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"A New Breed"
Part 27
by Susan
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After giving their blessing to Max for their only daughter's marriage to him, everyone in the room seemed to finally take the breathe they had been holding. "I guess this calls for a toast!" Philip Evans replied as he went and pulled out a bottle of champagne from the Evan's liquor cabinet.

"Uh..Dad...Could you make that some sparkling cidar instead of champagne? With Liz pregnant and all, I think it would be better." Max stated now knowing what kind effect alcohol had on his body.

Philip accepted Max's excuse of the pregnancy and chose the other bottle of beverage. He poured everyone a glass and then held his glass up for a toast. "To trust, honor, loyalty and fore most love. May we always experience these emotions for all the days of our lives?"

A round of "here, here's" was heard around the room. After a few moments of celebration Max knew it was time for them to make some decisions. He reached over and grabbed Liz's hand and spoke with sincerity. "Liz and I still have to make a choice here. We both value everyone's opinion in this room. Everyone knows the two choice's we have. I'd like to hear what each one of you think. Please keep in mind the final decision is ours, but we want you to be honest how you feel. Sheriff?"

"Max, I'm honored that you have finally entrusted me with your secret. As much as I feel it would be best for you and Liz to stay here in Roswell with you family and friends to help. I also think the danger you are both in here is too unrealistic to ignore. I believe you both would be safer for now in the witness protection program."


"I just don't know Max. I don't want to think of you away from us, but the father inside of me wants you to be safe from harm. Maybe the witness protection program would be the safest for both you and Liz for right now."

Max nodded his understanding to his adopted father, then turned to his mother. "Mom?"

"You are my son. I want what is best for you. If you would be safer in the witness protection program, then you should go. But, I will be here with open arms when you feel it is safe to return or if you need us for anything." The tears once again escaped his mother's eyes as she spoke. Knowing this was a very emotional time for his mother Max walked over and hugged her tightly.

It was Liz's turn to question her parents. "Dad, what do you think?"

"Liz honey, I can't even image you not being here where I could help protect my baby girl. But, I don't want anything to happen to you. If this Agent Motley can ensure your safety...I..." Jeff Parker just couldn't bring himself to say the words, but his daughter understood what he was trying to say. Max could tell Liz was starting to get emotional and walked back over to her to give her the support she needed from him.

"It's okay dad, mom what about you?" Her voice a little shaky, but calming as she felt Max's arms embrace her.

"It's just not fair. You are both so young. If you go into the program will we be able to get in touch with you?" She asked hopefully. Nancy wanted the best of both world's yet she didn't know how she could have it.

Tears filled Liz's eyes, so Max answered for her. "No, Nancy, it would be too dangerous for anyone to know how to get in touch with us. If the other's ever discovered that any of you knew the truth I..." Max let his words hang in the air. If the other alien race found out any of his friends or family knew their location, he was sure they would do anything including killing them to find out that information.

"If they are that dangerous, you have to go. We'll be together when all this is taken care of." Nancy finally finished after she heard Max's unspoken words.

Now it was their friends turn. "Kyle, you have anything you want to say?" Max inquired.

"I want to say my dad and your parents are correct, but it seems to me the government can't keep you 100% safe either. I know man, because I've experienced it first hand. I believe your better off here, where you have all of us to help."


"I agree with Kyle, you guys should stay and let us help. Our destinies might have changed in one way, but we are still meant to be together. The four us are a team, we are stronger together than separate."

"What about you Michael?"

"It doesn't matter to me, I'll be with you no matter what."

"Michael..." Max started to argue with his friend, but Michael was not going to hear any part of it.

"Tess is right, Maxwell. I don't care what you say, I was giving the power to fight. You'll need me, so I'll be with you either way."

Max didn't even get a chance to ask Isabelle. "Me too. We started out together in this world, nothing has changed as far as I can see it. Besides, this way I can let everyone know we are okay without giving them any information about our location."

Maria then piped in her opinion while walking over to Liz. She put her arm around her. "Hey, you know I've got your back, right?" Liz couldn't help the smile. She nodded to her best friend.

"And you guys know you won't be able to go anywhere without the computer expert in the group, so count me in." Alex added to his friends.

At this the parents started to argue that they could not justify all the kids leaving together at their age. Isabelle was stating how she was not going to lose her brother. The sheriff was stating he could not see how Amy Deluca would let Maria go off without any explanation. Soon the living room was full of voices going all at once, Max and Liz looked around the room and took their leave to the kitchen. Once they were out of the shouting range Max looked deeply into Liz's eyes. "You realize if we go, we go alone. I can't allow everyone to come with us. I need to know what you think? Be honest Liz, what do you want to do?"

"Max, I trust you with my life. I have given my heart to you and my soul believes in you. The final decision is yours, what ever you decide. I'll be by your side." She stated while still looking into his eyes, so he could see she spoke the truth from her heart.

Max didn't think he could love her anymore, but as he heard her words, his heart melted for her all over again. "Your safety is the most important thing to me, you and our baby. I can't trust our safely to the government, but at the same time I don't believe we would be safe here."

At that moment Philp Evans walked into the kitchen and interrupted their tender moment. "I agree Max. Why don't you two come into the study with me for a moment? I think I have a solution." Max studied his father's face and saw how serious he was. He looked back at Liz who nodded her approval and both of them followed him to the study silently.

