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"A New Breed"
Part 16
by Susan
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Max could see the tears that Liz was desperately trying to control as he slowing started to form a connection between his unborn child, Liz and himself. He would never be able to forgive himself if what he was caused Liz to die. He knew Liz would never forgive him, hell he would never be able to forgive himself. But, if it meant the difference between Liz living and Liz dying he would end the life that their love for each other had made.

The connection was instantaneous, but before he had time to find the answers both him and Liz were knocked to the floor by the doctor. Liz and Max had been so wrapped up in the concentration of making the connection with their baby that neither had even noticed that two individuals had burst into the living area.

Michael, Isabelle and Tess all knew immediately what the two individuals were. The next few seconds seem to flow in slow motion, but happened at the same moment. Kyle noticed the reaction the three other aliens had to the two *people* who had come into the living room and his instincts took over. He grepped Tess and pulled her behind him and down to the ground behind the couch.

The doctor knew his greatest fears were about to become a reality. He knew the two that had burst into the doorway was not one of the team members assigned to the facility. By the reaction of the three teenage aliens he knew they were members of the other alien race. He saw them look at directly at Max and heard one yell to the other. "Get the leader!" Before he had time to think he threw himself at Max and Liz knocking them over.

Michael pushed Isabelle down to the ground while holding his hand up ready to send a pulse of energy to the two individuals. While at the same time they each held a hand up and aimed in the direction of Max and Liz. The doctor knocked the two of them out of the path of the energy's path, but the energy surged through DR. Turner's body causing it to twitch uncontrollably. Michael's pulse flowed out of the palm of his hand into one of the enemies body that was closest to him and Isabelle.

The evil alien that had been blasted by Michael flew back about ten feet down the hallway and laid there unconscious. The other *man* turned his attention in the direction of Michael. Tess immediately put the image of Michael rushing toward him as if he was going to try and tackle him in his mind causing the other alien to shoot his energy blast to fall short of where Michael still stood. Giving Michael the opportunity to ream his energy blast in the direction of the other alien. As quickly as it had started it was over.

Max pulled Liz away from the doctors body that was still on top of the two of them twitching. "Are you okay?" He asked her full of concern. Still a little in shock at what had just happened she could only nod her head confirming she was okay. Max then took in the sight of the rest of the group. Kyle was holding Tess tightly in his arms, Isabelle was laying on the ground where Michael had shoved her just moments before and Michael was standing with his hand still stretched out before him as if prepared to do another round of battle if the need arose. "Is everyone else okay?" He finally asked his sister and friends.

"Yeah, we're both fine." Kyle answered for both him and Tess.

"Isabelle? Are you okay?" Max asked scooting over to her with Liz still in his arms. He wasn't ready to let her go just yet.

"I...Oh my God Max." Was all she could get out before she started crying.

Liz wrapped her arms around Isabelle, while Max engulfed both the woman he loved and his sister into his arms. He then turned up to see if Michael was okay. "Michael?" Michael finally lowered his arm, but gave no respond to Max's inquiry. Max very reluctantly released his grip from Isabelle and Liz. He stood up next to Michael, placed a hand on his shoulder. "Michael, are you okay?"

"Yeah." Was all he said as he tried to get the power that was flowing through his body under control.

Once Max knew all the members of his group survived the attack he turned his attention to the doctor. His body had finally stopped twitching. He knelt down over his body to feel for a pulse or any other sign of life.

"Is he alive?" Liz inquired softly.

"No." Max then went over to the alien that laid unconscious by the door. He started to place his hand on him to see if he could feel a pulse, but Michael's words stopped him.

"Max NO! Remember the video the doctor showed us. They might be unconscious now, but they aren't dead."

"And they will keep getting stronger." Tess added.

Max remembered watching the video the doctor had showed them. He hesitated for a moment and then stated. "This one won't be getting stronger." He then touched his finger until it was bleeding. He then touched the alien's neck until he broke through the skin. He held his finger over the wound in the alien's neck allowing his blood to drip into the wound. The reaction was immediate. He watched in amazement as the alien's body began to dissolve away as his blood ran through the other alien's blood stream. "I guess the doctor was right." He stated simply before turning to go to the next alien. He stopped mid stride though as he noticed the other alien was no where to be seen. "Michael."

Michael was immediately by Max's side as both of them searched the hallway for any sign of the other alien. "Sh.t Max, where the hell did it go?"

"I don't know. It's time to get out of here. Let's get the others." With that Max and Michael stepped back into the living area. "Isabelle, contact Nasedo. We're leaving now."

"Is the other one...dead too?" Tess inquired.

"No. And We don't know where the other one went to, so everyone stay close together. Tess and I know the way out, so I'll take the lead with Liz and Isabelle. Michael you bring up the rear with Kyle and Tess." Max commanded taken on the role of leader naturally.

Isabelle didn't want to take to much time in contacting Nasedo. She concentrated and shouted out in her mind the word "NOW" then joined her brother who was holding Liz protectively in his arms. "Okay, they know."

