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"A New Breed"
Part 24
by Susan
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Michael and Maria were the first to arrive at the Evan's home. Michael was to hide inside Max's room, while Maria hid behind the bushes until she completed her mission of bugging the agent's car. He grabbed her hand before they parted. "Maria, I need you to promise me here and now that if this goes down badly..."

"Michael don't say it." She interrupted as she placed one finger up to his lips.

He took her hand in his and continued. "No, I have to say this. I need to know that you will get Liz and the others to safely. I know you, I know you think you should come in and help. Promise me you won't put yourself in danger and try to help." He could see her head start to shake no. "Promise me, please."

"Please don't make me promise something like that." She begged.

"If something happens and I have to help Max, I can't have you distracting me. Do you understand?" He bent forward and kissed her hard. Michael knew if things went bad and he used his powers he didn't want to worry about Maria. He still didn't know if he had enough control over his powers not to hurt her when he let go of that power. When he pulled back he looked her in the eyes and said once again. "Promise me."

"Fine, I promise. But, if anything happens to you Michael Guerin I swear I will kill you. Do you understand me?"

Michael laughed and only nodded his head showing her that he understood. He pulled her into a tight embrace and then released her quickly. "We need to get into position. I'll be with you soon."

Michael cautiously climbed into Max's bedroom window making sure no one was watching. Maria took her place in the bushes and sighed quietly. Knowing she was in for the longest waiting game of her life. It wasn't long before the sheriff's vehicle pulled up to the house. Max and Sheriff Valenti got out of the vehicle, while Tess stayed low in the back seat. She was to use her powers to make the agent believe the car was empty so she could stay in the back seat safely.

Both Max and Jim quickly placed the surveillance equipment inside the Evan's living room. Max called Isabelle to confirm they could see everything from there. Then he went into his room to change into some of his own clothes and confirm Michael had successfully gotten in. The plan was set in motion and now they would sit and wait for the agent to arrive. "Max, will Liz be okay while we are at this meeting?" Jim asked once everything was ready.

Max knew exactly what the sheriff was inquiring. "I hope so sheriff." He knew they had made love almost the entire night last night and again today. He hoped that would sustain the baby's need until the meeting was over. Even though the times varied in-between the feedings, it wasn't like he needed to give the baby energy every fifteen minutes. Sometimes Liz would go almost a full day, but then again sometimes the baby would need some almost within a few hours of it's last feeding.

They didn't wait long for Agent Motley's arrival. He appeared to be alone which was a good sign both men thought. Max had instructed Tess not to have Liz in the room at first. So after the initial greetings that was the first question. "Is Ms. Parker going to join us?"

"I think it would be best if we discussed a few things first." Max replied taking in the look of distraught that appeared on the agent's face when he found out Liz wouldn't be joining them to start with.

"Mr. Evans, I think our discussion should be held in private." Agent Motley motioned toward the sheriff implying the discussion wasn't for everyone's ears.

"Jim is a trusted friend, I have asked him here for our discussion. Now tell me why you're here and what do you want from me." As Max replied to the agent about his relationship to himself. The sheriff smiled slightly, knowing he had finally gained Max's trust.

Agent Motley acknowledged he understood Max's meaning. He then motioned for them to all sit. "I guess I should start at the beginning, but I know we will have a time issue with your parents so I'll make this as quick as possible. Matt Turner and I were partners quite a few years back. When he got assigned to the special unit he and I stayed in touch as in our line of business you don't find that many people that you truly trust. He knew he could trust me just as I knew I could trust him. After the incident had occurred where most of his new associates had perished he was devastated. When he made the discovery about your blood cells and what they could do to the other alien race he knew what had to be done."

The agent looked downward at his hands taken a moment to compose himself. "He devised his plan to take you and the other aliens in the hope that he could win your trust and make you understand what he believed would happen. I realize that you still aren't sure if he was a person you can trust, but I also know you wanted to trust him. I can assure you his actions were justified for the way he took all of you."

"After what I witnessed at the facility, I can almost understand why he did what he did." Max confirmed remembering all the bodies of the lab technicians they had witnessed upon the evening they had escaped.

"He confided in me his plan and together we agreed I would do the field work while he dealt with the six of you on a day to day basis. He kept in constant contact with me. That's how I know about Ms. Parker. When I saw what happened at the facility, I knew what Matt had feared was true. I believe there was another alien that had infiltrated the facility and they discovered that all of you were there. The attack was swift and a brutal one. They have no mercy and no one was spared." The agent's face turned as if he was saying a silent prayer for his associates that were no longer with them.

"I know." Was all Max could say the memory still fresh in his mind. He took note of the expression that Agent Motley's face took. "But, you still haven't answered my question. Why are you here and what exactly do you want with me?" Max's voice was calm.

"Matt had sent me all the test results and I have studied them very carefully. I discovered that even though you, Michael, Isabelle and Tess carry the same energy cells in your body fluids, that each of you have different blood types. Like I told you on the phone earlier the special unit captured two of the other alien's and I was able to eliminate one of them using your blood. The other one I tried to eliminate with the other's and got no result."

"We found that out ourselves. We can only assume it is because of the different blood types." Max confirmed they were all on the same track.

"That's why I'm here. I need to know Max, is Liz okay?" The agent knew what DR. Turner had discovered and was concerned that Liz was not here.

At that moment Liz (her image from Tess anyway) appeared coming down the stairs. "I can assure you I'm fine Agent Motley." She stated as she moved over to Max.

