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"A New Breed"
Part 12
by Susan
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DR Turner was astonished when no repercussions came immediately after informing the four teenagers of who had taken Liz. In fact the three aliens almost looked relieved to his admission. They had shown their initial shock with their words, but besides that nothing. He knew something was diffidently wrong and needed answers. "I don't think you all understand what I just told you. Agent Pierce of the FBI special unit took Liz. He'll use her to get to Max!"

Michael completed ignored the doctors statement, turning his attention to Tess and Isabelle he wondered out loud. "Why would he rescue Liz and leave us here?"

Isabelle had been thinking the exact same thing, but had no idea what the answer would be. "I don't know. You know it's not the first time his taken her."

Tess answered their question with the only thing she could think of at the moment. "Maybe he finally figured out what Liz truly means to Max. It might have taken him a little more time like it did me."

"Of course he knows how Max feels about Liz. How do you think he got Max to inform him of the orbs hiding place? He showed him a virtual reality picture of Liz Dead! I want to know what you meant by him rescuing her Michael? Or for that matter, when did Pierce take Liz before Isabelle?" The doctor had listened to they quietly, but then just too many statements didn't add up.

Michael realized his mistake when the doc started questioning them. "Look we need to concentrate on why he took her and more importantly where he took her. Not to mention Max. We need to figure out where he is."

The doctor knew at that moment how much he was in the dark about these so called teenagers. They knew so much about them, but at the same time they knew hardly anything at all. He wanted them all desperately to trust him, but he also knew gaining their trust was not something they gave easily. "Why don't we go check the tapes in the security room to see if we can find Max or Liz for that matter. All the hallways are monitored so if they are still in the facility we can locate their location."

Michael approached the doctor. "I'll go with you. Tess you stay here just in case they come back and Isabelle I think it's time you continued that nap. Maybe you could get back to that dream you were having before."

"Yea, I am still a bit tired." Isabelle responded knowing exactly what Michael was trying to tell her to do. Just as Michael and the doc were at the door to leave it opened. To all of their surprise Max walked in with Liz right at his side. Isabelle ran up to both of them before they even had a chance to speak. "Max? Liz? What happened?"

"We're both fine. Doc, we need to speak with you privately." Max stated firmly and noticing the urgent tone in Max's voice the doctor only nodded. Max then turned to Michael. "We'll talk later about what happened."

Michael knew by Max's tone when he spoke to him he was beyond upset with him. Max had specifically asked him to watch over Liz while he was gone and once again Michael had failed him. All he could do was nod and let his head drop feeling ashamed of his failure.

Isabelle tried to get some answers herself before Max left again. "Max wait. Aren't you even going to tell us what happened?"

"You want to know what happen. I left the most precious thing in my life in the care of people I thought I could trust. Only to find she had been taken against her will, I found her and brought her back. I hope that is enough explanation for you. Now we have something that needs to be discussed with the doc here that is rather important so if you don't mind we'll talk more later." Max's sarcasm and anger let everyone know just how disappointed he was in all of them.

Liz could feel the anger flow through Max's body. She also knew he wasn't just angry at his friends, but at himself for letting his control down. By doing so she had gotten pregnant prior to them finding out if she would be okay first and Max was blaming himself for that. Her voice was soft and soothing as she spoke. "Max, I'm fine."

As soon as she spoke Max's emotions began to calm down. "That's what we are going to find out. Doc, after you?" With that said Max, Liz and the doctor all left the others standing there stunned and speechless.

Max took the lead this time to the examination room that Liz and him had gone to earlier for their so called tests. He ushered both the doctor and Liz inside the room and closed the door and began speaking immediately. "Doc, have you gotten any of the test results back of Liz and me?"

Up until Max asked his question the doctor had no idea why Max had wanted to talk to him. Upon hearing his question relief flooded his whole body. "I have found out of few things, but not all the tests have been done."

"What have you found out so far?" This came from Liz who had been quiet since they had left the others. Max squeezed her hand while waiting for the doctor to answer her question.

"So far our tests have confirmed that Liz is capable of conceiving a child." Both Max and Liz gave each other a small smile for they had already known that. "We also had time to analyze your sperm Max. It appears to have the same energy cells that is in your saliva and your blood. But, other then the energy cells everything else appears normal. What we don't know is if your sperm's energy cells could infratrate a human woman's egg and conceive a child." Once again a knowing look was passed between Max and Liz.

"What I'm more concern with is if Liz was able to conceive my child would these energy cells cause her harm in anyway?" Max finally got to the point of the reason they were there without revealing to the doctor that Liz was already pregnant.

"I would have to run some more tests to determine the answer to that question. Without making either of you uncomfortable I would like to ask a few questions myself first." Both of the teenagers nodded their approval. "Now I know you two are close, so I am going to assume you have shared open mouth kisses correct."

"Correct." Max answered.

