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"A New Breed"
Part 14
by Susan
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Max closed the door behind him quietly trying not to disturb Liz who appeared to be asleep. He sat next to her on their bed and watched her carefully. He couldn't believe how this beautiful creature loved him so unconditionally. He knew now that she was carrying his child that he would never let her go again. She would be with him forever and just the thought of that brought a smile that spread over his entire face. He leaned down so his face was just over her small stomach. "Hey little one, this is your daddy. I just wanted to let you know how much I love you and your mommy. I'll make you a deal, you take care of your mommy while your inside her body and I'll take care of you when the time comes for you to come out."

Liz could sense Max's presence as soon as he came in the room. Just knowing he was close made her whole body feel warm and safe. She kept her eyes closed enjoying the feeling that was surrounding her soul as he sat down next to her on their bed. As he leaned down and spoke to their baby through her stomach she realized his words brought tears to her eyes. It was an automatic response as her hand came up and ran her fingers through his hair. "Everything's going to be okay Max. I know it will be."

Her voice was like music to his ears. He looked up into to eyes and saw the twinkle in her eyes that melted his heart over and over again. He saw everything she felt through her eyes, the way she trusted him, the way she didn't car who or what he was she loved him completely. At that moment he knew he needed her more then words could ever describe. He crawled up her so his eyes were even with hers. "Have I told you today how beautiful you are inside and out?"

Liz felt her body temperature start to soar as she saw the desire in Max's eyes. The hunger that he had in his eyes equaled the hunger and desire she held in hers. As close as his presence was to her it just wasn't close enough. She wrapped her arms around his neck and in a sultry voice she stated. "Max, I need you."

Max understood her meaning as his need for her was just as strong. The feelings that he felt deep down to his soul craved her. Without hesitation he leaned over her and captured her mouth with his for a hungry, passionate kiss. His tongue slipped inside her hot wet mouth needing to explore every inch. Soon they're kisses were mimicking what their bodies would soon be doing and they were no longer in control of what they were doing. The hunger, the yearning, the desire of their bodies for each other took over like an automatic pilot.

Even though their desire was fierce, their love making was slow and full of passion. Neither wanted to rush the moment. It was like that moment in time they were the only two people in the world and they wanted to cherish the moment. They caressed, explored and kissed every part of their bodies. Moving in a rhythm that seemed to say they're bodies were made to be join together forever. Savoring and relishing each movement as they fell into an escasty beyond their wildest fantasies. After they had finished making love, but before Max left her body they connected. This time when they felt the difference in Liz's body they both understood what they were feeling. It was their baby's presence reassuring them that it was fine and everything would be okay as long as it felt their love for each other.

As Max pulled away breaking the connection he said the only thing he could possibly say at that moment in time. "I love you."

Liz brought her hand up to caress his face with a gentle touch. "And I love you."

It was the knock at their bedroom door that brought them back to reality from their love making. "Max, it's Michael."

"We'll be out in just a minute Michael." Max answered the still closed door. His attention went immediately back to the woman that was still wrapped in his arms. Finally getting his composure back. "Liz, that was..... amazing!"

"I told you everything would be just fine with the baby. Now do you believe me?"

"Do you have to ask?" He leaned down and kissed her softly to reassure her he understood.

Liz pulled back slightly and reluctantly. "We should get dress before Michael gets impatient and walks in on us."

Knowing Michael's level of patience Max agreed and shifted off of her body. Both immediately felt the lose of the warmth the other gave them when in each other arms. They dressed quickly, but before they walked out the door Max wrapped his arms around her and embraced her in a warm loving hug. "I think it's time we share our news now that we know everything will be okay. Are you okay with that?"

"How do you think they will take our news?" Every step of their relationship seemed the need for Michael and Isabelle's approval. Liz loved their baby that was growing inside her by the day and didn't want the two of them to be disappointed by the news.

"At least they will understand why I lost so much control earlier with them. Maybe they won't think I'm a total nut case after all." Max joked.

"Well, at least now I know how to get your emotions calmed back to normal." She joked back and then reached up and kissed him once more before opening the door. "Let's go, hopefully dinner will be here soon. I'm starving!"

"I know what you mean. Who knew making love would make you soooo hungry."


With that they proceeded to the living area to inform the group of their news. "Look, I told you they were still alive in there." Michael chided.

Max just gave him a look that said back off now and turned to Isabelle. "Were you able to reach Alex or Maria."

"Yes, I spoke with Maria." Isabelle then went on to explain what was said and how she was able to bring Michael along with her.

"I hope you were nice to her Michael." Liz stated knowing how her best friend felt about him. She didn't want her to be hurt and felt obligated to see that Michael didn't hurt her anymore.

"Yes, mom, I was a good boy." Michael spoke with a small grin remembering his embrace with Maria. The look on Michael's face told her what she needed to know and dropped the subject.

Isabelle then told Max how she planned on trying to take Kyle with her after he and Tess got back from their next tour. She didn't think she needed to inform her brother that she was also planning on seeing Alex later herself. That she would keep from herself.

Max was surprised to say the least that Isabelle was able to take Michael with her dreamwalking, but he was happy. He knew Maria was the one person in the world that was able to penetrate Michael's wall. "I think that would be a good idea." He answered regarding his sister taking Kyle on the next trip. Even though he could trust the sheriff with his secret he knew how much Kyle meant to him and if the sheriff thought Kyle or Liz for that matter was in any danger he wouldn't hesitate to come looking for them.

