology to get the successful results we want."

Setting Outside The Valenti's Home:

Agent Madison had been assigned to tail Tess Harding. He watched as she approached the house with a slight hesitation. As soon as the subject of Kyle Valenti opened the door the agent turned on the recording device he had planted in the house earlier.

Tess Harding knocked on the door softly, she was unsure why she had even decided to come here. When Kyle Valenti opened the door she knew why she had come. "Um..Hi Kyle. Can I come in?"

Kyle was shocked to say the least. Tess was the last person he expected to see outside his door when he had answered it. Sure he thought she was really pretty, but Liz had been by to talk to him. She had explained everything to him about the pod squad including their newly found out destinies. "Yeah, sure, come on in." He opened the door wider to allow her access to his home. He realized Tess must be here to make sure he wasn't going to say anything about their identities. He thought it was weird that they had decided to send Tess to plead their case. "Tess, I just want you to know you don't have to worry about me saying anything. I've already talked to my dad and Liz. I understand"

Tess looked up at Kyle in surprise. "Kyle, I didn't come here for that, but thank you."

"Then why are you here?" His voice had an uncertainty to it.

"I needed someone to talk to and I thought of you." It was a true statement she did need to talk to someone. Nothing had turned out like she had thought it would have. Even though Liz had rejected Max, he still made it quite clear to her that Liz was the only girl he would love and no alien destiny would change his mind.

Kyle noticed her shaking slightly and knew her statement was true. He knew all to well the bond between Max and Liz. It had surprised him when Liz had told him how she had left Max to fulfill his destiny to be with Tess. Even though he hated the fact that Liz had dumped him for Max, he couldn't deny the connection the two of them shared when they were together. "Why don't you have a seat Tess?" He motioned for her to sit on the couch. When she sat down the tears started to flow from her eyes. This made Kyle very uncomfortable. He had no idea what he should do, he never was very good at women. He sat down next to her, draped his arm around her and patted her shoulder. "Hey, it can't be that bad."

She laid her head against his shoulder and let it all pour out. "Max will never love me. I'm his destiny, but he won't ever love me. Even with Liz walking away from him he won't ever stop loving her. How can I be with someone when in my heart I know he will always be thinking of her? Michael and Isabelle haven't accepted their destinies yet, but I can tell they are considering it. I know Isabelle likes Alex and Michael has strong feelings for Maria even if he doesn't always show it. But, Max won't even consider our destiny. He looks at me with disgust in his eyes." Tess suddenly realized she was rambling and stopped immediately. She turned her head not wanting to look at Kyle embarrassed for her sudden out burst.

Kyle turned her head so she was facing him and slowly rubbed her back in a comforting way. "Tess, I understand your reasons for wanting Max, but why do you want to fulfill a destiny with someone who you yourself stated doesn't want to be with you. You are so much better than that. You deserve better than that." She started to smile at his words so he continued. "I mean let's face some facts, you are beautiful, smart, fun to be with. Heck I could probably name you about twenty guys at West Roswell that would love to be with you."

Tess couldn't help but smile brightly at Kyle. "And what about you?" She couldn't help but ask.

"Me? Are you kidding? I would be the first one in that line of guys if you would let me."

The agent sitting outside the house couldn't believe what he had just recorded. He knew the doctor would be happy with this knowledge. Now he was sure they knew the answer to what couples would be best to assure the experiment would be a complete success. He had to report his findings immediately and find out what the others had also found out. They had been following these teenagers around for over a week now. He took out his cell phone and made the calls that was needed and headed out to the designated meeting place.

Setting: Warehouse Outside Roswell

Agent Madison drove into the old warehouse and quickly closed the door behind his car. He was glad to see all the other agent's cars were already there. He walked over to the old elevator, put his thumb on the secret panel. When the door opened he walked down the long corridor toward the meeting room.

Doctor Turner greeted the agent as he arrived and motioned him to sit with the other members of their crew. "Now it's time to make our decisions. The labs and the rooms have been prepared. Tell me what you have learned so that our final decision can be made." He motioned for Agent Harrison to go first. He had been the agent to follow Max Evans.

"The Evans kid basically stayed in his room for most of the week. The only time he left his house was when he walked to the Parker's residence and just sat outside the girls balcony starring at it for several hours. He then went back to his room. I'm sorry sir, but that's the only time he left his room."

"Agent Harrison, this is better news than I could have hoped for." The doctor replied knowing the other agents wouldn't understand is happiest about the new discovery. He then motioned for the next agent. As each discussed what they had observed in each of the teenagers behaviors to the doctor, the doctor was becoming quite sure what his final decision would be and then when Agent Madison played the tape for them he had recorded earlier there was no doubt in the doctors mind who would be paired with who.

Agent Lowery(the only female agent in the group) provided the time availability. "Ms Parker is leaving tomorrow for a visit with her Aunt. If we are going to put the plan in action it would be best to start the gathering of the subjects this evening and tomorrow."

"I couldn't agree with you more. The timing is perfect no one will even have to suspect her missing. Guerin and Harding won't be a problem and the Evan's will be easy to pick up without causing too much of a problem. Valenti will be the hardest though since his father is the sheriff."

"Kyle is supposed to be going to a football camp in two days so we can intercept him then without any suspicions from the sheriff." The agent that had been following Kyle revealed to the group.

