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"A New Breed"
Part 25
by Susan
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Diane Evans stood in her living room waiting for a reply. She looked in the eyes of her two children that she hadn't seen in a month and saw the fear they both held there. She then realized they were scared of her. She knew she had to do something to ease their fears. Especially after the fire incident and Max had stated he would leave if she couldn't accept him without any explanation. She dropped her purse and instinctively walked over to Isabelle and pulled her into a hug. "I have missed you so much." She then reached her hand out for Max pulling slightly away from her daughter. "Both of you."

Max took his mother's hand and squeezed it. Knowing it maybe the last time she ever offered him this kind of loving gesture once she found out the truth. "Mom, it's good to see you too." Was what he replied.

Diane smiled at both of her children and then looked around at the rest of the group. She took note of how Max had his arm around Liz Parker almost in the most protective way. Their friend Michael had the same look of fear in his eyes as her own children did. The rest just looked shocked at her being here in her own home. "Please, it's time you tell me. What ever it is I'm your mother and I will always love the two of you." She tried to ease their fears with her words.

Isabelle looked to her brother with pleading eyes. She had wanted to tell her mother for a long time now, but she knew in the end it would be Max that would have to agree. "Mom, why don't you sit down. Is dad due home soon?" His mother nodded. "Then I think it would be best for us to wait until he gets here. I think you are going to need him when you hear what we have to say."

Diane Evans mind was going a mile a minute trying to figure out what would be so bad that would cause so much fear in these kids. Max leaned over and whispered into Liz's ear. She nodded and then excused herself. It wasn't long until before Philip Evans came strolling into his home. He was full of anticipation and excitement to see his children again. For the last month the house was just too quite without them. The smile that his face held when he walked into the living room soon fell when he came upon the group of people who occupied it. Not only his family, but the sheriff and his son Kyle. His son's best friend Michael Guerin. Their friends Alex, Maria, Tess, Liz Parker and her parents were all gathered there waiting. Waiting apparently for him. "Hello, what's going on?"

"Dad, we have something we need to tell you. It's important so if you wouldn't mind having a seat we can begin." His son stated and motioned for him to sit next to his wife. Trying to read their faces as he had been trained to do over the years being a lawyer. All he read was fear mostly and it was coming off his children so strongly it almost knocked him over.

He nodded in the direction of the sheriff. "Do you know what this is all about sheriff?"

The sheriff began to answer only to be halted by Max. "I think I can answer that question a little better dad. This isn't going to be easy for any of you to hear and it maybe hard for all of you to understand, but we all agree it's time to tell you the truth. Michael, Tess, Isabelle and I are not from around here. We are from another planet. We were in the 1947 crash."

"Max, is this some kind of joke." His father demanded, not truly believing what his son had just said. His wife grabbed his hand and squeezed it trying to calm him and not scare her children. "Max, you are seventeen years old, just how is it possible that you could have been in the '47 crash?" He stated more calmly knowing what his wife was trying to tell him.

"Dad, please this is hard enough for me explain. We were in these incubation chambers until the night you found us in the desert." Max then went into detail about everything they knew about themselves. They not only told them about what powers they had, but each took turns demonstrating them. "We don't want to hurt anyone, we are just trying to stay alive." It was this statement that made all four parents realize these four teenagers might have just proven they were not from earth, but they were still just teenagers.

Diane Evans knew there was always something special about her children. Now she understood their fear and knew what she had to do. She quickly walked over to her daughter and pulled her into a tight embrace. She reached over to her son and grabbed him into the hug also. "You might not be children from my body, but you are my children in my heart. Never forget that." Isabelle couldn't hold back the tears in her eyes.

It took Philip Evans a few moments longer to let what his son had just told them sink in. When he witnessed his daughter's tears he sprang to his feet and embraced his family. "I couldn't agree more, you are our children no matter what planet you came from."

