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"A New Breed"
Part 28
by Susan
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After arriving at the Parker's residence, Jeff Parker asked if he could speak with Max alone for a few minutes. Liz knew her father was beginning to accept what they had informed their parents earlier, but she was still a little nervous about leaving Max and her father alone. Max spoke to her with his eyes only, letting her know it would be okay. "Come on honey, I think it's time you and I had a mother daughter talk anyway." Mrs. Parker stated to her daughter as the two women walked back toward the bedrooms leaving the two men they loved behind for their private conversation.

Max stood in silence feeling like a shy six year old. "Why don't we sit down?" Jeff motioned to the couch in his living room. When they were both comfortable he began. "Max, I want you to know, I believe you are a good person. You have made Liz happier then I have ever seen her and I believe you truly love my daughter."

Very quietly, almost in a whispered voice, but loud enough for Jeff to hear he stated. "She's like the air to me."

As quiet as Max spoke, Liz's father heard his words. He looked over at the man who had captured his daughter's heart and knew he meant his words. "Her happiness and her safety is the most important thing to her mother and I."

"Jeff, her safety and the safety of our child will always come first. I can assure you I would do anything to protect her and make her happy." Max tried to reassure him.

"I believe you want to keep her safe and you do make her happy, but I'm her father and I need to know she will be safe. If you stay here in Roswell, you cannot guarantee her safety, nor can you guarantee yours. I don't think going into the witness protection program is the answer either. Especially after everything you told us they had done to you, to all of you actually. As much as I want to keep my daughter safe, I know I don't have the ability. You on the other hand do and that's why I feel you two should leave Roswell."

Max wanted to inform Liz's father that they had already made that decision, but he didn't want to put his life in any risk. So he remained silent. When Max gave him no response Jeff continued. "You are both very young, but both of you have good heads on your shoulders. I might not be able to protect my daughter the same way that you can, but I can still provide for her." Jeff stood up and walked over to the wall behind the couch. He opened the picture revealing a safe. When it was opened he took out a box and a small bag then closed it back up. "I have never been one to put all my money into a bank." Max immediately started to shake his head no, not wanting to take his money. He felt guilty as sin, first he was taking this man's only daughter away and now he wanted him to take his money too. It was one thing to accept money from his father which he felt bad enough about that already, but to take it from Mr. Parker that was another thing entirely.

Before Max had a chance to voice his opinion, Mr. Parker jumped in. "Don't even think about saying no to this money Max. I know the situation now and I believe you are smart enough to understand it yourself. This money is Liz's college fund. I pray someday you both will be able to continue your education, but right my daughter's life is more important. You need this money to survive and it will make me feel better knowing my daughter is taken care of without the worries of how she will afford to eat her next meal. Please, let me do this for my daughter and my future grandchild."

Max good hear how sincere Jeff Parker was. "Thank you Jeff, I promise you I'll take good care of her and someday I will pay you back every cent." Max took the box that held the money in it from Mr. Parker.

"I have something else that I want to give." Jeff handed Max the small velvet bag. "This was my mother's, I want to give it to you know in hope's that when the time is right, you will want to give it Lizzy." Max opened the velvet bag and let the content drop in the palm of his hand.

He stood up to face Liz's father face to face. "I don't know what to say. A mere thank you doesn't seem like enough."

Jeff Parker stretched out his hand, which Max quickly responded to and the two men shook hands acknowledging that they both cared deeply for the same woman. "When everything is safe again, I would like to ask that you allow her mother and I to be there when that day arrives." Max understood what her father was asking of him and nodded his head in approval. "Well, it's getting late and I know you both have had a long day."

With that both men walked back to Liz's bedroom where her mother and Liz were both sitting on her bed embracing each other. When the men walked in both mother and daughter pulled away from each other reluctantly. "We'll let you and Max have a minute to say good night to each other." Nancy Parker stated as she got up and took her husband's hand. Before they left the room she squeezed Max's arm in a motherly gesture and whispered in his ear. "Make her happy, always. She deserves it." With that they both walked out of Liz's room.

Liz stood up and threw her arms around Max's neck. Max's arm quickly embraced her for an endearing hug. "I don't think I can sleep without you tonight." Liz stated.

