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"A New Breed"
Part 26
by Susan
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When Jeff and Nancy Parker saw their daughter begin to pass out they were both on their feet immediately. But, they weren't as fast as Max was. They heard him scream out her name and the next thing they knew she was in his arms and he was taking her away from them. "Liz!!..Max, where are you taking her? What's wrong with her?" Jeff's voice was full of concern, but he didn't get close to Max or Liz as Michael was there to intercept both of Liz's parents.

"Mr. Parker, Max will take care of Liz. Don't worry she'll be fine." Maria stated trying to dissolve the fear that was apparent in her best friend's parents.

"How do you know she'll be okay, none of you are doctors. Didn't you see how pale she got?" Jeff was shouting now and all he knew was something was happening to his baby girl and he wanted to be the one to take care of her, not Max Evans. He then looked at Michael who was still holding him back. "Let go of me now!"

Michael obliged and removed his grasp from Jeff Parker, but stood his ground, refusing to let the older gentlemen past. The sheriff was the one that calmed the Parker's down with his words. "The baby needs Max right now. If you don't let him take care of her, your daughter could die."

Nancy and Jeff both looked at the sheriff shocked. Jim Valenti motioned for the couple to retake their seats for him to explain further. When everyone was back in their seats the sheriff began the explanation that all four parents seem eager to hear. "Like Max and Liz were trying to explain to all of you before, there are times when the baby need's to feel Max's presence. When this occurs Liz has dizzy spells. They come at different times of the day with no set pattern as of yet."

"I'm not sure I understand this sheriff. Max was holding Liz when it occurred. Why did Liz still almost pass out?" Diane asked confused by what the sheriff was trying to explain.

Michael and Maria threw each other a look, the same as Isabelle and Alex. All four of them were glad the sheriff was explaining this because none of them could have had the foggiest notion of how to begin. The sheriff was trying to explain further without having to reveal the actual truth, knowing the Parker's were already disturbed by the situation as it was. Tess was the one that helped him out on this one. "Diane, please try to understand. Although we are mainly human, we are still different. When our people bond and create another life, that new life can sense both of it's parents. Since Liz is human, Max needs to form a connection between himself and Liz in order for the baby to feel his presence. Forming this connection needs to be done in private. Liz and the baby will be fine I can assure you, she just needs Max right now for a few minutes alone."

The parents all seemed to accept this explanation. "I still think Liz should see a doctor to make sure everything is okay." Her mother stated still making her daughter's welfare her number one concern.

"Nancy, Max healed a gun shot wound that would have left Liz dead. I'm pretty sure he can handle a simple pregnancy." Maria spoke up believing every word she said. All four parents seemed to be processing this statement and they all realized Maria was more then likely correct.

Meanwhile upstairs:

Max quickly closed his door. "Liz, honey it's okay. I'm here." He laid her down on his bed then turned around and used his powers to lock his door so even if their parents got past the others they wouldn't be able to walk in on them. He began to undress himself when he heard his angels voice.

"Max, no. We can't do this. My parents, your parents. What are they going to say?" Liz couldn't believe that this was happening now.

"Liz, you and I both know what we have to do. We'll just have to deal with our parents after we take care of our baby." Protecting Liz was his top priority, he refused to care what his or her parents thought of him at this moment.

"I can't believe this happened now." Liz was on the verge of tears. Her parents were having a hard enough time to dealing with the fact that she was pregnant, let alone the father of her child was an alien from another planet.

"Do you love me Liz?" Max asked with such sincereness in his voice. While he continued to undress himself.

"More than life." Her voice becoming unsteady as she watched Max remove his shirt.

"Do you trust me?" He removed his pants.

"With my life." She let her eyes roam over his body causing her body to respond in need for him.

"Do you want me as much as I need you?" He moved to the bed and leaned over so he was hovering just over her.

Liz knew what Max was doing. He was seducing her to forget their parents were still down stairs and as she could feel his breathe just above her lips she lost the battle of fear. Her need for him took over. "Touch me Max. Touch me now." Her voice full of passion and Max knew it was time. The seduction had been a success, now the only thing that was on his mind at this moment was Liz. His lips descended upon hers and the electricity was as alive as ever between the two of them.

He began to undress her while still ravaging her lips. He didn't want her to think of anything, but the two of them right now. Soon they were making love and they were the only two people on earth at that moment. As Liz started her flight to heaven Max clasped his mouth over hers to prevent her screams of passion to be heard by any of the people that were down the stairs. He continued to devour her mouth as he felt himself give her and their baby what they both needed to prevent himself from doing the same thing.

When they both finally came back to reality, Liz smacked him playfully on his chest. "I can't believe you were able to seduced me like that."

"Hey, you were the one that said you trusted me." He joked back. Then his serious side returned. "Are you okay now?"

"You know I am." Liz leaned up and kissed him one more time. "Thank you for doing that. I don't think I would have been able to this if you hadn't done that."

