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"A New Breed"
Part 15
by Susan
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After they had finished eating, all six of them were sitting around the living area discussing everything they had found out. Liz's pregnancy and their plan to go to the pod chamber as soon as they got out of there. Max had told the others about the connection he and Liz had experienced with the baby. "So how are you guys going to explain the baby to your parents?" Kyle asked.

Max knew there was going to be complications as far as theirs parents were concerned, but no matter what happened he knew Liz would be with him. "I guess we'll just be another normal teenage statistic of teenager pregnancy. I'm not as worried about telling my mom and dad about the baby as I am Liz's." Max admitted. It was true, he had no worries at all when it came to telling his parents. Sure they would be upset, even disappointed in the two of them. But, he was sure they would understand eventually and would probably want to help them any way they could. He thought it was so ironic how he knew exactly how they would react to him getting Liz pregnant knowing they would accept it. On the other hand he wouldn't consider telling them about his alien status.

"Your worried about my parents? I mean yes, both my mom and dad will need to give us the your so young, what about your future, do you have any idea what it costs to raise a child nowadays speeches. But, I'm not as nervous about telling them as I am about what your dad will say." Liz replied.

Isabelle felt the need to defend her adopted father. "Dad? I know he looks like he could come across strict sometimes, but believe me when I tell you, he is just a big teddy bear underneath it all."

"I can't your pregnant. With an alien baby that might be the answer to all of our survival in the future. I mean this is just so out there." Kyle concluded still trying to come to terms with everything he had learned in the past few months alone.

All five of the others just looked at Kyle wanting to tell him to get real, but then realized this was as real as it got. Just then the door to the living area opened and DR Turner stepped inside. His expression showed he was upset about something. "Max, Liz, I need to have a moment alone with the two of you in private."

"It's okay doc, everyone here knows about the pregnancy. You can tell us here." Max confirmed.

"I don't know how to say this, so I'm just going to say it. I did some more tests like we discussed before and I don't feel Liz should continue the pregnancy."

"What?" Both Max and Liz screamed at once.

"Every test I've ran so far comes up with the same results. The energy cells in your blood Max is too strong for a regular human body to handle for long periods."

"But, I'm fine. The baby is fine. If something was going to happen to me, it would have happened already." Liz concluded knowing that her and Max had already connected to the baby and everything was fine.

"That's what I'm so baffled about myself. According to the tests, Liz you should be dead already."

Both Max and Liz were stunned by the doctor's statement. They had felt the connection with their baby first hand and didn't have the faintest idea what to think. "Are you sure?" Max finally asked.

"Yes, I'm very sorry. You know I was just as excited about this pregnancy as the two of you. I truly hoped it would have worked out for everyone's sake." The doctor's voice was full of sadness and everyone knew he was truly sincere.

Max looked over at Liz who was visibly shaken by the news the doctor had brought to them. He approached her slowly and wrapped his arm around her. "I'm so sorry." He whispered softly in her ear.

Tears sprang from her eyes as she watched Max kneel down in front of her. He leaned his head against her stomach and a single tear ran down his cheek. "Liz...I...I can't...I can't lose you." He stammered out and brought one hand up to her stomach.

Liz pushed Max away in an instant. "NO!" She screamed at him. "I won't let you do this Max. This is not your choice to make, it's mine and I choose to have this baby. Do you understand me. This Is My CHOICE!!!"

Max was still down on the floor with his head hung low. "Liz, you can't ask that of me. If you die because of my child..I couldn't...Please Liz. I love you, I love our child. Don't make this any harder than it already is."

Isabelle knelt down next to Max on one side and Michael laid his hand on Max's other shoulder. Both feeling sorrow for him and Liz at the same time. They could only imagine how they were both feeling. Either Max stopped the pregnancy or Liz would die. It seemed so unfair.

Kyle and Tess had each taken a position next to Liz. "Liz, listen to Max. Listen to what the doctor just said. You can't have this baby. You'll die, the baby will kill you and then the baby will die anyway." Kyle tried to reason with the logic side of Liz's brain.

Tess couldn't believe what she was hearing from them. It had only been a few moments before when both Liz and Max were describing how they had connected to the baby and it had told them everything would be fine. "She is not going to die. The baby is fine, she is fine. Look at her. I can't believe you guys!" Tess argued back.

Liz listened to the two people who were standing on both sides of her arguing as if she wasn't even there. Then she looked back to Max. He was still starring at the floor trying to come with grips of what was happening. She shook off her arms free from the two of them and sat down in front of Max. "Max." Her voice was a whisper and she waited for him to look up into her eyes. When he finally brought his face upward she saw the tears that had fallen down his cheeks. "Max, touch me. Make the connection with our baby. Let our baby tell us what we should do."

"Liz, if..." Max voice was broken and he couldn't get the words out.

"We'll both know if it was meant to be and if not..." Liz's voice broke then unable to finish the sentence.

Max understood what she was asking and did the only thing he could do at that moment. He reached up and cupped her face with his hands. Then slid one hand down to her stomach.