Max knew this was the last night they would ever have to be apart and he knew both her parents trusted them. No matter how much his body was screaming at him to stay with her, he wasn't about to lose her parent's trust now. "I feel the same way, but we can't." He pulled himself away from her quickly not trusting himself to stay so close to her. "I'll be right down the hallway if you need me." He leaned over and kissed her forehead. Still not trusting himself if he touched her beautiful lush lips. Max walked over to her window and acted like he was looking out. But, actually he ran his hand over the lock. He wasn't about to take any chances with Liz's safety.

"Good night Max." Liz stated when he walked back over to the door.

"Good night Liz." With that he stepped out of her room and shut the door behind him. He knew he wouldn't get any sleep knowing she was as close as she was and him not being able to hold her or touch her at all. He went to the spare room and took the pillow off the bed, then proceeded back down the hallway. He sat down just outside Liz's bedroom door, leaned against the pillow and began his guard watch over the love of his life and their baby.

This was the position the Parker's found Max in early the next morning. It was at this moment both realized just how protective Max was of their daughter and knew he wasn't going to let anything happen to her. Max wasn't asleep and knew the Parker's had just left their room, but he didn't move from his guarded perch until Liz's door opened. Liz wasn't surprised to find Max outside her door though. She had somehow felt his presence and knowing he was there was the only thing that allowed her body to finally give in and sleep.

"Max, did you get any sleep at all last night?" She asked full of concern for him.

Max didn't respond to her question. "Good morning."

"Are my parents awake yet?"

"Yea, your dad is down stairs at the Crashdown and your mom is fixing breakfast."

"Good." Was all Liz said before she pulled Max into her bedroom and closed the door behind him quickly. Max took one look into her eyes and knew what her intentions were. With that one look Max's control was lost and he give into his desires for her.

After they made love as quietly as possible, Liz watched as Max fought to stay awake. "Max, get some sleep. We have a lot to do today." Max was about to object but Liz was not going to hear anything of it. "I won't go anywhere until you wake up. You watched over me last night. It's my turn to look out for you. Besides I have a lot to catch up on in my journal." Slowly Max gave in and allowed his body to shut down for some much needed sleep.

When Nancy came to Liz's room, the sight almost melted her heart. Max was sound asleep on Liz's bed while Liz was sitting up next to him writing in her journal. Liz heard her mother and put her finger to her mouth. As quietly as she could she moved off the bed and followed her mother out of her room. "You know he spent the entire night outside your door?" Her mother stated once they were out of Liz's room.

"I know. I could feel him there." Liz replied.

Nancy wanted to ask what her daughter meant by that, but decided it wasn't that important. "Why don't we go eat some breakfast and let him catch up on his sleep?"

"I don't think I should leave right now. I want Max to get some more sleep."

Now Nancy's curiosity was too great. "Honey, you need to eat. Max is sound asleep, why do you think you coming down for breakfast would make him wake up?"

Liz smiled at her mom and realized she no longer had to keep her connection to Max a secret. "Mom, Max and I are connected. Just like I could sleep last night, because I could feel Max's presence outside my door. He can feel when I'm close too, even when he's asleep. He wouldn't fall asleep until I promised not to leave. If I go to far, even if it is just the kitchen. He'll wake up. Do you understand?" It felt good to talk to her mom about Max, but she also know it was hard for any one to truly understand their connection. Even her best friend Maria had trouble understanding it, heck if she was honest with herself she had trouble understanding it.

"Go back to him honey, I'll bring you something to eat." Her mom assured her.

"Thanks mom, and if it isn't too much to ask. Could you bring some tobacco sauce with you. It's kind of a craving thing with the baby." With that both women started laughing.

By noon Max finally started to stir. The first thing he saw was Liz packing a suit case. "Good afternoon. I'm glad you woke up, I was afraid I was going to have to wake you up myself. Maria called, her and Michael will be by about one o'clock along with Alex and Isabelle so we can go do our errands then. The sheriff also called, he said there was nothing new today. I guess that mean's no evil aliens here in Roswell. And my dad said that Agent Motley was downstairs in the Crashdown for most of the morning." She said everything like it was just another day which made Max smile.

"I can't believe I slept through all those phone calls." He joked.

