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"A New Breed"
Part 20
by Susan
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The girls walked into the kitchen just as Michael was putting all the food on the table. "MmmmHmmm...Does that smell good or what?" He commented when he saw Maria. Then he saw the look on Maria's face and knew now was not the time for jokes. He had seen that look before, but now that look was directed at his best friend. 'Poor Max.' He thought.

Maria walked right up to Max before Liz could stop her. "I don't know if I should punch you right now or hug you. Considering you are supposed to be this great leader of a whole planet you aren't to bright with your control." She then turned back to Liz and gave her a wink. Liz wanted to warn Max that Maria was just going to give him a hard time, but in the end a small part of her was enjoying watching her best friend make Max squirm. Maria continued her assault. "Okay yes, Liz loves you and yes she would do anything for you, but really Max. I thought you of all guys would be the last guy I know who would only be thinking with his lower anatomy."

"Maria..." Max tried to get in two words, but Maria wasn't quite done with him yet. Michael had to cover his face to prevent the laugh that was slowly building to spill out. He knew what the wrath of Maria was like and once she got on a roll there was no stopping her.

"You know there is this invention out there, it's called a condom."

"MARIA!" Liz had to come to Max's defense at this point. He was blushing from the tip of his ears down to his toes. "For God sake Max didn't seduce me, I seduced him!" At that last statement all eyes went to Liz. "What? Does everyone think I am always going to be little perfect Ms. Parker?"

Maria started laughing immediately. Then she refocused on Max. "Gotcha!" She exclaimed causing his already blushing cheeks to a deeper shade. Maria then wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. "Just so you know..."

"Yea, I know. If I hurt Liz again, I'll have to deal with you. Alex already informed me of that one. I'll tell you the same thing I assured him. I'll die before that happens." Max stated as he hugged Maria back.

Liz could only smile at the two of them and then went over to stand by Max. Max let go of Maria and pulled Liz down on his lap. "Now let's just get the record straight about who seduced who first." He joked with her and placed a sweet loving kiss upon her mouth before she had the opportunity to argue.

They all sat around the table, enjoying their wonderfully cooked breakfast by chef Michael. Even Maria made the comment on how good the food tasted. They discussed what they had found out at the facility and about all the people they had seen that were dead.

Then came the time for Max and Liz to explain about the baby. "Okay, we have discussed everything else. Why don't you guys tell us about the baby? How do you know everything is going to be fine?" Isabelle inquired.

Max took a deep breathe and then began. "Last night as you all know Liz and I connected with the baby. It seems the baby can sense both of our presences and it will be fine as long as I..." Max stopped his explanation trying to think of the right words.

"As long as you what?" Michael was impatient and didn't pick up on the fact that what Max was trying to say was not the easiest thing to say.

"Well, you guys know how your body fluids carry that special energy cells in them." Liz started the explanation up to try to help Max out a little.

"Yeah, so?" From Michael again.

"The baby needs to be...For a lack of a better word, fed those energy cells from Max on a regular basis." Liz stated feeling confident that would explain everything.

"Fed? How is Max supposed to feed the energy cells to the baby on a regular basis?" Michael was still completely confused.

"Michael the baby needs a new supply of the energy cells found in our FLUIDS on a regular basis to be able to survive and not harm Liz by draining to much of her energy." Max tried to explain it once again without having to go into lay man's terms with him.

Maria and Isabelle whom had picked up on exactly what Max was saying stated. "Oh My God!" At the same time.

While Alex just started to crack up. "Gee, I can see you explaining that one to Liz's dad. Mr. Parker it's not what you think. I'm not having sex with your daughter, I'm feeding my baby."

With Alex's comment, it finally sank into Michael's brain exactly what Max and Liz were trying so hard to explain earlier. "Max, man you live a charmed life. It's not like Liz can use the old I've got a headache excuse now."

"Michael!" Max knew they were going to take a lot of razzing, but he didn't want them thinking anything bad about Liz. "Look someday you might want your own family so I would be very careful about the remarks you make now. Because if your not, I'll remember and you know what they say about pay backs." Max stated firmly.