"Which means you have shared your saliva with each other and nothing has happened to Liz? But, then again the connection of a kiss is comparatively short term to a full term pregnancy. The connection of your energy cells inside a human's body for that amount of time would clearly be different. And assuming the baby would also contain the energy cells in it's body's blood stream may be something a human body might not be able to handle. That is why we need to finish the tests first before I could speculate any further."

"Liz?" Max was asking permission from her prior to continuing with the conversation. She nodded her head for him to continue since she knew he wouldn't be okay with their baby growing inside of her until he knew she would be okay. "Doc, the thing is, Liz...she's..."

"I'm pregnant." Liz finished the sentence that Max was clearly having difficulty finishing himself.

"Are you sure?" DR Turner asked, after all they had just ran the tests yesterday and he knew for a fact as of yesterday Liz was a virgin.

"Yes, we're sure." Max confirmed.

"But, that would mean conception was less than 24hours ago. How can you be so sure?"

"We're sure." Liz reconfirmed.

"I think we should get another blood sample from you Liz to have that confirmed. I'll also have a rush done on those test to make sure everything will be all right."

"Thank you doc." Max replied. The doctor nodded his head and proceeded to take a blood sample from Liz. Both Max and Liz decided to wait for the doctor while he ran his initial pregnancy test. The wait wasn't that long when the doctor came back to the examination room.

"I'm not sure how the two of you knew Liz was pregnant, but she diffidently is with child." The doctor stated and then continued. "I also wanted to see if a human's normal red blood cells could be combined with your blood energy cells Max to see if any problems occurred. Unfortunately we won't have the results of that test back until tomorrow."

Liz was sure she and the baby would be fine. She didn't know why she knew that, she just did. But, Max was worried sick about the fact that Liz's body possibly couldn't handle the foreign energy cells from his body fluids and could cause her to become ill or worst. "Can you tell if there has been any change to Liz's blood you drew from her yesterday and the blood you drew from her today?" Max asked hoping that maybe they could find out more answers.

"I really only had the time to due the pregnancy test and the combination blood test." The doctor confessed, now feeling inadequate as a scientist for not thinking of checking the differences in her blood himself.

Liz suddenly felt a little dizzy. The stress of the day was beginning to take it's toll on her and she just wanted to lie down for a few minutes. "Why don't we go back and wait. It's been a long day and I for one could use something to eat and a little R&R."

"Are you feeling okay?" Max's concern for her was in full gear.

"Max, I'm fine. Really. It's just been a loooong day, okay. Doc, when you get the test results back tomorrow let us know what you have found out. I'm sure Michael, Isabelle, Tess and Kyle have about a million questions for us to answer." Liz wanted to sit down for a minute but she knew Max's concern for her would go into overdrive. She then turned back to Max. "So you ready to answer a few questions?"

Max knew she had been through a lot today. He could feel how tired she was, but there was something else going on she wasn't telling him. "Why don't you give me a moment with the doc and then we'll go back okay?"

Liz nodded and stepped outside the examination room. As soon as the door was closed Max started. "Just to let you know I will be disabling any security systems that are set up in our living quarters as soon as I get back. I think it's time to trust each other." He motioned toward the door where Liz had just stepped out of and continued. "Now, more then ever."

"There is only one wide angled camera in the kitchen area. It covers the entire living area, but I did not have anything installed in the bedrooms or bathrooms. You can feel free to check those rooms out if you need to, but you're right now is the time to trust each other. I know you are concerned about Liz's condition. I don't know how you managed to get her away from Pierce as quickly as you did......"

"Pierce is not a problem. You will have to trust me on this one. We probably should take another tour when the third shift comes in. We'll get the second shift tour done tomorrow."

"If you would rather wait until tomorrow for both tours, I would understand."

"NO! We need to know we are all safe here, it's best to get all the associates that work at the facility checked out, the sooner the better."

"Max, I wanted to talk to you about the others before we go back. I know the decision you and Liz made, but what about the others. Would they at least be willing to go through the same tests I performed earlier with you and Liz?"

"Doc, I can't answer that question for them." He thought they may be willing to have the tests done, but as far as willing to have a child. He honestly didn't see that happening with the other four. "I know all of us have agreed to donate our blood regularly for now and that's all I can tell you at this time."

"I understand Max. Well, you have someone waiting patiently outside for you so I'll be by later after the third shift gets here and if you're still up to going then we'll take care of the third shift tonight."

With that said Max stepped out of the room and wrapped his arm around Liz's waist to walk with her back to their living quarters. As soon as they were out of sight the doctor pulled out his phone. "The Parker girl...Yes 24hours...Harding will be next....Hopefully 48hours.....If humans are adequate....We can pick up DeLuca and Whitman then....I understand....I'll fax you the test results....yes, first thing. With that he hung up the phone and smiled. He had accomplished so much in such a short time period, now all he had to get was Ms Harding and Mr. Valenti to do their part and he could reach the time goal that had been set up.

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