Not wanting to disrupt the tender moment at hand between the Evans family, but trying to come to terms why it was necessary for his wife and him to bare witness to this confession. Jeff Parker then looked to his own daughter and the realization hit him. Liz was dating an alien. Yes, Max always seemed like sure a nice respectful boy, but still he was a different species. "Liz? I'm not sure why we need to be here for this?"

Max pulled away from his parents embrace when he heard Liz's father voice. "I'm sorry Mr. Parker, we were just getting to the part that concerns your family." Max motioned for his parents to return to their seats on the couch so he could continue. "The first day my parents sent Isabelle and I to school was the first day I saw your daughter. I have been drawn to her ever since. She's the reason I get up in the mornings and what my dreams at night are filled with. It was the day that Liz was shot at the Crashdown last September that my life truly began" Liz moved closer to Max trying to give as much support as she could.

"What do you mean the day she was shot?" Jeff questioned. His mind reliving that day in a flash.

"It's true dad. I was shot that day and Max risked everything to save my life." Liz confirmed.

Jeff Parker was at a lost for words. On one side he knew what Max had done for his daughter, and he knew he would be forever indented to him. On the other side the fear of the unknown due to Max's origin was still to fresh in his mind. To know that this other being was in love with his daughter was just too much to process. He then saw how his daughter was looking at Max and realized it wasn't just Max that was in love, Liz was in love with Max too.

Nancy Parker could only think of one thing. Her daughter had been shot and Max saved her life. She approached Max cautiously. Before Max knew what was happening to him he was pulled into her arms. "Thank you, thank you for saving my baby girl." Her tears now flowed down her face at just the thought of losing Liz at such a young age.

"I'd do anything to protect her." He whispered in her ear so only she could hear. In those words Nancy Parker knew that the alien/man her daughter had fallen in love with was speaking the truth from his heart. Diane rubbed Max's arm lovingly. Showing him she was proud of his actions. "I think you both should sit back down, there's more you need to know."

The sheriff was the one that took their story from there. He explained how he became suspicious and started to investigate the events of that day. He looked to both Philip and Diane trying to say he was sorry. He then told them about the FBI and how it was him that actually lead to Max's capture by the special unit. All four parents were stunned to learn what experiences their children had endured without any of their knowledge.

Diane was about to say something, but Max continued the story before she had the chance to voice her concerns. He let both parents know he was fine, he wanted to spare them the details of his entrapment. Isabelle explained her ability to dreamwalk and how they had rescued Max. It was Max that told about their past month and the other alien race. Both Nancy and Diane eye's were filled with tears hearing the ordeal that their children had been through. It was Jeff Parker who was the first to speak. "So they took Liz, because of her association with you Max?" He didn't mean for it to sound as harsh as it did, but this was his daughter.

Liz could feel Max tense up at her father's question, knowing how he already felt guilty about putting her life in danger. "Dad, mom, you both need to understand something. It wasn't Max that presued me. In fact he has tried on several occasions to keep me away from him in order to protect me. But, I wouldn't stay away. I couldn't, I'm in love with Max." He voice was full of passion and when she looked into Max's eyes their love for each other was expressed so that it left no doubt in any of the parents.

"Liz, you fell in love with my son even though you knew his secret?" Diane asked just now understanding how the Nancy and Jeff Parker must feel. She still felt the same for her son, but he is different and she didn't know what difference there could be.

"Yes, I did." Liz replied and then added. "I think I know what you all must be thinking right now, but Max, Michael, Tess and Isabelle are basically human. Their bodies are human except for their body fluids carry special energy cells."

Max took over and explained how his blood was the only thing that the special unit had found that could kill the other alien race. He went into detail what they had learned from DR Turner at the facility and what had happened the night they left. He then took a deep breathe and stated. "The reason that Agent Motley from the FBI was here to speak with me."

"Agent Motley, isn't he the one that came to our house a few days back Nancy?" Jeff had interrupted. Nancy nodded her head and both the Parkers looked back at Max. "This is the reason we're here, the FBI was looking for Liz again, right."

