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"A New Breed"
Part 23
by Susan
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During the next few days Max refused to leave Liz's side. The entire group understood and not one comment was made whenever Max and Liz would excuse themselves to the privacy of their bedroom. They all voiced their opinions on what would be the best way to tell Mr. and Mrs. Parker and Mr. and Mrs. Evan's the news about the baby.

Three days before they were due back home the sheriff came to the house with news. They were all gathered around in the living room while he spoke. "Max, we may have another FBI problem."

"What kind of problem?" Not only did the sheriff have Max's attention, but the whole groups attention at the mention of the FBI. Especially since Nasedo was now dead.

"Your mom called me to your house today." The sheriff started.

Upon hearing about her mother Isabelle couldn't help, but interrupt. "Mom. How is she? Is she okay?"

"Your mom's fine. She received a visitor from a man yesterday. She said he was from the Bureau, an Agent Motley and he needed to speak with Max regarding a matter of national security. Of course, your mom called my office when she called the law office and wasn't able to get in touch with you."

"Does she know Isabelle and I haven't been there this whole time?"

"No, apparently DR. Turner had set up a dummy phone line for the law office that the two of you were supposed to be at. They told her they had sent the two of you out for some supplies and that's why you weren't there. Apparently they have been e-mailing your parents on a regular basis this whole time acting like it was the two of you. They were very thorough with the cover story they had set up.

At the mention of DR. Turner both Max and Liz had a sad look upon their faces. Max wasn't sure if he could completely trust the doctor, but the man had given his life so he could live.

"Anyway Agent Motley left a message for you with your mom and she was concerned so she contacted my office to see if she could get some answers to why an Agent from the FBI needed to speak with her son."

"Did she tell you what the message was?" Max inquired.

"The message was somewhat cryptic, but essentially he stated he was DR. Turner's partner a few years back and that he would be in contact with you upon your return from your trip."

"Max?" Liz didn't know what to think. Yes, the doc had saved her and Max's life, but she wasn't sure if he was someone they could really trust. What if the FBI tried to take Max away again? What if they were separated? The what if's were popping into her mind so fast she couldn't process all of them.

Max could read the concerns that Liz had without her even having to speak them. He took her hand in his and squeezed it gently to reassure her everything would be all right. He gazed into her eyes briefly and then turned his attention back to the sheriff. "Sheriff, can you get a hold of this Agent Motley?"

"I'm pretty sure I can." The sheriff replied.

"Don't try and contact him directly. I think it would be saver for you and Kyle both if he doesn't know you know how to get in touch with any of us. See if you can get a number where he can be reached. Then I'll call and feel him out."

"Max, if you contact him directly he'll just trace the number and find you." The sheriff knew these kids had been through more in the last few months than most people experience in a life time. He still felt it was his duty to watch over them. After all not only did Max save his son's life, but his life as well.

Alex was the one that piped in at this point. "He won't be able to trace a call if I reroute it using Nasedo's computer system. That system has some highly sophisticated technology, but I'm pretty sure I can reroute a phone call enough times so that it would take them longer to trace the call."

Isabelle gave Alex a quick smile that said "Thanks." That smile meant more to Alex than any words ever could.

"Okay, I'll do my best to get his number without alerting him. It shouldn't take me too long. I'll come back after I get it."

"No, sheriff, once you get the number call Tess's cell phone number. We can have Alex set up the rerouting routine on that number. I can't take the chance someone might follow you after you make your inquiries." Max replied letting the sheriff know that from here on out it wouldn't be a good idea for him to return to the house they were staying in just in case.

After the sheriff left the gang sat and waited for his phone call. Max, Isabelle and Alex went into the study to begin the dummy phone lines so the calls couldn't be traced. Maria began to pace around the house when Michael finally asked her what was wrong. "I just hate being on the waiting team." She answered.

After a few hours Tess's cell phone rang. Max answered it and as expected the sheriff came through for them once again and delivered the number to Max. Alex had the phone rerouting system already set up. Max dialed the number. "Agent Motley?"...."I understand you want to speak with me.".."Max Evans." The other's sat and watched as the computer followed the tracing system that had begun the moment Max mentioned his name. After a few minutes Max could tell the FBI agent was stalling to obtain the trace. Finally Max stated. "I'll be home in three days...Yes, she'll be with me...I understand." With that Alex was waving his hand in circular motion to let Max know his time was about up and to hurry. Before the trace was complete Max hung up the phone.

"Well, what did he say?" Michael asked before Max barely had hung up the phone.

"He wants to meet me. Apparently they had captured two more of the other aliens. They killed one using my blood that the doc had taken before we left the facility and they froze the other one's body."

"I don't know Maxwell, it may be a trap. I know you want to believe you would have been able to trust the doc and all, but I just don't know."

"Did they want me there as well?" Isabelle inquired, she had heard what Max had said and assumed it was her they were wanting also.

"No, he didn't ask about you."

"They want me too, don't they?" Liz voiced what the other's already knew. "He knows about the baby Max."

"I'm pretty sure he does Liz, but you won't be meeting with him until I am 110% sure he can be trusted. Tess, how close do you have to be to make Agent Motley believe Liz is with me during the meeting and do you think you could keep the illusion up long enough." Max would never forgive himself if the FBI took Liz again. He was bound and determine to protect her at any cost.

