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"A New Breed"
Part 29
by Susan
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Alex and Isabelle had been successful in obtaining the necessary equipment Max needed to withdraw a pint of blood to leave for Agent Motley. He knew one pint wasn't a lot, but at least it was a start. When the evening grew late Mr. and Mrs. Evans excused themselves for the night.

Both Max and Liz took turns saying good bye to their friends thinking this was the last time in quite awhile they would get to see them. As Liz hugged Maria good night she held on a little longer than necessary. Maria wanted to tell her friend everything would be okay, but she also knew the plan. Michael, Maria and Alex all left. Max had no intention of letting Liz spend the night in his sister's room and when he said good night to Isabelle she was slightly relieved that he took Liz into his room with him. Even though she was now more positive then ever they were doing the right thing when she noticed the small tear in her brother's eyes as he said his good night.

Max and Liz packed Max's things while they waited patiently until they were sure not only his parents were asleep, but also that Isabelle was asleep. Around 1:30 in the morning it was completely quiet in the Evans house and both were sure it was time to leave. They were going to walk over to Tess's old house where they had stashed Liz's luggage earlier except for her overnight bag. They didn't want to risk driving the jeep over and wake anyone up.

As Max pulled open the garage he felt something. Nothing bad he knew, but that something that was familiar to him. When he opened the door to the van he knew what the feeling he felt was. "What the hell are you guys doing here?" He screamed as he and Liz looked upon their friends Michael, Maria, Isabelle and Alex.

"We're going with you guys." Michael stated simply.

"No, Michael, you guys can't come this time. It's too dangerous. Now get out!" Max commanded, but to his dismay not one of his friends moved. "I mean it, Isabelle, you guys can't come!" He tried again softening his voice a bit.

"Max, would you and Liz just get in the van. You aren't leaving without us and that's final." Isabelle wanted to make sure Max understood there was no way she was not going to go with her brother.

Max looked over at Liz hoping to get some support from her. Liz simply smiled at Max and then climbed into the van herself. "Don't forget my other bags okay Max." She said leaving Max standing there with his mouth wide open from shock.

After a few minutes the shock wore off and Max got Liz's bags, threw them in the van and then climbed in himself. "So where are we heading to first Maximillion?" Michael asked.

"Liz and I already have arrangements made. If you guys insist on coming then don't ask questions just sit back and enjoy the ride." Max stated with still a little bit of angry to his voice. Liz reached over and gently caressed his arm. This had it's intended affect on Max and he began to calm down instantly.

It wasn't long before Liz, Maria, Isabelle and Alex were sound asleep. "Have you forgiven us yet for intruding on your alone time with Liz yet?" Michael asked in a whisper so he wouldn't wake up the rest of the party.

"It had nothing to do with wanting to be alone with Liz, Michael. It's about safety and not wanting to bring attention to ourselves." Max replied.

"Yea right, keep telling yourself that Max. I know you are happy we're here really. You were just mad because you thought you finally got your dream to be with Liz."

Max wanted to argue the point with Michael, but as much as he wanted to deny it, it was true. Except for the circumstances that allowed for him and Liz to be alone, this was Max's dream. So instead he remained quiet. Max drove to Socorro, New Mexico where they had planned on stopping for breakfast. During breakfast Max let everyone know where they were heading and why they were going there. "It's a small town called Omega here in New Mexico. It's right outside the Apache National Forest. The house itself sits on a lake with the Gallo Mountains right there." He also told them the story his father had told him and Liz just two nights ago regarding Dennis Walter and his father James.

Isabelle was more shocked than any of the others. Here her adopted father was willing to risk his life to make sure Max and Liz were safe. She soon found herself feeling guilty about leaving both her parents now. "It sounds beautiful Max." She heard Maria say which brought her back to the present.

Soon they were back on the road again. "So you guys never did tell us how you figured out we were leaving last night." Liz asked.

Maria filled both her and Max in on how she had found the suitcase, their trip to the bank. After she told them about the note she left for her mom, saying she needed to get away from Roswell for a while blaming it on teenage stress. Alex went next telling them his excuse that he felt he needed to go with Maria to make sure she was safe and didn't do anything stupid. Isabelle then told them how she had spoke with Tess and they agreed it would be best for one of them to stay in Roswell to keep an eye on things. She also told them of her suspicions that Tess's real reason for wanting to stay had something to do with Kyle. This didn't come as a shock to either Max or Liz.

