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"A New Breed"
Part 19
by Susan
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Authors Note: For those of you who didn't read Pt18 due to the NC-17 rating. Please note that part was just the night for Max/Liz. I didn't make any of the under 18 fans unable to continue with the story. Just had to write a night for the over 18 fans and for myself.
The next morning Max and Liz were both startled awake by a loud crash coming from the kitchen. Max leaped out of bed and ran to the door forgetting completely about his lack of clothes in had fallen asleep in. He opened the door slightly to peek into the hallway. When he heard the bickering that was coming from downstairs he let out a sigh of relief. He then shut the door, locked it and crawled back in the bed where Liz was. "What was that?" She asked him as he climbed back in bed.

"Our best friends are at it again." He replied with a huge grin on his face just imagining what Michael and Maria were arguing about this time. "By the way good morning." He stated as he leaned over to kiss her.

After relishing in his good morning kiss. "I could get use to that kind of good morning kiss." She remarked.

"Marry me." He stated simply.

"What?" Liz didn't think she heard him correctly. She thought Max just asked her to marry him at the age of seventeen.

"You heard me. I want to be able to wake up with you every morning like this. Marry me." He stated once again.

She reached up a lightly touched his face. "Max, you know I love you. And yes I do want to marry you..."

Max interrupted her before she had the ability to give him all the reasons he knew they should wait. "Good. You better get dressed than. We have a wedding to plan."

"But Max, we are only seventeen. What will our parents say?" She couldn't believe Max actually wanted to marry her. Yes, she knew he loved her and yes, she loved him with all of her heart. But, they were so young and so much as happened in their life's. She just wasn't sure if now was the best time to think about getting married.

"Do you love me?" He asked.

"You know I do." She replied.

"What about tomorrow, will you love me tomorrow?" He looked into her eyes to seek the truth he needed to hear.

"I'll love you forever." Was the only reply she could give him?

"Then marry me and let me love you forever. Liz, I know we are young. I know our relationship has been like riding a roller coaster. But, through every curve we've gone through I have always loved you. That will never change and now with the baby..." He gently touched her stomach as if to touch the baby inside of her womb and let it know he would be there for it always. "I haven't lost my mind. There are a lot of questions out there that neither of us have the answers to yet. Yes, our parents may not understand at first, but they will eventually see how strong our love is for one another and they will accept it. Liz Parker, I love you. I have loved you since the first moment my eyes saw you. Marry me."

Tears of happiness formed in Liz's eyes at the confession of love for her from the only man she has and would ever love. "Max. You don't know how much I want to say yes, throw my arms around your neck and kiss you silly." She then looked into his eyes and knew he was serious and melted. "Yes!"

"Yes?" Wanting to make sure he had heard her correctly.

"Yes, Max Evans, I will marry you." She restated her answer. Then threw her arms around his neck and began placing kisses all over his face.

He picked her up in his arms from their bed and began twirling her around the room. Liz didn't know if she was feeling dizzy from being twirled by Max or by the volume of happiness that was consuming her body at that moment. Max finally put her down and his mouth descended upon hers with all the passion and love he felt for her. When they separated for breathe Max stated. "Come on, we better get dressed and go down stairs before Michael and Maria come to blows over who knows what this morning. Besides I've worked up quite an appetite. I'm starving!"

The two got dressed and walked into the kitchen just in time to witness Maria throwing an egg and hitting Michael in the back of his head. "MARIA!" Liz yelled still not knowing what was going on.

"Well, he deserved it." She replied.

Max went over to stand by Michael who still had his back turned to Maria. He thought for sure the two of them would be soon saying or doing something they would regret and he wanted to stop Michael from doing anything to retaliate. But when he saw Michael's face he couldn't help but laugh. Michael was standing there with a smile that made his whole face light up. "Michael?" Max was now more confused then ever.

"Isn't it great to have things back to normal for a while." Was his reply? It was at this point he realized everything was fine between their two best friends and went back over to Liz and Maria.

"Good morning Maria." Max stated.

"Morning Max. I was going to fix everyone some breakfast. But, Mr. Spaceboy over there didn't trust my cooking." Max only nodded now understanding what was going on. Maria then grabbed Liz's hand. "Since you guys think you can cook so much better than us girls. I'm going to steal Liz for some very serious and much needed girl talk." Knowing this moment was coming. Liz didn't argue and let herself be dragged out of the kitchen by Maria.

When the girls were gone Michael swept his hand over his head and down his back cleaning the egg remains off of him. "All I have to say is she better get use to the idea that I'm a much better cook then she is."

Max laughed at his friends statement and slapped him on the back. Then the curiosity overtook. "So, how upset was Maria when I took Liz to bed last night?"

"Isabelle came to your rescue pretty good, but I don't see Liz making breakfast anytime soon. Either that or when she finds out about EVERYTHING don't be surprised if you have an egg thrown in your direction." Michael half joked then grew serious. "How's Liz and the baby?"

"We connected last night. Everything's going to be okay, but I'd rather only explain it once. Do you mind if we wait until everyone's here first? Besides I have something more important to ask my best friend right now."

"What's that? How to make the world's best omelet?"

"Not quite. I was thinking more on the lines if you would be willing to be my best man?" Max looked directly at Michael wanting to witness his first reaction to the knowledge he had asked Liz to marry him.

