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"A New Breed"
Part 21
by Susan
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By the time Max and Liz made it to their shared bedroom Liz was feeling extremely drained of energy. "Max, I'm so weak." Even as she spoke the words, her body started to collapse. Max picked her up in one swift motion. He placed her on the bed and removed her clothing and his with a wave of his hands. He was once again in awed over her beautiful body. "Max, I need you." Was all Liz had to say to bring Max's attention back to the urgency of the situation. He plunged into her body without hesitation. This time when they made love Max didn't hold any restraints for the release that Liz and his baby needed.

In a matter of seconds Liz could tell she didn't have the dizziness that had previous controlled her body. She reached up and touched Max's face to let him know she was fine once again and so was the baby. "I guess we know how the baby will let me know when it needs to be fed." Liz finally commented when her breathing started to calm back to normal. Even though their love making was rushed, just the feel of Max joined with her had taken her breathe away.

Max himself was trying to reclaim his control. Having Liz in his arms naked was still playing havoc with his body's senses. When he was finally able to bring his mind back down to earth he needed answers. "How did you know it was time?"

Liz began to sit up to explain the feeling of dizziness she had experienced and to get dress. "Max, where are my clothes?" She looked around the floor and the bed, but couldn't see one piece of clothing.

Max smiled and then waved his hand over her body and suddenly she was fully dressed. "Sorry, I was kind of in a hurry." He grinned and then redressed himself in the same manner. "Okay, tell me. What occurred that you knew the baby needed me?"

Liz went into detail about the waves of dizziness that came over her. "I think it would be a good idea if I kept some kind of log to see if there is any type of pattern when it a rises and to see how often it occurs. Are you up the challenge?"

"When it comes to you, I'm up anytime of day or night. No pun intended." He joked.

"It will be hard when we go back to our normal lives?"

"Liz...Uh..It's already hard." Max stated telling her the truth. Just being in her presence at anytime made Max's body aroused. Until now it had been something Max had just lived with. "I guess it's a good thing you do what you do to my body. For the baby's sake anyway."

Liz grinned widely. She knew what Max's presence always did to her body, but it was good to know she caused the same havoc on his body. "Yea, for the baby's sake."

With that both started laughing. "You know we are going to take a lot of ribbing from our friends for the next nine months." Max inquired.

"As long as we're together, we'll get through it. Now I suggest we get back down stairs before they start to wonder what happened to us."

Max agreed, but before she could open the door he pulled her tightly into his body and kissed her deeply. When he pulled away he starred deeply into her eyes and whispered sweetly. "I love you."

"I love you too Max. Now come on, if you kiss me like that again we'll never make it back down those stairs."

"Liz, you know you're playing havoc on my body when you say those kind of things, don't you?" Max questioned with one eye brow raised.

"And just what do you think you are doing to my body when you kiss me like that." She replied. With that statement Max couldn't take it any more. He picked her back up and started kissing her again as he walked back toward the bed. "Max....we can't....their waiting..." She moaned out in between his assault on her mouth.

Max pulled back, slowly undoing the buttons on Liz's shirt. "They can wait. Last time was for the baby. This time it's for us." His tone was low and full of passion as he once again captured her mouth with his.

Forty-five minutes later they rejoined the group that sat there waiting for them very impatiently. "What the hell happened to you two?" Michael demanded.

Max threw him a look saying to back off, but it was Liz that stated the fact. "It was feeding time." With that the four friends that knew of the situation started laughing uncontrollably. Which Max and Liz joined in knowing they might as well go along with the inside joke since they were stuck with the situation?

Tess, Kyle and the sheriff knew they had missed something, but none of them were sure if they even wanted to know what that something was. Max saw the confused looks that the others were giving the rest of them and decided to get the subjected changed. He wasn't ready to explain to any of them what he and Liz were doing or why they needed to be doing what they did.

During the course of the meeting they all agreed it would be best to hold up in the *Harding* house for the remaining two weeks, with the exception of Kyle and the sheriff. The two of them agreed to bring supplies as needed so none of them had to leave the house just in case more of the other alien race had arrived in Roswell. The sheriff informed them him he would be on the look out for any strangers that came to town. The sheriff also told the group he would take care of the investigation into the facility and made sure no evidence of any of the teens were there existed.

Over the next week Liz kept a journal of the occurrences that the feeling of dizziness took place. There still didn't seem to be any patterned. Max had no choice, but to inform Tess of the situation with the baby. At the beginning of the second week the sheriff informed Max of two individuals that had arrived in town that he felt were suspicious. Max agreed to go with the sheriff to check them out. He felt okay leaving Liz for the short time period since he had just completed a *feeding time* with the baby. Tess volunteered to go with just in case they needed her special ability.

The three of them drove around town looking for the location of the two individuals. Both Tess and Max were looking at each person in town differently than they had previous looked at people. Both waiting to see the evil within aliens at any moment. It was when they arrived outside of the Crashdown Cafe that Liz's parents owned when they saw them. Max quickly informed the sheriff and together they formed a plan.

Max walked into the cafe causing the bells to ring. The two other worlders looked in his direction as he did them. Without batting an eye Max quickly turned around and ran out of the restaurant. The two quickly followed and the chase was on. Max rounded the corner that led to the back alley way. Only the back alley ended with a brick wall that left no escape route for Max. He turned to face them, but one shot an energy blast that it him square in the chest. Max slowly fell down the side of the brick wall. The one that shot the energy blast approached Max and watched as his body slowly started to fade.