Max looked over to the sheriff and realized he didn't know the agent had visited the Parkers also. "I'm sorry, but the other alien race knows about Liz. They know she's pregnant with my child and yes, her life is in danger now." The look of guilt that was on Max's face was enough for his parents to understand why they were finally being told the truth about their children.

"Pregnant? Liz is this true, are you pregnant with Max's child?" Nancy was now truly scared for her daughter's life.

"Yes, and before anyone questions I'm fine and the baby is fine. The baby has the same type of blood that Max has and that's why Agent Motley was looking for me. He wants Max and me to go into the witness protection program to protect us and our child. You all need to realize just as I have, this child will help ensure our planet's future survival as we know it."

"Well, I for one am at a lost for words. First not only do I find out that aliens really do exist. But, my only daughter has fallen in love with one of them and now I find out that she is pregnant with his child and that this child could help save our planet. And because she is carrying this child another alien race that is here on earth also knows about my daughter and her baby and they want to kill her. Did I get everything correct so far or is there still more to know?" Jeff stated still trying to process everything he had just been told.

"Mr. Parker...." Max started but was interrupted by Liz's father.

"I think the time of formalities has passed Max, especially since you know my daughter so intimately. I think you should call me by my first name don't you?" Jeff Parker was beyond angry. All he could hear was his daughter's life was endanger and it was because of Max.

"Jeff, I would give my life to protect your daughter from any harm." Max stated afraid Mr. Parker would become so angry he would try to keep him away from her.

Nancy Parker had more questions herself and she knew her husband was visible upset. She needed some reassurances herself. "Liz, you said you and the baby are fine. But, how can you be so sure? If Max has this special type of blood that can harm the other aliens, are you sure the baby won't harm you?"

Liz knew her father was getting angry and she was afraid he would try to keep her from Max. So she blurted out the only thing she could think of. "Mom, I'll be find as long as Max and me are together. The baby can sense Max and as long as he is with me the baby will not harm me."

"And what if we think it would be safer if you stayed away from Max?" Jeff stated more than asked.

"Then both me and the baby will die dad." Liz's voice shaking with the fear of her parents not allowing her to see Max again. Max sensed Liz's fear and immediately wrapped his arm's around her. Urging her to calm down. It was at this moment Liz felt the wave of dizziness sweep through her body. She looked up at Max and saw the concern in his face. She tried to push the dizziness she felt aside. Now was diffidently not the time or the place for this to happen.

Max knew he had to say something to make Liz's parents understand how much he cared for their daughter. He spoke softly trying to do any damage control her could. "Mr...Jeff, I understand your fears. I have the same fears. I can't tell you how sorry I am that Liz's life is endanger. But, I'm not sorry about our baby. I'm in love with Liz and this baby was not conceived for some government experiment or to save my planet or yours. This baby was conceived out of our love we share for each other. I want to marry Liz and I will protect her and our baby with my life if it comes down to that."

The dizziness was consuming Liz and she knew the baby was beginning to drain her energy. She had to hold on for a little bit longer.

Jeff Parker watched as Max protectively wrapped his arms around his daughter and heard Max's confession of love. It was his words and actions that finally made him understand the depth of their love. "Max, I'm sorry to sound so harsh. But, this is a lot for a parent to be told about their only daughter."

"I do.....Liz!" Max's conversation was interrupted when he felt Liz begin to fall in his arms. It was at this moment Max knew what was happening with Liz. Without hesitation or explanation he swiftly picked her up in his arms and walked pass the group of people that had assembled in his living room. He could hear her parents concerns and their attempts to get to her. His mind wasn't on anything, but getting Liz to the privacy of his bedroom where he would give their baby another feeding. And hopefully he could deal with their parents afterwards. Before he closed his bedroom door he could hear the shouting and knew it would take a miracle for the Parker's not to kill him after this, but his mind was on Liz and their baby for him to worry too much of what the consequences of his actions would bring later.

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