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"A New Breed"
Part 13
by Susan
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Upon their return Max held his hand up before anyone had a chance to speak. He immediately started his search for any surveillance equipment. He found the one in the kitchen and destroyed it quickly. The others all watched for about thirty seconds, after observing what Max was doing they too begun the search throughout their living quarters to make sure there were no more cameras in place. Once they were satisfied Max turned to Liz and told her to get some rest. Liz didn't argue, she was completely exhausted and knew she needed to get off her feet.

"Okay, now explain to me how Nasedo was able to come in here and take Liz without any of you knowing about it?" Max's voice was low, but they could all tell he was still upset with them as he looked at each of them one by one.

When they all began to speak at once Max stopped them "Enough, Michael I specifically instructed you to watch her. What if it had been Maria instead of Liz and I had fallen asleep, how would you feel?"

"I screwed up. Maxwell, your right there is no excuse." Michael stated still feeling ashamed. He knew Max was right. If the situation had been reversed he would have been pissed.

"Max, it wasn't Michael's fault. I was the one who left Liz alone to dreamwalk Alex and fill him in on what was going on here. I knew Michael and Kyle were both asleep, but I....I'm so sorry Max." Isabelle slumped down on the couch and put her head in her hands.

Max went to his sister and put his hand on her shoulder. He was slowly understanding what and how everything had happened. Even though he still was upset, he understood. "So what did Alex have to say?"

Isabelle could tell in that moment Max was forgiving her. "Well, I wasn't able to get through to Alex. But, I did get in touch with Maria."

"Maria...Is she okay?" At the mention of Maria's name Michael's head came up and Isabelle had his full attention.

"Yes, she's fine Michael." Then Isabelle went into details about what they were doing and how they had hooked up with Sheriff Valenti and Nasedo.

"So my dad knows I'm okay?" Kyle knew once his dad found out that he had been taken he would be worried. Ever since Max had healed him, Kyle finally realized how much he had meant to his dad.

As soon as Isabelle finished telling what she had found out. Tess informed the group of every detail she could remember regarding the facility. In fact, Max was totally impressed with how much detail she had remembered. She gave them room by room description, like she was walking them through the tour. After Tess told them everything the group then turned to Max.

It was then that Max told them how he could feel Liz's fear. How he had found her with Nasedo and about their conversation afterwards. He informed them that Nasedo would be close by if needed. He left out any details regarding Liz's condition. When Isabelle asked why he wanted to speak to the doctor. Max only replied in half truths and the other members of the pod squad all knew he was hiding something. "The doctor did ask if any of you would want the same tests ran on yourselves that he had done on Liz and myself."

"NO!" Isabelle stated firmly. She was not ready to have a baby at the age of 17 and she wanted the others to know and understand.

Max had already known what his sister would say. He looked toward Michael. "Why do they need to do the same tests on us that they did on the two of you. If it is possible for us to be with a human won't they find out about that from you guys?" Michael wanted answers himself, but if the circumstances were different maybe. Or to be more precise if a certain other blond was with them then maybe he would be more willing to have tests done.

Kyle was the next one to speak up. "Hey I don't need any tests run on me. I know all the equipment I have works just fine." The others in the room gave him a quick look. "What I mean is that I've had some experience before and everything worked just fine."

No one wanted to comment to his remark. Then Tess spoke up and surprised everyone. "I'll do it."

"What?" Kyle was taken back by her willingness to participate in these tests.

"Look, Max and Liz had the tests run and they were fine. But if they are the only ones to do it then we only find out half the answers. Since Isabelle doesn't want to do it, then that leaves me." Tess tried to explain. "You don't have to do this if you don't want to do this Tess." Max told her letting her know he would understand if she didn't have the tests run.

"Your right Max, I don't have to do anything. But, we all want to know don't we? Let's face it, we need to find out if it would work both ways...You know...Male alien/female human and female alien/male human. We have the opportunity to find out the answers that goes both ways and since I'm the only other female alien around, that leaves me to be the one to have to tests done."

Her words spoke the truth and Isabelle suddenly felt about two feet tall. Tess was willing to go through the tests just so they could get all the answers while she was only thinking about herself. "If you want Tess, I'll go with you so you won't be alone." She offered.

"Thank you Isabelle, I would like that very much."