Mr. Evans closed the study door for privacy and motioned for both his son and future daughter in-law to have a seat on the couch. "Max, have I ever told you about Dennis Walters?" Max thought for a brief moment and then shook his head no. "Well, Dennis was a good friend of mine, in fact he was my best friend through grade school and high school. Dennis almost drowned our Senior year of high school. We were on a pond together that had froze over playing hockey, when he fell through the ice. I was able to pull him free that day, but he never recuperated from the accident. About a month later he ended up passing away. I was devastated and felt guilty for still being alive when it could have been me very easily that had fallen through the ice instead of Dennis. Dennis's mother had passed away years before he did, so it had been only his father and him. It was a long time before I could face Dennis's father James. When I finally did he actually thanked me for giving him another month to tell his son good-bye and how much he meant to him."

"Dad, I never knew. I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your friend." Max stated sincerely.

"It was a long time ago son, but the reason I'm telling you about this now is because I believe James can help the two of you. He passed away last week. I received his will a few days ago. He owned a lake house that is very remote, very private. The house and property was left to me according to his will since he had no other family. Now I have not filed any paper work as of yet, so officially the house is still in the name of James Walters. There is nothing to attach that property to me or our family except this piece of paper I hold in my hand. That is until the paper work is filed and I can always delay the filing of them. It is only about a four hour drive from Roswell. Which means far enough away, but yet not to far? Max, I would like to give you this property."

"Dad, that is way too much. I can't possibly...."

"Son, consider this an early wedding present from your mother and myself." His father interrupted.

"Thank you dad, I don't know what to say. But, as perfect as it sounds, we can't accept it. You would still know where we were and that would put you endanger. I can't take that kind of risk with your life dad. You've done more for me already than I could ever thank you for in one lifetime. I'm sorry dad, I can't take that risk."

"You're my son Max, of my blood or not. Just like you would be willing to give your life for your unborn child, I would be willing to give my life for you. I will promise you this though. I will take the risk myself, no one else. Take this, it is the title of the property." Philip Evans handed his son an envelope. "I want you and Liz to be safe. I always knew you were special Max, now I understand why. Since I believe and trust in you to do what is right. I know you will accept my offer."

Max looked at his father as if he was seeing him for the first time in his life. He took the envelope and nodded his head. "Thank you for believing in us."

His father pulled him into a tight fatherly hug. "Take care of that grandchild of mine and that will be thanks enough for me. Now for the next point, money. Your mother and I have more than enough to help you out. The only problem is if I make a large withdrawal it could bring unwanted intention."

"Dad, believe me what you have given me and Liz is more than enough already." Max was truly humbled by his father's generosity. He just couldn't except any more from him at this point.

"Max, think about it. You and Liz will need to keep a very low profile, which means no going out for a job. Even if that was a possibility, could you leave Liz and the baby for the amount of time a job would entail." Max hadn't thought of this, his father was right. Upon seeing his son's expression Philip knew his son understood what he was saying. "When will you need to leave?"

"I think the sooner we leave, the safer every one will be." Max answered his father honestly.

"I assume both of you have some money saved since you both have jobs now." Philp knew his son had a savings account since he and his wife had started one for both Max and Isabelle when they were younger. He could only assume Liz had one too.

"Yes, Mr. Evans...." Liz started, but was interrupted immediately.

"Philip, please. Your family now, always remember that Liz." This comment made Max smile brightly and Liz smile shyly. She had always been close to her father and now she felt that kind of closeness with Max's father also.

"Philip, yes, I have a savings account." She restated her answer.

"Good. Tomorrow, the two of you will need to withdrawal half of whatever you have saved. Don't close out the account as it will just raise suspicion. I will also make a withdrawal, plus the money I have in my office safe. Should be enough to sustain you for a while, until I can manage to find a way to get you more without blowing your cover. And before you say anything Max, I'm doing this and I know how to cover my tracks." Max was stunned, he couldn't believe how much his father was willing to help the three of them. "There is just one more problem to deal with, the others."

"Liz and I will be going alone." Max stated. His father could tell be his tone there was no arguing with his son on this point. Even though he didn't agree with him.

"Very well, tonight we finish our celebration. Tomorrow you two need to take care of any items you will need to bring with you. Just remember pack essentials only for now. Tomorrow night you should leave." With that Philip opened the door letting them know their private conversation was over.

They rejoined the group who was now talking, not shouting by this time. Diane and Nancy had fixed a quick dinner for everyone and they spent the rest of the evening talking to their friends and family openly and honestly about anything and everything. Max could see how happy his sister was being able to really talk to his mother. Liz's parents both seemed more relaxed and more curious than upset any more. Even Michael seemed to finally let down his stone wall that much more. When the time grew late the sheriff, Kyle and Tess left with Michael, Maria and Alex offering to give them all a ride home. Max suspected that Michael wouldn't be leaving Maria's home once there, but didn't say anything. Isabelle finally excused herself to go to bed. Both Liz and Max figured she wouldn't be alone in her dreams tonight, but kept that thought to themselves too.

When the Parkers got ready to leave they asked Liz if she was ready to go. Liz shot a look to Max. He approached her and wrapped her in a tight embrace and whispered in her ear. "It's okay, I'll be right behind you." Liz knew that Max was planning on coming over as soon as he thought it was safe.

But, Nancy Parker surprised both of them. "Max, if it's okay with your parents, we would like to invite you over for the night." Then she added. "We have a spare bedroom. That way if the baby needs you in the middle of the night, you'll be close by."

Max was once again in shock tonight. Liz's parents were actually offering to let him spend the night with Liz, well not exactly with her, but it was close enough for Max. He turned to ask his parents, but didn't even get that far when his mother answered the question he would have asked before he had a chance. "Go ahead, Max. You would just sneak out over there as soon as you thought we were asleep anyway. Remember, the days of secrets from your parents is over."

Max walked over to his mother and hugged her. Tears of happiness were brimmed in both of their eyes. "Thanks." Was all he could say and then stepped away from his mother and took Liz's hand. Hand and hand they followed her parents to their car and back to the Parkers residence over the Crashdown.

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