Michael knew Max was starring at him for his reaction. His first thought was that Max had gone completely insane. Then he had quick flashes remembering all the things Max and Liz had been through. Lastly he remembered the baby Liz was carrying and gave Max his answer. "I wouldn't be any where else." Both guys nodded theirs heads. "So you're getting hitched, having a baby. Is there anything you aren't willing to try when it comes to Liz Parker?"

"That will soon be Liz Evans if you don't mind." Max replied. At that moment Alex and Isabelle walked into the kitchen.

"Morning." Alex commented as he went over to the refrigerator to get some juice. "So where's Liz and Maria?"

"Maria dragged Liz out of here the minute they came down stairs. Hey Is, would you mine going and telling them breakfast is ready." Michael replied and then as a second thought added. "And make sure you let Maria know how good it smells."

Isabelle knew she had just walked into something, but she was also curious as to how Maria was taking the news. "Yea. I'll be right back." Just as she was about to leave she turned around to her brother. "I know you can kill the evil aliens, but are you ready for the wrath of Maria?" Without waiting for his reply she left the kitchen to go find Maria and Liz.

Alex poured his juice and then sat at the table. "Isabelle told me about the baby this morning. Is Liz going to be okay Max?" The concern for his friend was apparent in his voice.

"Yea Alex, Liz and the baby will be fine. We'll explain everything as soon as the girl's get back." Max replied.

"Just don't hurt her or you'll have to deal with me." It was a threat, but a threat made out of friendship and Max knew exactly what Alex was saying.

Max turned to Alex, looking him straight in the eye and without hesitation he stated. "I'd give my life before I'd let anything or anyone hurt her."

Alex's face warmed and he knew Max spoke the truth. "Good. Now that that's settled, let's eat. Breakfast smells wonderful!"

"Now why can't Maria be here when things like that are said." Michael joked which made all three guys laugh.

Meanwhile in the den:

"Okay I want details and I want them now!" Maria demanded.

Liz knew what details Maria was referring to, but decided to make her suffer for just a little while longer. "Maria, calm down. First off when these men approached me at the airpor....."

Maria interrupted her mid sentence. "That's not the details I want and you know it. Did you and Max, you know?"

"Maria! Liz exclaimed and was about to tell her that what went on between her and Max behind closed doors was their business. But, then she knew she would have to tell her about the baby and the fact that Max proposed to her and that she has already accepted. "Yes, Maria, Max and I have been together, together."

Maria had so many emotions running through her mind at that point she didn't know which to show first. Happiness that she had for her friend knowing how happy she was that her and Max were back together. Fear of the unknown due to Max's not of this world status. And all the other emotions in-between the two of them. "Are you okay?" She asked with concern. Liz was her best friend and that was the first thing she needed to deal with.

"I'm fine. A few days pregnant, but other then that I'm fine."

"Your WHAT?" Hysteria once again ran through Maria's veins. "Oh My God!!!" Then the babbling began. "Your only seventeen. Are you sure? How do you know it's okay for us to have alien babies? What are your parents going to say? How could you not think of protection?"

Isabelle joined the two girls in the middle of Maria's babbling and went over to stand next to Liz while Maria continued her pacing and ranting. Liz looked over at Maria and then looked to Isabelle pleading with her eyes for help with her friend. Isabelle gave her a look of sympathy knowing that this was coming. Finally Liz stepped in front of the now frantic pacing Maria. She took a hold of her shoulders with her hands and stated. "Maria, your babbling."

"I've earned the right to babble wouldn't you say. I'm mean wouldn't you be babbling if the situation was reversed."

"I love you. You know that right." Liz said the only thing that came to her at that moment.

Maria stopped her ranting and looked Liz in the eyes and once again asked her previous question. "Are you going to be okay?"

Liz smiled warmly at her friend realizing she was starting to calm down enough for her to explain. "Yes, I'm fine. The baby is going to be fine." As she made this last statement she looked over to Isabelle.

"The baby's going to be fine?" Isabelle asked making sure she understood Liz's meaning.

"Yes, Max and I connected with the baby last night. I'm sure Max will explain that better than I can so let's wait until we're with them before I go into details about that." Liz then pulled both Isabelle and Maria into a quick hug. When she pulled back the smile that radiated off her face showed her joy. "Before we go have breakfast I have some other news to share with my two best friends."

Isabelle looked at Liz when she made that last statement and could only nod in agreement. With everything they had been through together she did consider Liz to be one of her closest friends. "More news then the baby?"

"Max asked me to marry him last night and I said YES!" Liz looked from Isabelle to Maria then back to Isabelle hoping with every ounce of fiber in her body they would both be as happy about this news as she was.

"Married? Like in for better or worst, richer or poorer, until death do we part, marriage!" Maria exclaimed.

"Yes, to all those things." She could tell Maria was happy for her, but she needed Isabelle to be happy for her and Max desperately. "Isabelle?"

Tears sprang into Isabelle's eyes. "I don't know what to say. I've known how Max has felt about you forever. I guess the only thing I can say is...I've always wanted a sister." With that all three girls hugged once again. All with tears of joy in their eyes. "Come on let's go see the guys. I'm suddenly very hungry. Oh and Maria, I'm supposed to tell you breakfast smells wonderful."

With that all three girls started to laugh and walked out of the den toward the kitchen to eat breakfast with the loves of their lives.

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