"Okay okay, all joking a side. How often will the baby need to be fed?" Isabelle was trying to be serious, but couldn't help the giggle that escaped her mouth. Which of course caused an explosion of laughter from the rest of the group excluding Max and Liz? They both blushed as their friends laughed.

After a few minutes Max finally put his foot down. "Are you all finished yet. Look I'm going to say this one time and then I hope you all are adult enough to handle the situation and help us when the time is needed. I love Liz, even if it wasn't for the baby I would make love to her as often as possible. We don't know how often the baby will need the extra energy. So until we get things worked out with our parents, I'm hoping we can count on those in this room to help protect not only the baby's life, but Liz's too. If the baby doesn't receive the energy cells from me, it will take energy from Liz which her body can only supply so much until it will give out. I realize this is going to take a lot for all of you not to throw puns out at us right and left, but don't forget the seriousness of the situation. Can we count on the four of you to help us out whenever the time calls for it?"

The group then stopped their joking as they finally understood the seriousness of it. They nodded their heads showing they would support the two of them and be there if they needed them. "So Liz, will you be able to tell when you need a dosage of Max for the baby?" Maria was trying her hardest not to laugh as she asked the question, but the situation was just to funny not to. Which of course caused another round of laughter from the entire group, including Max and Liz this time?

"I'm not sure, I guess the baby will let me know." Liz finally answered after she calmed herself down from laughing. With that said they continued to eat their breakfast and tried not to comment on the need to fed.

When breakfast was over Isabelle told the guys they would clean up since the guys cooked. As soon as the guys were out of the room Isabelle looked at all the dishes that Michael had used to create his breakfast masterpiece.

Maria and Liz let out groaning noises. "Well, he might be a good cook, but does he have to use every dish in the kitchen. This is going to take half the day to clean this mess up." Maria whined to her two friends.

"I don't think so." Isabelle stated, then winked at her two friends. She waived her hand over the pots, pans and dishes. In a matter of seconds all of them are clean and shiny. "Okay, I washed you guys get to put them away."

All three of the girls started giggling. "Just so you guys know. Michael is not only going to be doing the cooking in our house, he is diffidently doing the cleaning too!"

"Maria, do you have something that you would like to tell us?" Liz inquired considering Maria's last statement sounded like the two of them already had future plans set.

"Not as much as you have to tell. Not yet anyway." Which made all three start to laugh out loud once again? "What is so funny in here?" Tess stated as she walked into the kitchen. All three girls looked at Tess and when she said. "It smells like you guys had a good breakfast." They couldn't help the laughter that erupted once again. This time Tess was right with them not caring if she knew what they were laughing about. It just felt good to be able to laugh. Soon Tess remembered why she had come in to the kitchen. "The sheriff and Kyle are here. Max told me to get you three once you were done cleaning."

Once the girls joined the rest of the group in the living room the sheriff told Max he needed to know exactly what had happened the prior evening at the facility. So Max went into detail of what had occurred as much as he could remember. Michael, Isabelle, Tess and Kyle also filled in some of the story from their view points. Max then explained to the sheriff how all of them (meaning the pod squad) were able to recognize the other aliens, but they only knew from DR Turner that he thought there was a large number of them here on earth already. The exact number was unknown though. Then he started to tell him about the video the doc had shown them about how the other race of aliens wouldn't die until the doctor had exposed his blood to it.

Michael was the one that jumped in at that point. He stated how himself, Isabelle and Tess had all tried to kill the other alien, but with unsuccessful results. "So that explains why both times they seemed to direct their attack to Max. Except the last attack was directed at Liz." The sheriff pointed out. "Maybe they know your blood is the only thing that can kill them, but why would they attack Liz?"

This made Max think for a moment about each time they were attacked. The initial attack that was directed at him. He was connecting with Liz so she was next to him. Liz was next to him once again in the hallway when Nasedo was shot. Then he was shot at once again when he and Michael had been walking back down the hallway. Then Max remembered how the other alien refocused his attack on Liz directly and how she would have been killed if it hadn't been for the sheriff jumping in front of her and taking the shot instead. "Mine isn't the only blood that can kill them and I think your right sheriff. They know exactly who can kill them and who can't." Max wrapped his arm protectively around Liz and then whispered. "We need to talk privately."