The doctor watched in amazement as the two young lovers stared deeply into each others eyes. He watched as Max placed one hand on her stomach and one hand on her face as he made the connection between Liz and their baby. Everyone in the room was silent as they watched the two of them connect together.

Meanwhile back at the Valenti's residence. Sheriff was pacing nervously around his living room while Maria and Alex sat on his couch watching. "Sheriff, you need to sit and relax or Isabelle will never be able to get in your mind." Alex stated.

The sheriff stopped pacing immediately and through Alex a look that said -do-you-know-how-that-sounds. Maria understood the sheriff's concerns. "Look, you want to be able to talk to Kyle, don't you?"

"Of course I want to speak with Kyle. I just don't think I like the idea of someone coming into my mind to do it."

At that moment there was a knock at the front door. All three of them rushed to the door at the same time. They were surprised to see Nasedo standing at the other side of the door. "We need to go now." Was all he said and turned back toward the van he had drove over to the sheriff's house. None of them argued, all three just fell in step behind Nasedo and climbed inside the van.

The sheriff sat up front with Nasedo while Maria and Alex climbed in the back seat. Was they were driving down the road the sheriff finally asked the question all of them wanted to ask? "What's happened?"

"They are leaving this evening? I was given instructions to bring the three of you to meet them." Nasedo didn't go into detail about who gave him his instructions or why. They just all assumed the instructions came from Max and that was enough for the rest of them.

They drove out of Roswell, toward the desert in silence. Each in their own thought about being able to see the ones they loved again. Maria couldn't stand the silence after they had driven for so long and finally asked. "I thought they were going to stay for the next two weeks to find out more information about this other race of aliens. Did something happen to any of them to change their minds?" She wanted to ask if anything happened to Michael and if he was still okay, but she didn't want to sound pathetic since she wasn't the only one worried about someone in that place.

Nasedo knew the three humans that were in van with him cared for those he was assigned to protect. Human emotions though were strange to him so his reply was short and simply. "There's been a development."

"What kind of development? Are the kids okay?" Sheriff Valenti was growing more suspicious by the minute.

"No one is hurt. They found out the information that they needed and decided it was time to leave." Isabelle had dreamwalked Nasedo when they had decided it was time to leave. Of course she had dreamwalked him prior to the doctor's arrival. So Nasedo had no knowledge of what Max and Liz had been told by the doctor.

Nasedo continued to focus on the road he was driving. He never was good at communication with humans and now was not the time to try to work on those skills. Instead he focused on the road, driving out into the desert, toward the facility, toward those who he had taken an oath to protect with his life if necessary. They were only about a half mile outside the facility when Nasedo pulled the van over. "We'll walk from here."

Alex noticed the area they were at and began to grin. "What are you grinning about?" Maria had to ask.

"It's just when I was doing my research on where they could possibly be. This was one of the facilities that I came up with for us to search." He answered.

"Okay, but why the grin." Maria wasn't picking up on what was going on in Alex's mind.

"Don't you see. We would have found them if we were on our own anyway. It just makes me feel good to know that I Alex Charles Whitman could have found them if things had turned out differently. Of course, you would have had to talk our way in to get them out, but together we would have found a way."

"What? I don't talk that much!" Maria denied. Alex just through her a look that said -get real-. Then grabbed her hand and begun to follow Nasedo.

The four *rescuers* made their way through the desert until they were close enough to see the facility. Sheriff Valenti turned to Maria and Alex. "This is as far as the two of you go."

"No way! We are all in this together. I'm not playing the waiting game any more." Maria shouted.

"I've got to go with Maria on this one sheriff. They need us just as much as they need either of the two of you." Alex interjected.

Jim Valenti started to argue with them when Nasedo interrupted. "My orders were to bring all three of you here."

"Then that's settled. We all go in after them." Maria stated in a matter of fact tone.

"No. We wait here." Nasedo commanded leaving no room for any one to argue. His instructions were specific. Pick up the sheriff, Maria and Alex. Bring them to the facility, but to wait outside. None of them were to be in put in harms way under any circumstances.

Knowing Kyle was so close made the sheriff want to go inside and get him, but he also knew Maria and Alex would never agree to stay out of the rescue. Yes, he felt the need to get his son out plus the rest of them, but his job also included keeping the other two teenagers out of danger too. "How long do we wait before we go in after them?"

"If they need me, they'll let me know." Nasedo replied.

"Well, I guess we play that waiting game again anyway." Alex was trying to joke, but in reality the joke was as real as it gets. Maria plopped down on the desert ground in a huff just shaking her head in frustration. Michael was just inside that old warehouse building not even thirty feet away, but he was still so far away. Alex sat down next to her, putting his arm around her and pulling her head down on his shoulder. He knew how she was feeling since he was feeling the exact same way.

Sheriff Valenti was pacing anxiously awaiting to see that his son for himself and know he was safe. While Nasedo stood staring at the building. Watching and waiting for any sign that he was needed. They were too important for any thing to happen to them now.

All four heard Isabelle in their minds at the same time. "NOW!" Was all they heard, but they all knew what that one word meant. The escape was in motion.

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