Max then informed the group that once again he and Tess would be going on another tour when the third shift got there and again tomorrow for the second shift. Michael was the one who finally asked the question that was on everyone's mind. "How long are you planning on us staying here Max?"

"I was wondering when going home was going to come up. The way I see it is 1)We have our powers back so we can easily leave at any time and 2)Nasedo is here to back us up if the need arrives. So we can really go home any time we want. I just think there is opportunity here to find out a few more answers to some of our questions. It isn't necessary for us all to stay here, so any one that wants to go home just say the word and you'll be home." Max looked directly at Kyle as he said this last part knowing that the other aliens like him wanted the answers to the questions they had wondered for so long.

"You're not going to get rid of me that easy Max. I'm in for the long haul, I just hope my dad will understand and not try to bring the Calvary here to rescue us until you guys get the answers you're looking for." Kyle answered honestly.

"What about Liz?" Isabelle knew how protective Max was of her, but she wasn't sure if Liz should stay or not.

"She'll stay with me." Max stated firmly leaving no room for anyone to disagree with his statement.

"Okay so we stay and find out some answers. How long do you think it will take." Michael knew he had to stay for the answers, but just the idea of being taken and held against his will didn't settle to well with him.

"All I know is that we have about two more weeks before our parents think we should be home. That gives us two weeks to get as much information as possible and that's what I intend to inform the doc later." Max had already formed the plan in his mind and just now informed the rest of his party what he was intending all along. "Isabelle, why don't you let the other half of our party know what our intentions are and make sure the sheriff doesn't have a problem with that. Let them know we will take care of Kyle so he doesn't worry too much."

Kyle was about to say he could take care of himself, but then thought better of it. Max then excused himself to go check on Liz. As soon as he left Isabelle decided to do exactly what Max had instructed her to do, but then she turned to Michael. "Michael, I'm not sure if it's possible but would you like to say hi to Maria if I can do it."

"You think you could do that?"

"I think it's possible and I know she would like to see you. Just so she can see with her own eyes that you're okay."

"Uh..yeah..I guess we could try." Michael was dying to try. He wanted to speak to Maria so badly, but he didn't want everyone to know how much he missed her.

Isabelle then looked over at Kyle. "If this works we could try it with your dad to so he could see that you'll okay and he might be able to relax a little." Isabelle thought after she was done with everyone else's reunion then tonight she could try Alex again and maybe have a nice long reunion herself.

"I don't know, it doesn't hurt or anything does it?" Kyle was still trying to figure out all this alien crap out and wasn't sure about this dreamwalking process. Isabelle just smiled understanding what Kyle was thinking and shook her head NO.

Isabelle and Michael then left Kyle and Tess alone. "So you want to find out if you can have my baby huh?" Kyle joked with her.

"You wish!" She half joked back.

"Hey, I was only kidding. I know how important it is to find out as much information about yourselves as possible. I just wanted to let you know, I think what you're doing is really brave."

"Well, it might be brave, but it doesn't mean I'm not really nervous about having tests run on me." Tess admitted.

Kyle approached her and wrapped his arm around her waist. "You'll be fine. Do you want to watch a movie while we wait on Isabelle and Michael?"

"I would love to watch a movie with you Kyle. To bad we can't get ESPN on that TV. I could go for seeing a baseball game right now."

"You...Like sports!" Kyle was amazed, not only was she a beauty, but a beauty that liked sports.

"Yes, I like sports. What just because I'm a blond I'm not supposed to like sports." She couldn't help but giggle at him.

He crooked his arm for her to take, which she did and they walked over to the couch together. "A woman after my own heart." With that Tess slapped him playfully on the arm, then picked out a movie to watch and proceeded to snuggle up to Kyle and enjoy the movie.

Isabelle laid on her bed with Michael by her side. It didn't take long for her to form the connection with Maria and to her surprise it was pretty easy to bring Michael along for the ride. "Maria. It's me Isabelle."

"Oh Isabelle, thank God you finally got back to me. You left so suddenly last time Alex and I didn't know what to think. Are you guys okay? How is everyone? We have been so worried. What happen that you had to leave so quickly like that?" Maria had been waiting for what seemed like forever for Isabelle to get back in touch with her and the longer she waited the more worried she got.