The doctor couldn't believe his luck. Deluca and Whitman wasn't even speaking to the other members of the group and with both Liz and Kyle supposedly gone of their own free will neither of them would be truly missed for quite awhile. "Okay let's pick up Guerin and Harding tonight. We can pick up the Parker girl tomorrow at the airport after she is dropped off. We can put the plan in action for the two Evan's then. We'll get Kyle the day after and no one will be the wiser." All the agents agreed with the plan and left to grab the first two subjects of their experiments.

Michael Guerin was asleep when the agent placed the drugged induced rag over his mouth and nose. He didn't have time to react when he felt the needle being jabbed into his arm. The agent's carried his body to the van parked outside without anyone noticing. They then picked up Tess Harding in the same manner without any trouble. When each awoke they were each in a room that resembled a prison cell that only had a bed, a sink and a toilet in the cell. They both felt lightheaded from the drugs that were still in their bodies and scared beyond their wildest dreams without any knowledge of where they were and how they had gotten there. They had no idea that the other was there.

Michael tried to get out of the bed and found himself strapped to the bed. When he tried using his powers to free himself he found out his powers were suppressed by the drugs they had given him. For the first time in his life, Michael Guerin was truly scared.

Liz Parker waved to her parents and Maira when they dropped her off at the airport. As soon as she stepped inside the terminal the agents grabbed her and told her if she didn't want Max Evans killed she would come with them quietly. Without any hesitation she went with the agents. She was drugged once in the car and before they even left the airport garage she blacked out. When she awoke she was in a cell similar to the others except she was not strapped to the bed. She was alone, scared and worried not only for her safety, but for Max's safety also.

Mr. Evans got off the phone excited for his two children. They were to do an intern for a law office in Denver for the next month with all the expenses paid. He wasn't surprised that Max had received the internship, but was a little surprised that they wanted Isabelle too. Even though he loved both his adopted children he was looking forward to having time alone with his wife for the next four weeks. The timing couldn't have come at a better time. Both Max and Isabelle had seemed under a lot of pressure here lately and it would do them good to get away from everything here, especially Max. He just seemed so upset about something. His wife had wondered if it had to do with the fact that Liz Parker hadn't been around lately. Yes, this trip would be good for both his kids and his wife and him.

When their father filled them in on the details both Max and Isabelle tried to come up with excuses why they couldn't go, but in the end they both knew it would be best to get away too, so they had agreed. They were shocked to hear that they were to leave tomorrow morning. They tried to get a hold of Michael and Tess to let them know where they were going, but to their dismay both of them were no where to be found. If Michael hadn't talked about taking Tess out to the Indian reservation to meet Riverdog they would have been more concerned, but when they couldn't get a hold of either of them they just assumed that's where they went. So they settled for leaving a note for them at Michael's apartment explaining everything and decided they would call when they got there to check in with them.

Kyle Valenti was driving to the bus to go to the football camp when a police officer pulled him over. At first Kyle was going to laugh in the cops face thinking he must be new to pull over the sheriff's son, but when the agent placed the gun directly in Kyle's face he got out of the car and stepped into the police car's back seat without blinking an eye. He was then drugged and before Kyle Valenti knew what was happening he was in a cell at the lab just like his friends. An agent had driven Kyle's car back to the lab and put it inside the warehouse so no one would see it if they happened to drive by. When the drugs wore off Kyle immediately started to yell for someone to hear him. He didn't know the glass on the front of the cell was sound proof so no one heard his tantrum but the lab technician that had been monitoring the cells of all the subjects. After about forty-five minutes of screaming obscenities of all kinds to no one Kyle Valenti finally gave up and sat on the bed in his room realizing he was involved in something here he didn't want to be involved in and the fear started to set in.

The last two subjects were to be picked up in much the same manner as Kyle. As soon as Max and Isabelle pulled onto the highway outside of Roswell the police car was following them. Max was the first to notice the car just before it began to flash it's lights Max turned to his sister and stated. "I think we may have company." Ever since his experience in the white room Max was always watching over his shoulder.

"Do you think it's one of Valenti's men trying to tell us something about Michael or Tess?" As soon as she asked the question she saw the flashing lights.

Max thought for a moment what Isabelle asked made sense and tried to shake the bad feeling he had inside. "Maybe, but just in case be ready if we have to get away quickly."

They both watched as two men dressed in suits got out of the police car. Max turned to Isabelle. "They don't look like Valenti's men." He was just about to put the jeep back into gear and take off when two other vehicles pulled up out of no where and blocked the jeeps escape. The two agents were upon the two teenagers with their guns pointed at their heads before either had time to react.

"If neither of you wants to see the other lying on the street here I suggest both of you get out of the car carefully and lay face down on the ground."

Max felt trapped, he would have gone out with a fight if Isabelle had not been with him. But, he knew there was no way he would risk her life. Both knew this day would come sooner or later. Their only hope was that Michael, Tess, Nasedo, Maria, Alex, Liz or even Kyle and the sheriff would somehow attempt a rescue. For now Max thought it would be best not to endanger his sister and go with them peacefully. They were handcuffed and both felt a prick of the needled that was pressed into their arms. The affect of the drug was immediate and before they knew what had happened to them their world went black.

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