They arrived at the lake house around 7:30 in the morning. As each one stepped out of the van they were awe struck at the beauty of the place. "Man, Maxwell, do you live a charmed life or what? This place is amazing? Michael commented just on the view itself.

"I can't believe dad gave this place to you and Liz. It's breath taking." Isabelle acknowledge with a small amount of jealousy that her dad had given this place to just Max and not her too.

Max walked over to stand next to Liz. "Well, what do you think of our first home?"

Liz couldn't believe how gorgeous the view was. The house was a two story cedar log cabin with a wrap around porch. It sat about 100 ft up from the lake and the view of the mountains were in the background behind the house and in front of the lake. It was like they had found their own private paradise. She looked around at all the beauty that nature had formed in front of her. "It's beautiful."

"Yea, but not as beautiful as you are." He replied. With that he swooped her up in his arms and began to carry her up the porch steps. "Why don't you guys have a look around out here?" He called back to his friends and sister. Without waiting for an answer he carried Liz through the doorway of the house, not bothering to open the door with the key, but using his powers instead.

When they stepped inside they couldn't believe their eyes. The house was just as beautiful inside. It had the rustic look with a wood burning fire place on one wall of the living room. They couldn't see any of the furniture as everything was covered with sheets. There was a large picture bay window that looked out over the lake. Next to the living room was a den that also doubled as a library. The walls were literally lined with rows upon rows of books. Through the den they came upon a laundry room that led to the kitchen on the other side. The kitchen looked like it had all the modern conviences there, stove, refrigerator. There was even a microwave. The kitchen was also divided by a counter with a breakfast area with table. The breakfast area was surrounded by windows with another breath taking view of the back of the house.

Max and Liz continued their journey through their new home. Next room was a large dining room that also had another table which was covered by a sheet. The master bedroom was in front of the house on the other side of the dining room. It too had a large picturesque bay window with the magnificent view. There was a private bath that not only had a walk in shower, but also a huge tub. Both Max and Liz looked at each other and then at the tub once again. Both had the same thought on their mind *it's big enough for two*.

Liz wanted to go upstairs to see the rest of the house, but Max had other plans. "Later, first things first." He assured her as he stepped over to their bedroom door and closed it. He then walked over to the large window and noticed the rest of their group was down by the lake. This made him smile and for the first time he was truly glad they were here with him and Liz. He then pulled the drapes closed across the large window and turned back to Liz. He walked slowly over to Liz, cupped her face with his hands and kissed her ever so gently. "I love you Liz."

"I love you too, Max." She barely got the words out when Max began his assault on her lips. Liz thought about how she could never grow tired of how his lips felt upon hers. Soon the desire for each other had taken over their control. Their clothing was disgarded quickly.

Even though the need to ravish her had taken his body by storm he gently laid her upon the bed and took care to tenderly touch and kiss every inch of her body. This was their first time to make love in their new home and they both knew it was a moment to savor. "You realize this is my dream come true don't you?"

"Max, if this is a dream. Please don't ever wake me up." Liz whispered back. She couldn't believe how with every touch it made her whole body shiver with the need for more. Max and Liz made love in their bed, their home, their new life sealing their love for each other in their union of love.

Afterwards they still laid wrapped in each other's arms not wanting to give up the warmth that their bodies felt when they held each other. Liz knew Max had just made love to her. Not because he had to for the baby's needs, but because he truly loved her for her. As if he had read her mind at that very moment Max stated. "That was for us." He then once again leaned over and place his lips upon hers gently, but passionately at the same time. It was during this kiss that they heard the screaming of "Ooooh's and Aaaah's" from the other side of their bedroom door. "I guess the troops finally came home." He joked, making Liz blush.

She just realized in the presence of Max, she had forgotten all about their companion's. "You have got to stop seducing me like that Max Evans. I don't even want to think what our friends think of us right now."

Max climbed out of bed and handed Liz her clothes. As he dressed himself he said. "They think we are two people in love, which we are. And if they don't like it, they can always go back to Roswell."

When Max and Liz stepped out of their bedroom they were met by Maria who immediately pulled Liz around the house for another tour. "This place is unbelievable. I can't believe you were even thinking about coming here without me. It has everything already here. And did you see that view. You have got to walked down to the lake. Alex and Michael found a small fishing boat. I wonder if there is any fish in the lake. Oh, and did you see the size of that back yard." Liz just followed her best friend throughout the house listening to her, smiling and truly happy Maria was here with her.