The group then sat down to devise the best plan. After hours of planning both day and night for the next three days. They came up with one that all parties agreed to. Max felt pretty confident that if the sheriff was at the house the FBI wouldn't cause a scene right then. He wanted to make sure to set the meeting up for a time when his parents were not home. He didn't want to involve them if the meeting turned out bad.

Tess would hold up inside the sheriff's vehicle out of sight so she could contact Liz if Max thought it was safe while making the agent believe Liz was actually in the house with Max the whole time. Max also thought it would be best for Michael to be in the house hidden in case anything went down.

Isabelle and Alex would stay at Tess's house for surveillance. They would also stay behind because if anything happened to the rest of the group the two of them would have the best chance to locate them and plan a rescue attempt.

Maria was to try and place a recording device that Nasedo had inside the agent's vehicle while Max placed the surveillance equipment inside the house. She then would wait for the signal to either go pick Liz up and bring her to Max's house or back to Tess's house.

While Liz went to the sheriff's house to wait with Kyle since the Valenti's residence was closer to the Evan's residence then Tess's house. That way if Max felt it was safe he would motion for Maria to get Liz. If not, Maria, Kyle, Liz, Alex and Isabelle would go to the pod chamber and wait.

The last night they all enjoyed eating a dinner that Michael had prepared for their final meal at the house together. They all tried to joke and keep the evening's conversation light and humorous. One final night all together without concerns or worries until tomorrow. Max and Liz excused themselves when the time started to get late. When they were alone in their bedroom they undressed in silence, climbed into to bed and held each other tightly. When they were in their embrace Max could feel the tension inside of Liz's body. "Hey, everything's going to be all right tomorrow. You know I promised you I would be there for you and the baby. I plan on keeping that promise."

"You don't know how much I want to believe you Max." Liz started to voice her doubts only to Max.

"The plans a good one Liz. Every time the FBI has caught us it has been on their terms. We are holding this meeting on our terms. It's not like I'm going in blindfolded and alone. Michael and Jim will both be with me if anything goes down. I'm just glad you won't actually have to be there."

"That helps you, but not my fear for you." Liz stated sadly.

"Liz, I need to do this. You understand that right?" Max asked as he looked deeply into her eyes, willing her to understand.

"Yes, That's half the problem. I understand completely with my mind, it's my heart that doesn't want you to go. I'm sorry if that sounds selfish on my part, but it's the way I feel." Liz answered sincerely while still looking in his eyes.

"Don't apologize for the way you feel, because I have the same feelings you do. Now if you don't mind I would love to take advantage of our last night here and make wild crazy passionate love to my soon to be wife." With that he leaned over her and kissed her with as much passion as his whole being felt for her, before she had a chance to say any thing else.

Liz responded to his kiss and returned it. Soon they were touching, loving and tendering caressing each other. Their love making was intense, filled with passion and desire. They kept holding and caressing each other after they had fulfilled each other's needs. Only to begin their affectionate love making all over again. It was in the early hours of the morning that they both collapsed in each other arm's from exhaustion. They slept until noon in their embrace, refusing to let the warmth they felt from each other go.

Max couldn't get enough of Liz. He wanted to hold her forever, but he also knew it was almost time to get ready to leave for his meeting with Agent Motley. "Liz, Liz, honey it's time to get going?" He kissed her gently trying to wake her even though he really didn't want to. What he wanted to do was lay in their bed and watch her sleep, then make love to her all over again. With that last thought in his mind his body couldn't take it any more and began kissing her neck, shoulders, breast on down to her stomach.

By this time Liz was fully awake. She stroked the hair on top of his head encouraging him to continue with his assault on her body. Her whole body seemed to scream for more. She couldn't get him close enough to satisfy the hunger her body needed from him. Max could feel her need was just as great as his once again and he wasn't about to stop until he gave her what she so tenderly wanted. Liz screamed out in pleasure as Max made love to her body with his tongue and fulfilled all her needs. He than moved his body over hers and fulfilled both of their desires once more.

After they both calmed from the sensations their love making had caused in their bodies, Max looked lovingly into Liz's eyes. "Good Morning." Was all he said with a slight smirk on his face.

Liz looked over at the clock that sat on the night stand next to their bed and then back at Max. "I think the correct term would be "Good Afternoon Mr. Evans." Max began to tickle her sides. "Max, don't." She pleaded as she laughed loudly at his actions.

After a few moments, Max took pity on her and stopped his playful antics. "I love you."

"I love you too Max Evans. Now come on we better get dressed and get ready." Neither wanted to comment on what was a head of them in the next few hours. They dressed in a comfortable silence, both having the same fears. When they finally came down stairs the rest of the group was waiting.

"It's about time you two got up." Isabelle commented.

"Yea, Maria and I were just about to come up there and do the old pillow routine to wake you guys up." Alex joked remembering how when they were younger. Maria, Liz and himself would have sleep overs and whoever was the last to get up would be attacked by the other two with a vicious pillow attack.

Alex, Maria and Liz all began to laugh at the memories they all shared, but Michael brought the seriousness of reality back to them. "I hate to break up this slumber party, but it's time to go." With that the whole group to a few seconds to look from one another. It was time to go get more answers and they could only hope these answers were good.

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