Max turned to the image of Liz and stated for her to go back upstairs and finish taking her nap. Liz's image did as Max requested and left the three men to their discussion. "As you seen, Liz will be fine with the pregnancy." Max wasn't ready to tell this stranger about the condition of the pregnancy. Even though he felt the person sitting in front of him was someone he would be able to trust someday. Today just was too early for that kind of trust.

Relief appeared on the agent's face when he saw Liz with his own eyes. "I'm glad to see she is doing okay. From what we discovered with the tests that had been run, I don't know how she is handling the pregnancy, but I can't tell you how relieved I am to see she is." The agent relayed.

"Liz will be fine as long as we are together. I can't explain it completely to you, but understand this. During the pregnancy we cannot be separated for any length of time." Max tried to explain without actually explaining.

"What exactly do you mean, you cannot be separated during the pregnancy?" The agent asked needing to understand how Liz had survived the pregnancy this long.

The sheriff was the one who interjected at this point of the conversation. "The baby can sense Max's presences and needs both of their presences to survive and not harm Liz." He explained trying to help Max with an explanation.

"Fascinating, simply fascinating. By all means, you do realize Liz should be dead by now?"

"She and the baby will be fine." Max stated simply.

"Max, the reason I asked to see both you and Liz is because both of you are in danger. When we captured the other aliens we were able to get the one we froze to talk by showing him we knew how to kill them." Both Max and the sheriff understood what he meant. He had killed one with Max's blood to get the other one to talk. "The attack at the facility was not only for you, but for Liz too. They know about your unborn child and know they need to destroy it along with you in order to dissolve any future threats to their species."

Max had suspected this, but to actually have it voiced concerned him greatly. Once again the guilt he felt for putting Liz's life endanger grew inside him. "What are you proposing?" He knew the agent had yet to answer the question of why he was truly here.

"I would like to put you and Ms. Parker in protective custody until we can locate all of the other aliens. I believe if we work together both Liz, your child and our planet could survive." The agent then looked over to the sheriff. "With your help, we could set up a situation for Max and Liz to be a witness and then have them placed in the witness protection program. That will allow the two of you to stay together throughout Liz's pregnancy and ensure you are kept out of danger."

"How can you be sure the other alien's won't find us. It's not like they didn't find out about us at the facility?" Max inquired.

"Too many people were involved at the facility. That's how you were discovered there. This time no one else would know." The agent stated.

"But, what happens if they discover you know agent and get the information from you. No, I can't trust Liz's safely to anyone other than myself." Max's need to protect Liz was in full force again. "If you and the sheriff can set up the situation for us to go into the witness protection program. I think it would be best if Liz and I dealt with where we would go until we are sure there isn't any threat to us or the baby."

"Max, I understand your concerns, but we need to work together here. We still need your blood to defeat the other race and if we don't know how to contact you then the threat will never end." Agent Motley hoped Max would trust him enough to be a part of this situation.

"I understand what you need. No matter what we decide, I will make sure you have what is necessary to eliminate any future threat on my child or my future wife's life's." Max confirmed. "I need to speak with Liz before I can make any deals since this concerns her as well. We will be in touch with you soon." Max knew their time was running short since his parents would be home shortly and he didn't want to have to explain the agent's presences to them.

"Don't wait too long Max. I plan on staying in Roswell to help keep an eye out for the two of you until we have this matter resolved one way or the other." Agent Motley stated, he wanted Max to understand he knew what was ahead of them and he expected to be apart of it if they wanted his help or not. With that the agent left. Max immediately went to the phone and called Liz at the sheriff's house once Agent Motley had pulled out of the driveway. Michael came downstairs at the same time Tess and Maria rushed inside the front door. "Max, are you honestly considering going into hiding with Liz?" Michael was asking as the two girls came into the room.

"Hiding? What do you mean hiding? What did he have to say? Did he know about the baby?" The questions were flowing fast out of Maria's mouth until Michael went over and begun to ravish her lips with his own. When he pulled back she was stunned and could only look at Michael.

Michael looked over to Max who was smirking big time. "What, it's the only way I know to get her to be quite when she's rambling like that." With that comment Maria swatted him playfully on his arm. "Now, answer my question?"

"Liz, Kyle, Isabelle and Alex should be here soon let's wait until they get here before we decide what our next step should be. Maria, were you able to get the bug planted in the car?"

"Yes, I put it exactly where Alex told me to. You know if anyone should ever get a career as being a spy, Alex should. I never knew how much stuff he knows about this kind of stuff." She declared.

It wasn't long until the other four arrived. Max and the sheriff took turns explaining what the agent had revealed to them and also what he had suggested. "Max, are you considering leaving with Liz?" Isabelle asked full of concern that she might not be seeing her brother for a long time period.

"Isabelle, the four of us." Max motioned to her, Tess and Michael. "We were put here together for a reason. I don't think it would be wise for us to be separated, any of us for that matter." As he looked to Liz, Maria and Alex. "Together we are stronger than we would be apart. But, I don't see how all of us would be able to stay together and make our parents understand."

"You won't be able to Max, unless you tell them the truth. I'm not just talking about your parents Max, I'm talking about Liz's also. They need to know, I know you don't want to involve them, but it's time for them to know the truth." The sheriff stated.

At that moment the group was interrupted by Diane Evans. "Your right sheriff, it's time for us to know the whole truth." She said as she walked into the living room full of stunned individuals that they hadn't heard her come in and didn't have any idea of how much she had heard of their conversation.

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