When they got upstairs Liz noted there were two bedroom furnished and two bedrooms still unfurnished. She didn't want to make any assumptions as to what the sleeping arrangements were going to be. Even though she had a good idea. "So have you guys decided who's taken what room yet?" She asked nonchalantly.

"Uh..Well...I..." Maria suddenly found herself at a lost for words. She knew how she felt about Michael and she knew he loved her back in his own way, but the truth be known they hadn't really talked about sleeping arrangements. She knew neither of them were ready to take their relationship to the same level as Max and Liz already had, but then again she couldn't think about not sleeping in Michael's arms.

Liz could tell Maria was confused and unsure of how to answer her question. "Maria, it's okay. Don't rush into anything until you are both ready." Maria knew what her friend was saying and nodded.

Isabelle had joined them as Liz had asked Maria about the sleeping arrangements. "She's right Maria. Just because we are all living together, doesn't mean the guys are going to assume we are all going to shake up together. I'm just going to talk to Alex about it and I know he will understand how I feel. I bet right now the guys are down at that lake talking about the same thing right now." Her and Alex had already talk about not being ready for their relationship to turn too physical yet, but she was kind of bummed when she noticed that both the furnished bedrooms had double beds unlike at Tess's house where one had two twin beds in one bedroom. She liked the idea of sleeping with Alex in the same room, just not the same bed yet.

"Yea, well that's easy enough for you to say. Alex is like the most understanding guy there is. Your lucky Isabelle, Liz and I have had years to train him right for you. But, with Michael. God, sometimes I want to wrap my arms around him and have him kiss my silly and then there are times, I just want to kill him."

"You know I can't believe you guys made all these plans and not once did any of you guys discuss sleeping arrangements, but I have to admit. I'm really glad you guys decided to come." Liz stated.

"Trouble in paradise already for the perfect couple." Maria kidded her best friend.

Liz threw her friend a look that said 'I don't think so.' "No, our paradise is just as blissful as ever."

"I hear a but in there somewhere." Isabelle remarked. She knew how her brother felt about Liz and how Liz felt about her brother, but she could also tell something was bothering Liz.

"But, I still need my friends. Thanks for coming guys." Liz couldn't bring herself to tell them that she was grateful they had come, because she knew deep down Max would always wonder if they were okay without him there to help look out for them. And she feared that someday he may have resented her for having to leave them.

Meanwhile the guys had taken Max outside to show him the lake and the boat they found. Max could tell both of his friends seemed a bit nervous about something. "Okay, what's wrong with you two?" He finally asked.

Michael just kicked at some rocks down by the lake with his head down. Alex was the one who finally spoke up. "Only two of the four bedrooms upstairs are furnished." He let out a frustrated sigh after he made his statement.

Max immediately picked up on what was being said without them having to say it. So he took charge of the situation. "I guess the right thing to do then would be to give Maria and Isabelle the furnished rooms and you two can have the other ones. Unless...." Max let his last thought trail off not really sure how to phrase it himself.

At this point Michael picked up a few rocks and began to skip them against the lake's surface. "I don't want to assume anything when it comes to Isabelle. I know we aren't ready for what you and Liz have, but I don't want to offend her by choosing one of the other bedrooms." Alex stated his fears.

"Alex, you and I both know Isabelle. I can safely say you won't be offending her. She's probably just as nervous about the sleeping arrangements as you are. You should just talk to her." Even though Max really liked and respected Alex, he wasn't ready to think of his sister in that kind of relationship just yet. "That goes for you too Michael, you need to talk to Maria."

"That's easy for you to say Max. You can't tell me that Maria won't be offended if I tell her I'm going to sleep in another room. But, then again if I don't, she'll probably be mad." Alex immediately began to laugh. "You're in the same boat as I am Whitman, why are you laughing?"

Still laughing. "No way man, I know Maria pretty well and I'm telling you right now. As hard as I'm going to have to deal with the sleeping arrangement problem, you my man are screwed either way." Max couldn't help but laugh at Alex's comment. He was so right.

"Come on you two, there's no time for the present to take the bull by the horn." Max stated as he started his journey back up toward the house.

Alex and Michael followed in suit. Before they reached the house Michael stopped Max. "Let me ask you this Max, if the rolls were reversed. Where would you be sleeping tonight?"

Without any hesitation Max answered. "Next to the girl of my dreams."

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