Before Max and Liz had time to tell everyone their news, dinner was served to them. Liz hardly touched her food though. No one else seemed to really take note of this, except for Max. He knew for sure now that he had felt the presence of their baby she would be okay, but his protectiveness of Liz and his baby couldn't be stopped if he tried. He leaned over so only she could hear him and whispered. "What's wrong?"

Liz smiled at Max realizing he had noticed how she wasn't eating. "I'm not sure. I was really hungry, but nothing tastes right." At first she wasn't going to say anything that would cause him to be concerned. But, after only a moments hesitation she had replied the truth. They were in this together, so together they would figure things out.

Max initial thoughts were they had done something to her food. He immediately pushed her plate away from her. This action of course didn't go unnoticed by the rest of the group. "MAX! What is wrong with you today?" Isabelle screamed at her brother. He just wasn't acting like himself and she wanted some answers now.

Max wanted to explain his fears, but right now Liz and his baby were more important than him looking like he had lost his mind to his sister. Max then thought if they had done something to Liz's food they might have also done something to Kyle's food. "Kyle, stop eating." It was not a request, it was a command. Kyle froze with his fork half way to his mouth.

With that everyone stopped eating. "Okay Maxamillion, what the hell is going on now?" Michael snapped. He shared Isabelle's concern that Max just wasn't acting like himself and wanted an explanation now.

Liz also froze in place when Max shoved her plate away. She hadn't expected that reaction from him when she told him her food didn't taste right. When he had demanding Kyle to stop eating she couldn't help the fear that begun to grow inside her. Max sensed her fear and knew he had to quickly set things straight. "Does anyone's food taste strange in any way to them?"

All of them nodded in a negative response. Michael even interjected. "No actually it was tasting pretty good, just the right amount of the hot sauce. Do you think they did something to our food?"

"Not all of ours." With that statement from Max the rest of the group understood what he was trying to say. "Kyle, you sure your food taste okay to you?"

"Uh..yea. I mean mine doesn't have any hot sauce in it, but it doesn't have any strange taste to it if that's what your asking."

As soon as Kyle answered Liz realized what Max was thinking. She reached over and took a fork full of Max's food off of his plate and proceeded to eat it. Max was about to warn her that his food was full of the hot sauce when she almost started to purr. "I know why my food didn't taste right. Kyle it's okay, you can finish your dinner. Nothings wrong with the food."

Now all eyes were on Liz for answers to Max's recent behavior. "Liz, if you know what's going on with my idiot brother over there could you please just tell us before we all go insane."

Liz looked over at Max and gave him a sympathy look. Then she smiled, winked and stated matter of factly. "Oh that. Well, you see Max is just being a little over protective of me and the baby right now. My food didn't taste right because apparently the baby likes the same kind of food as it's daddy does." Then she took another fork full of food off of Max's plate and resumed eating.

Everyone's mouth dropped opened at Liz's statement. Everyone except for Max who started laughing. Here he was the suppose leader of his whole race and he was having trouble trying to figure out how to tell his best friend and sister how he had gotten his girlfriend pregnant. Then Liz just matter of factly spit it out as if it was nothing. When he got control of his laughter enough he reached over, took Liz's hand into his and with all the emotion he felt for her simply said. "Your amazing."

One by one the rest of the group let Liz's words sink into their minds. "Oh my God, your really pregnant Liz?" From Isabelle.

"Are you sure?" From Kyle.

"What were you thinking?" From Michael

"Are you okay?" From Tess

Max knew there would be an onslaught of questions from everyone and was about to start to answer them, but Liz beat him to it. "Yes, Isabelle, you are going to be an aunt. Kyle, we are more than sure. Even the doctor has confirmed it. Michael, we weren't thinking for a change. We were feeling instead. Max and I are both happy about this baby so we would hope you would be happy for us too. And Tess, thank you for asking and the answer to your question is Yes. Both the baby and I are fine. Any more questions or can I finish Max's dinner because I'm starving?" Once again reaching for his plate with her fork.

Max couldn't keep the smile off his face at that point if he tried. He was gleaming with pride and pushed his plate in front of Liz so she didn't have to reach for his food anymore. "I think Liz just about covered our news for the day. Which leads me to the next bit of business? Tess you don't need to have the tests done. We have our answers that we need. Nasedo knows about Liz. That's why he took her today. I know originally I suggested we stay for the next two weeks to find out more information, but Liz and I found out the information we wanted to gain ourselves so I say we get out of here."

"Not that I'm not ready to blow this popsicle stand but, what about the other aliens?" Michael asked.

"I want to trust the doc, but it's hard for me to trust anyone who went to such extremes to take us the way he did. We still have two weeks that we aren't expected back home so we could use that time to do some research of our own."

"Okay, what's the plan?" Tess inquired.

"We wait for the doc to come for the two of us to go on the third shift tour. I'm going to tell him we want to leave, but will keep in constant contact with him. Then we see what his reaction will be. If he let's us go we know we can trust him and if he doesn't then we use our powers and leave anyway."

Michael wasn't sure if he had just heard Max correctly or not. "Wait, you want to tell him our plan to leave?"

"No, Michael. I want to see if we can trust him or not. We're leaving either way, I just hope we can leave on terms that will allow us to be able to trust him in the future."

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