"Liz, just for the record. You don't ever have to thank me for making love to you. Believe me when I say, the pleasure was all mine."

"Well, maybe not all yours." They both smiled at each other. "Come on I think it's time we face the music and get back downstairs. You know we are going to owe our friends big after today, if they're still talking to us that is."

Back downstairs:

Diane decided it was time to play hostess to her guest and offered drinks. Isabelle extended her help to her mother. Soon the group was all enjoying their beverages when Max and Liz came back downstairs. Liz had all her color back, but both looked extremely embarrassed until Maria approached them. "So did the connection go well with the baby?" She asked hoping that her friends would pick up her hint.

"Uh..yea..everythings fine now." Liz returned not sure what the others had said to their parents. But, grateful to see everyone seemed more calm then what both her and Max were expecting.

"So what happens when you make a connection with the baby?" Nancy was now more curious then nervous at this point.

Liz looked at Max for him to answer. He walked over to Liz's mom. "It's hard to explain unless you experience it. If you would like I could try to form a connection for you and your future grandchild?"

Mrs. Parker's eyes widen with uncertainty. Liz was the one that reassured her it was nothing bad, but an amazing feeling. Then she looked back at Max. "Do you think it would work?"

"I'm not sure, but I'm willing to try. Maybe this way you can understand a little better." Max figured since it was the baby's biological grandparent it shouldn't be that hard to form a connection between them.

Nancy Parker still was hesitate, but her instincts as a mother were more strong than her fear. She nodded to Max that she was willing to try. Max led Liz over to the couch and had her lie down. He then motioned for Nancy to touch her stomach. "Now let your mind blank out and concentrate on Liz only." He stated and then placed one hand on top of Nancy's and put his other hand next to theirs on Liz's stomach. After a few moments the connection was made.

Nancy could feel the unconditional love her daughter had for Max, she could also feel Max's love and protectiveness for Liz. Then she felt another presence and knew the other was her unborn grandchild. The baby only had pure love in it's heart and she could feel that love. The feelings of love coming from all three of them was almost too much for her to handle. Tears of joy came to her and when Max broke the connection all she could do was throw her arms around Max pulling him into a quick hug. "That was beautiful. This child is going to be so spoiled you both are going to end up hating me."

It was this turning point that both Max and Liz knew their parents would accept not only them, but their baby they had made together. Max looked over at his mother and knew she felt a little left out. "Mom? Would you like to try it too?" Diane didn't hesitate, in fact she was by her son's side and had her hand on Liz's stomach so fast, she felt almost embarrassed once she was there. Max did the same thing and formed the connection between his mother, Liz, himself and their baby. This time when the connection was broken Diane hugged both her son and Liz. "You are both going to make wonderful parents to this baby."

Nancy then approached Diane. "You have raised an amazing son."

"And you have a beautiful daughter that has a heart of gold." Diane replied.

Now both father's were wondering what exactly their wife's had experienced. Max wanted to offer to make a connection for them too, but he knew he was becoming drained and needed a few minutes to recuperate. "Nancy? What happened? What did you see?" Jeff now was curious especially after witnessing his wife's reaction after she had made the connection.

"Oh Jeff, it wasn't anything I seen. It was what I felt. I could feel the baby. It has a heart that is pure and filled with love. I could feel what Liz and Max both feel for each other and I'm telling you right now we will not have to worry about our daughter's happiness. She has found her future, we need to support them and help them in whatever they decide."

"Was it the same for you Diane?" Philip Evans asked his wife.

"Yes, you can't put into words the feelings of pure and unconditional love that our son and their daughter share along with our future grandchild. It was just simply amazing!" Tears were now formed in her eyes of happiness.

"Well, it looks like the two of you have convinced my wife everything will be fine, but I'm still concerned about the fact that you both are only seventeen. Not to mention these other aliens that are after the two of you. What is our next move?" Jeff asked.

"The way we see it, we have two choices. We stay here in Roswell where we have friends and family to help us, but where the other aliens know where we are. Or Liz and I go into the witness protection program take our chances that the other aliens won't be able to find us. Either choice has the possibility of danger. But, before we make any decisions there is something I need to ask you." Max stated as he looked Mr. Parker straight in the eye.

"What would that be Max?" After everything Jeff Parker had already heard this evening he couldn't imagine what Max could need to ask him.

"I want to ask you for your daughter's hand in marriage. I know we're young, and I know the danger that lies ahead for the two of us. But, I also know I have loved her for most of my life and I can assure you I would do everything in my power to keep her safe and happy for the rest of her life." Max stated his voice full of love.

Jeff looked Max directly in the eye and knew right then and there he was looking at his future son in law. He looked over at his wife who nodded to him. He then stuck out his hand for Max to take. Without hesitation Max shook his hand. "You have our blessing." Was all that was said.

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