"Let's go then." Max checked the hallway closely once more before stepping out into it. After he was sure the coast was clear he waved the group onward. Going quickly, but ever so cautiously they made their way down one hallway after another. Max stopped the group and checked each door before passing to make sure the alien wasn't hiding behind it. Most of the offices were empty. The few that were occupied, the occupants were no longer alive. The group soon felt the sorrow the doctor had felt when he had talked about what had occurred with his associates when they had captured one of the evil alien's. Max begun to understand what the doctor had gone through before and why he felt the need to take them and hold them the way he had.

It was when they approached the lab that the devastating knowledge of what the other alien's were capable of doing engulfed all of their thoughts. Bodies of the lab technicians were literally thrown all about. Upon seeing the sight before them Max wrapped his arms around Liz who had begun to shake uncontrollably. "Max. I'm so scared." She whimpered out as she buried her head deep into Max's chest. Kyle held Tess closely who was also clearly upset with the sight, while Michael held Isabelle.

"Come on, we better keep moving." Max finally stated, but continued to hold on to Liz. When they reached the final hallway that led to the outside they all froze in place as they heard footsteps coming toward them. The door at the end of the hallway opened and Michael stepped out from behind the group raising his hand, preparing the surge of energy in his body to do battle once again.

It was when he heard the familiar voice in his head that allowed him to lower his hand and smile. "Michael! Michael, oh my God, Michael!" Maria screamed as she ran into his arms.

"Maria." Michael whispered against her ear before he quickly began to ravish her mouth with his. Kissing her deeply. Needing to feel the warmth of her body and hear the beating of her heart. After witnessing so much death he needing her more then he could put into words.

Alex was immediately at Isabelle's side embracing and kissing her. "Are you okay?" He asked her in between their kisses.

"I am now." Isabelle said as she continued to hug Alex.

Sheriff Valenti ran up to Kyle who was still holding Tess and hugged both of them.

Max was the one that brought the group back to reality with his question that was directed to Nasedo. "Did you see anyone leave the facility?"

Before Nasedo could answer his question they were attacked once more. The energy blast seem to come out of no where and hit Nasedo that happened to be standing right in front of Max and Liz. Everyone turned in the direction from which the blast had come. To their surprise, besides their group the hallway was empty. "Sheriff, get them out of here now!" Max commanded.

The sheriff didn't need to be told twice. He shoved Kyle and Tess toward the door. Then grabbed Maria from Michael who was pushing her in his direction. Maria hesitated for only a second, but knew that Michael would be able to protect himself if she wasn't there distracting him. Alex pulled Isabelle toward the safety of the door that was only a mere twenty feet in front of them.

Max and Michael started to walk back down the hallway in search of the other alien. Suddenly the wall opened up and the alien sent a blast of energy toward Max and Michael. Max grabbed Michael and threw him down on the ground just in time before they were hit with the blast. Then he looked up and noticed that the attention of the other alien was no longer on them. Max looked in the direction that the alien was looking and he seen Liz standing there frozen in fear at what she had just witnessed. Max screamed out "LIZ!" Just as the alien sent a blast of energy in her direction. Sheriff Valenti had heard the first blast that had missed both Max and Michael. He then heard Max scream out Liz's name. Without hesitation he threw himself in front of Liz and was hit with the blast of energy.

Michael raised his hand and sent his own blast of energy in the direction of the alien just as the alien had sent the second blast in the direction of Liz. The evil alien was tossed back against the wall and knocked out once again. Max got up and ran down the hallway to see Liz crouched down holding Sheriff Valenti's head in her lap crying. "He..He saved..My life." She sobbed out.

Max immediately placed his hand on the sheriff's chest trying desperately to form a connection and save the man who had turned out to be a friend as well as a protector for all of them. He had just saved Liz and their baby's life. So he was determined to do everything in his power to save his life in return.

While Max had run back to the check on the sheriff and Liz. Michael approached the evil alien. "You won't be getting up this time your bast..d." He stated as he followed what Max had done before with the other evil alien. He touched his finger until it began to bleed, then leaned down to the evil alien and touched his neck until he opened a wound deep enough for his blood to begin to do it's magic. Michael watched and waited for the reaction to begin, but none came.

By this time the other's had heard the commotion and came back inside the building. Kyle, Maria and Alex ran to where Max, Liz and the sheriff were on the ground. While Tess and Isabelle went to see if there was anything they could do to help Michael.

"Michael? What's wrong?" Isabelle asked as she approached him and the evil alien.

"He's not dying." Michael stated.

"Maybe you just used up too much of your energy in the fight. Let me try, before he wakes up again." Isabelle touched her finger until it started to bleed and let the blood drip from her finger into the wound that Michael had already made. They watched for a few moments waiting impatiently for the reaction to take effect.

When none came, Tess then tried. With the same results as Michael and Isabelle had. "I don't understand. I thought our blood was supposed to kill them. I saw what Max did to the other one. Why isn't it working?" She asked.

"I don't know. Maybe he's stronger then before so it may take longer." Isabelle reasoned not really understanding it herself. She too had witnessed what Max had done.

"Well, we can't just leave him like this. He'll be awake soon. We need to find something we can use to tie him up with." Tess stated.

Tess and Isabelle went to find some kind of rope to tie the evil alien up with while Michael stood guard over him watching for any sign of movement. When the evil alien started to move slightly Michael yelled out. "Guys, you better find something quickly!"

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