"By the way, do you think you could fix my window? For some reason when I wanted to go check outside my balcony to see if Agent Motley was still outside it wouldn't open." Liz had remembered that Max had gone over to her window last night. At the time she had just thought he was looking up at the stars, but now she knew he had used his powers to lock it. Protecting her as usual.

Max gave her a knowing look and then moved to the window unlocking it. "It might be a good idea to pack your birth certificate." He stated motioning to her suitcase. Liz nodded. For the next hour he helped her pack for their *trip*. Michael, Maria, Alex and Isabelle all arrived on time. The six friends discussed the previous evening and how they were all relieved that there was no more secrets between them and their parents. Michael had spent the night on Maria's bedroom floor. Max asked Alex and Isabelle to try and retrieve a few supplies needed from the hospital so he could start donating his blood. Max then informed them he needed to pick up his paycheck from the UFO center. He didn't bother to tell anyone it would be his last pay check. Max thought that would be a good excuse to go to his back without anyone getting suspicious. He was also thankful that Liz banked at the same bank he did so they didn't have to come up with another excuse for her to go to her bank.

It was Maria who had noticed Liz's suitcase when she went back to her room to use the restroom. Maria knew instinctually what was happening when they went to the bank. She decided not to let her best friend know that she knew what was going down. She would let Michael and the other's know when they were alone. She also knew what Michael would do so she already made her mind up what her she needed to do.

When the group finally departed agreeing to meet back at the Evan's house after dinner. Liz and Max went back to the Parker's to retrieve Liz's items. Liz had already asked her parents if it would be okay to sleep over with Max in Isabelle's room of course. It took all of her ability to keep her emotions under control when she said good bye to her parents. Her father almost broke her down when he pulled into a tight embrace whispering to her to stay safe before they left for Max's house. "Are you sure your okay with this Liz?" Max asked knowing how hard it had to be on her to say good bye to her parents without really saying good bye. He knew Liz's father was aware it was the last time he would see his daughter in a while.

"Max, as long as I have you, I'll be fine." She replied while looking him straight in his eyes. Max saw the truth in her soulful eyes and simply nodded.

Once they separated from Max and Liz, Maria started. "They're leaving and I'm pretty sure they are planning on leaving tonight."

"What? Max, wouldn't just leave without telling us." Isabelle stated.

Maria explained about the suitcase she had found in Liz's room earlier. She then explained how she put everything they had done with them today together. "Two plus two equals only one thing. They are leaving. Now what's the plan?" She asked already knowing what Michael and Isabelle were going to do, but this time she had no intention of being left out of the equation. Liz needed her just as much as Max needed Michael and Isabelle.

It was Alex that answered first to everyone's surprise. "Well, I think we should go too. They need us even if they think they don't."

"I know I'm going, but I don't know if it would be good for all of us to go." Isabelle stated. Sure she wanted Alex to be with her, but at the same time she couldn't ask that of him.

Alex knew exactly what Isabelle was thinking. "You are not asking me to go. Liz and Max are my friends too. I have known Liz half my life and I know she will need me. Besides you never know when a computer geek will come in handy on the run. I'm going." Isabelle could only smile knowing Alex was right. They would probably need him and his knowledge of computers.

"I'm going too." Maria looked over at Michael. "And before you say anything the subject is not open for discussion."

Michael could tell by the tone of her voice there was no arguing with her. "What's the plan?"

The four friends discussed what they're plans to leave with Max and Liz. Isabelle called Tess at the sheriff's house. She didn't know if Tess would want to come or not, but she felt it necessary to ask her. After all she was a part of their group now too. They each made their individual plans to leave their life as they knew it behind them and planned on their future as a group. Tess and Isabelle had discussed it and Tess agreed one of them should stay in Roswell to keep watch over things here. Tess didn't want to leave Kyle and knew staying at the sheriff's house she was more than likely safe. Isabelle agreed to dreamwalk her regularly to check in and make sure everything was fine on the home front.

They knew Max wouldn't be taking the jeep since it would be to easily spotted. So that left the van that Nasedo had brought to the facility to help them escape. They hid their bags of essentials in the garage of the Harding's home before going over to the Evan's house. It would be the six of them again. Just like it was in the beginning, just like it should have always been. Together the six of them could do anything and tonight when they left Roswell it would be the six of them together.

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