It was at this moment the sheriff fired his gun, hitting the alien that stood over Max and then turning to hit the other one. Max and Tess joined the sheriff's side. "Tess, you do good work. I really thought that was me dying for a minute." Max joked. He then went to the alien closes to him, knelt done and let the blood drip into the open gun shot wound. Within seconds the alien's body began to dissolve. Sheriff Valenti was amazed as he witnessed this. This had been the first time he had seen it with his own two eyes, even though the others had told him about it. Max proceeded to the other alien at the end of the alley way and by the time he got back to where the sheriff and Tess still stood the other alien's body was gone. "Two more down, how many more to go? That's the question." He stated as he walked back to the sheriff's car. It was at that moment Max felt it. Tess and the sheriff were making their way back to the car to he yelled over to them. "We need to get back to the house NOW!" It was said with command and urgency that neither hesitated and quickly climbed in the car. The sheriff drove as fast as he dared without bringing attention their way.

While driving back Tess inquired what was happening. Max answered with one word. "Liz." With that said Tess knew what was wrong.

Just then the cell phone Tess had brought with them rang. "Hello...He knows..Were on our way now..About fifteen more minutes." With that she hung the phone up and looked at Max. "You're right, the baby needs to be fed."

Max didn't need to ask how she was doing, he felt her emotions running threw him as if they were his own. She was scared.

Meanwhile back at the Harding's residence:

Alex and Michael were in the den working on the computer system that Nasedo had designed. Alex was amazed with the system and he worked with it every spare moment he had. He was determined to figure out what every part of the system was designed for. Michael was helping him figure out one system when Maria burst into the room. "Guys, we have a problem."

Both Alex and Michael jumped to their feet and ran to her. "What's wrong? Did you hear from Max?" Michael's thoughts were that something had gone wrong with the plan.

"No and that's the problem. Liz is in trouble. I think the baby has started draining energy from her. She's getting really weak. Come on." She stated as she went running back to the living room where her, Isabelle and Liz had been sitting discussing Max and Liz's wedding.

When they got to Liz both Michael and Alex understood the seriousness of the situation. Liz's skin was very pale. She didn't have the energy to even acknowledge that she knew they were now in the room. Isabelle came back in the room. "I just spoke with Tess. Max is on his way Liz. Hold on he'll be here in about fifteen minutes." Isabelle could see how scared Liz was even though Liz tried to give her friends a reassuring smile everything would be fine and failed miserably

All four of Liz's friends watched as it seemed Liz's energy was being literally drained from her. In doing so they watched in horror as Liz's life was being drained in front of their eyes. They had all teased Max and Liz to death about the number of times during the past week that they had adjourned to their bedroom for a feeding. Now that they witnessed first handed how serious the situation could get they all regretted every word that had been said. The fifteen minutes seemed like an eternity to all four friends as they watched Liz grow weaker and weaker. When she passed out Maria screamed. "Michael, you have to do something! She isn't going to make it another fifteen minutes!"

"What do you want me to do?" He yelled back.

"Max isn't here, she and the baby are going to die if she doesn't get some of those stupid energy cells. Give her some of yours!" Maria didn't even realized what she was asking Michael to do. All she knew at that moment was that Liz was on the verge of dying and she didn't care who had to do what to save her best friend.

"WHAT?" Came from the other three. All shocked that Maria of all people would suggest Michael do something like that.

"You heard me. Does it matter if it's Max's sperm or not. Liz needs that energy and she needs it now!" Maria was near hysteria at this moment as she watched Liz's chest barely rising.

"Maria...I..." Michael didn't know what to say. He was beyond embarrassment at this point and knew Maria was right. He bent down and picked Liz up. She almost felt lifeless in his arms and he didn't hesitate after that moment. He carried her upstairs to her and Max's bedroom and quickly closed the door. "Liz..If you can hear me..I'm really sorry." With that he laid her down on the bed and began to undress himself.

At that moment Max burst into the house. "Where is she?" The sheriff still in the dark about the baby's need followed Max into the house, with Tess closely behind both men.

Isabelle and Maria looked at Max with wide eyes both unable to speak. Alex was the one that spoke up. "She's upstairs...With Michael." The last part came out in almost a whisper. Alex didn't know rather to laugh or cry at the situation Max, Michael and Liz were in.

No one knew what to think of the look that Max had on his face at that moment. They didn't have long to figure it out though as Max was up the stairs in about two seconds.

The sheriff started to follow thinking something or somebody was endangering Liz when the other's stopped him. "Liz doesn't need your help with this one Jim." Tess's voice was rather calm as she quickly accessed the situation at hand.

"But Michael might." Maria whispered, but loud enough for Isabelle and Alex to hear her.

Alex wrapped his arm around Maria. "Hey, Liz's life was endanger and did what you thought you had to do. Don't tear yourself up about it now."

"He's right Maria. I was thinking the same thing. We didn't have any other choice. Liz didn't have any more time for us to wait." Isabelle chimed in trying to comfort her friend. "It was the most unselfish act I have ever witnessed. I'm proud to call you my friend."

"I just hope Michael, Max and Liz can forgive me." Maria stated.

Just then they heard a loud thump coming from the upstairs bedroom. Tess, Alex, Isabelle and Maria all looked up toward the bedroom door and at the same time exclaimed. "OH SH*T!"

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