Michael stood back and listened to Maria's ranting for a few minutes just smiling. He just loved how she could talk and talk and talk. Even though he would never admit that to anyone except himself. "Hey Maria, if you would be quiet for two seconds Isabelle could answer at least one of your questions."

The minute Maria heard Michael's voice she turned to him and ran into his arms, planting small kisses all over his face and neck. "Michael...Is that really you? Are you okay? I've been so worried about you. Isabelle said you were okay, but I couldn't help but be sick with worry about you." She said all this while still giving him kisses

Isabelle dropped to the background of Maria's mind trying to give the two of them as much privacy as she was able to without breaking the connection. "Maria, I'm fine." Michael finally got a chance to say two words, but didn't release his grasp on her. He then pulled back just slightly so he could look at her. "Let me look at you for a second." He then pulled her back and hugged her tightly. "I'm sorry that I pulled away from you the way I did."

Maria knew just how hard that was for Michael to admit. The smile that appeared on her face told him that he was forgiven. "Well, your forgiven this time spaceboy, but you better not try that crap again. Because you know I would kick your butt, and you know I am woman enough to do it too!"

Isabelle couldn't help but laugh at Maria's comment, which brought the two of them out from their own little world. Maria smiled toward her, thanking her for bringing Michael to see her so she could see for herself that he was really all right. "Okay, let's get down to business shall we. Do you guys know where you are yet?"

Michael and Isabelle went into detail explaining what had happened with Nasedo, Max and Liz. They also told Maria about what they knew about the facility from what Tess had told them from her tour with Max and DR Turner. They also informed her about the test that Max and Liz had agreed to take and how Tess was going to have the same tests run on herself. They then told her about the two week plan. Isabelle could tell time was running out and let the two of them know. She told Maria to let the sheriff know she would try to bring Kyle with her next so he could talk to his son. "Tell Alex I'll be by later to keep him company in his dreams okay."

"Don't worry Isabelle I'll let him know." Maria then turned back to Michael and hugged him one more time. "I don't know if I can let you go again."

"You don't have to let me go. I'll be back before you know it. Just take care of yourself. The doc seems to be pretty trust worthy, but I...."

"I know. It's hard for you to let anyone in. Take care of Liz for me okay." She was trying to be strong and didn't want the tears to escape her eyes in front of Michael, but they seemed to have a mind of their own and started to fall one at a time.

Michael brushed one of her tears away. "Max won't let anything happen to her. Don't worry about Liz, he would give his life to keep her safe. Just like I would for you."

"Michael!" His name came out in the slightest whisper from her lips.

Michael leaned forward and took her lips with his. Kissing her as if trying to make it last until the next time he could hold her and kiss her lips for real. The dream like status was fading now quickly as Isabelle's powers were starting to fade quickly. Maria didn't want to let go though and tried to hold on to Michael for just a minute longer. "Michael!!" She screamed as he continued to fade out.

"I love you Maria DeLuca, don't ever forget that." Was the last thing he said to her as he and Isabelle left her mind?

When she came out of the dream status, Alex and the sheriff were both sitting in front of her watching and waiting for information. "They're fine. Nasedo found them and is hanging close by in case he is needed. They want to stay for the next two weeks and see how much information they can find out about the other alien race." Maria then told the sheriff that Isabelle would try to bring Kyle with her after Max and Tess got back from their third shift tour. The sheriff seemed skeptical at first, but both Maria and Alex told him it would be fine. Then Maria turned to Alex "Isabelle said to tell you she hopes you have a pleasant dream tonight."

Alex laughed. "I got a feeling I'm going to bed early tonight, I'm so looking forward to my dream."

Back at the facility:

When Isabelle and Michael came out of the dreamwalk, they both laid there for a second. Isabelle because she was drained of energy and Michael was lost in thought of Maria. "Thank you Isabelle for taking me with you. I know it was hard on you to do that, but it did mean a lot to me. Thanks!"

"It meant a lot to her to Michael. She loves you, you know that don't you."

"Yea, I know. I don't know why sometimes, but I know she does." He replied honestly not understanding how he got so lucky to be loved by someone as special as Maria was. He completely understood how Liz could love Max so unconditionally. After all Max loved her just as much back unconditionally. Then he thought about it for a moment longer and realized himself, that was exactly how he felt about Maria. The smile that crept on his face was obvious to Isabelle she had done her good deed for the day.

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