Liz knew he didn't know if she wanted to inform the sheriff of her pregnancy, but at this point she didn't feel it was necessary to keep that information private. "It's okay Max, I think it will only help if he knows." She stated as she looked him directly in his eyes hoping he would know what she was saying.

"What else do I need to know?" Jim Valenti asked.

"Sheriff, Liz is pregnant with my child. I believe the other race of alien's can sense my child in her just like Nasedo was able to. That's why the last one attacked Liz." Max couldn't believe what he had done. The guilt that ran through his body was eating him alive. First he put Liz in danger by being who he is and now his unborn child's life is in danger because of who he is.

Liz could see the battle of guilt running through Max and decided to nip it in the bud before it consumed him totally. "Max, WE are in this together. WE make OUR own choices. YOU didn't make ME do anything I didn't want to do. Do YOU understand that? I hope you do, because it's a little late to have second thoughts about things now."

Max just shook his head in amazement of her strength and ability to make him forget all his problems. "Yes, I understand mame. We're in this together, for better or worst."

The sheriff didn't want to interrupt, but felt the need to bring the two teenagers back to reality. "Liz, Max, I'm not going to sit here and tell you I'm happy about the news you just told me. But, I'm not either of yours parent and they will have enough to say to the two of you when you decide to tell them about Liz's current state. However, as someone who feels the need to protect all of you my advise is to get the two of you somewhere that no one knows about."

"Are you saying we should leave Roswell?" Liz asked not sure if either Max or her could leave not only their families but their friends.

"No, our best defense is with the people around us that can help us if the necessity a rises." Max stated. "The four of us were sent here for a reason. We still don't have all the answers we need, but we do know a few things now. It seems to me our people knew of my ability and that's why I was recreated. Michael you were my second in command. I'm guessing like a first knight and that's why you have the ability to protect us with your energy blasts. That's why you were more than likely sent. Isabelle not only are you my sister, but your ability to dreamwalk is obvious why you were chosen to join the group. And Tess, besides your ability to project images into other people's minds. You were more then likely chosen because of who we were at one time. Our people probably assumed the two of us would be together again and knew I would pass my ability on to my children. What they couldn't know was that in this life I would meet my true soulmate in Liz." Max looked over to Liz as he spoke this last sentence. "What do you guys think?"

"Actually it makes sense in a lot of ways, except one. If we are truly brother and sister. Why wouldn't I have the same blood as you?" Isabelle questioned.

"I think I can explain that one." Liz jumped in. "There are several different blood types here on earth. Brothers and sisters don't always have the same blood type. Maybe that's the case on your planet and why you don't have the same blood as Max."

"That makes some sense Liz. But, how is it possible that Nasedo and these other aliens could sense the baby inside you when the rest of you guys couldn't?" Alex inquired.

"Because we aren't 100% alien like they are, we're mostly human. Just more advanced in our brains compassity." Michael explained.

It was at this point in the conversation that Liz began to feel a little dizzy. At first she was going to just ignore the feeling, but as the dizziness continued to grow she could feel herself being drained of energy. That's when it hit her what was happening. "Max, I need to talk to you for a few minutes."

Max looked over at Liz with a questioning look upon his face. "Liz, are you okay?"

She did not want to relay what she needed in front of everyone. Or more precisely what the baby needed. "I need to talk to you in private." Hoping he would understand what she was trying to tell him.

Max didn't pick up on what Liz was trying to tell him, but he wasn't going to second guess her request. "Okay, guys excuse us for just a second. We'll be right back." He stood up, extended his hand out to Liz. He started to escort her over to the den thinking she wanted to tell him something.

When they were out of ear shot of the others Liz corrected him. "No, Max, the baby needs you."

Realization dawning on him finally. "Oh." He said and then gave her a large smile that she returned. They both proceeded up the stairs to their bedroom before any of their friends knew what had happened.

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