FanFic - Max/Liz
"A New Breed"
Part 11
by Susan
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Valenti Residence:

Alex came out of the sheriff's study to find Maria in a deep trance state. He sat across from her on the couch waiting patiently as he was pretty sure Isabelle was visiting her and he didn't want to interrupt. After a few minutes of sitting quietly Maria shouted. "Isabelle, Isabelle!"

Alex was immediately at her side. "What did she say? Are they still okay? Did she tell you where they were?" He asked question after question without giving Maria time to answer.

Finally she interrupted him. "Alex, slow down. Liz and Michael think I have trouble being quiet. I mean really."

"Okay, Okay, I guess I pulled a Deluca on that one. Just tell me what she told you, before I start again."

Maria proceeded to tell Alex everything Isabelle had told her word for word to the best she could remember.

Maria's day dream with Isabelle:

Maria could feel a presence in her mind and she immediately thought it was Isabelle. "Isabelle?"

"Hi Maria. I'm glad I was able to get through to you. I tried Alex, but his mind was to busy to let me get in." Isabelle stated with a touch of concern for Alex in her voice.

"Yeah, Alex has been working on your guy's location, via the sheriff's computer. So while he was working I took over waiting for you just to be sure you could get a hold of one of us."

"Well, I don't know how long I'll be able to stay so let me tell you what we know so far to keep you guys informed. To start with, we are all fine. They took Max and Liz in for some tests."

"Tests? What kind of tests? Are they okay?"

"Maria, just let me explain, please. I don't have much time. First of all the tests were at the request of Max and Liz. They are seeing if we are capable to breed with humans."


"Maria, PLEASE." Isabelle then wished she would have been able to get through to Alex. She knew she didn't have time for all this. "They aren't going to make us breed or anything like that. Well, not that I know of at this time at least. Max and Liz just wanted to find out if it was possible. Anyway the doctor took Max and Tess on a tour of the facility to make sure we are all safe here. It seems we are somewhere just outside of Roswell, but we still don't know exactly where yet."

"That's what they sheriff, Alex and Nasedo are trying to figure out right now." Maria informed her friend.

"Nasedo? When did you guys find him?" Isabelle questioned not sure when or how Nasedo came into the picture.

"Apparently he looked up the sheriff after he couldn't figure out where you and Max were. He already knew that Tess and Michael had been taken. He had one of those flashy things you guys get when he went to Tess's house and Michael's apartment. We met up with him here last night after you visited Alex."

"Has anyone had any luck figuring out where we are exactly?"

"No. I'm sorry, but don't give up on us we just got started. Nasedo left last night to find out from the FBI about this DR Turner, the sheriff went to his office this morning to find out what he could about abandoned government facilities around the area and Alex is checking out what he can find on the Internet. I'm basically the communication look out for you."

"Since I couldn't get a hold of Alex. Would you mind telling him HI from me. I'll get back with you guys after Max and Tess get back. Maybe we'll have more information for you guys to go on then okay."

"I'll make sure to tell Alex, HI. So how's Michael?" Maria had to know he his handling this.

"He missing you." Maria couldn't help the small grin that appeared on her face, which Isabelle noticed.

"What about Liz? She holding up okay?"

"Max is watching over her night and day. He won't let anything happen to her, don't worry."

"Night and Day? They aren't together, together are they?"

"I would diffidently say they are...."

End Dreamwalk

"So what about Max and Liz?" Alex asked.

"That's when all of a sudden Isabelle was just gone. I guess her connection was broken by something."

"Or someone." Alex stated.

"Do you think Liz would consider having a baby at our age with Max?" Maria inquired knowing full well Liz would do anything for Max, but she wasn't sure herself if Liz would go that far.

"It sounds to me Liz and Max are just trying to get some more information for the future. Liz has too many plans for her future. You know, Harvard, Microbiologist, that stuff to do anything that rash at this time." Alex replied not sure if he believed his own words or not.

"Yeah, but all those plans she had were all made prior to Max." Maria confirmed what they both were thinking.

"I know. Let's just wait to see if Isabelle will contact us back later. I came up with a few possible candidates that we should check out when the sheriff and Nasedo get back. Until then, I guess we are once again on the waiting team."

"I have I told you before how much I hate being on this team?" Maria whined.

"A few times." Stated a jokingly Alex, but he himself felt the same way.

In the living area:

DR Turner slowly walked back into the living area where the other four teenagers were waiting very impatiently about news of their other friends. Michael was upon him with angry bursting from his insides. "WHO TOOK HER?" He screamed wanting to know what had happened to Liz.

The doctor looked down to his hands for a second, knowing that what he was about to tell this group would not go without a strong reaction. "I just want you all to understand that I nor did any of my associates here knew this would happen." The doctor began.

Michael looked like he was ready to bounce if the doctor didn't start talking quicker. "You didn't know what was going to happen. We want to know right now! WHO TOOK LIZ?"

"We thought we had covered all of our tracks so well. I made sure of it myself personally when it came to the safety of you four. Even with Kyle and Liz. I just don't understand how he could have found us. I don't even know why he would just take Liz." The doctor was obvious just as stressed about Liz's disappearance as the rest of the group and was asking his questions out loud trying to figure it out himself.

Before Michael lost all control Isabelle grabbed his arm. She noticed the distress the doctor had in his voice and knew he was literally scared to tell them what he had found out. She tried to make her voice as soothing as possible. "Doc, please. Tell us who took Liz if you know. We might be able to help get her back." She finished trying to give him the courage to reveal the answer they all so desperately wanted.

DR Turner looked up from his hands and faced Isabelle. Very softly his voice began to tell them the answer they wanted. "Agent...Agent Pierce took Liz." He finally got out and then let out a deep sigh not knowing exactly how they would respond.

"OH MY GOD!!" Was the echo he heard from Tess, Michael and Isabelle?

Kyle on the other hand couldn't help himself with his response. "Is that some kind of joke?" Tess had been the one who had filled Kyle in on the switch that had taken place between the real Agent Pierce and Nasedo.

Another Room in the Facility:

Max pushed the door open with such force he didn't even know he had. His eyes quickly scanning the room. "YOU!" Was all that was said before he attacked. He rushed toward Nasedo with the anger still boiling in his veins from the fear that he had felt of Liz's and connected his fist into Nasedo's face. The force of the blow that came so quick flung Nasedo into the wall behind him, knocking him unconscious.

Liz was taken back by the force of anger she felt coming off of Max. But, in one-second his arms were around her and the gentleness of her Max could be felt throughout her whole body. "Max...I was so scared!" She sniffed out through her tears that had just begun to flow freely.

Max just held her tightly in his arms. He pulled back slightly just enough so he could look into her eyes. "I know how scared you felt. I could feel her fear. It's how I found you so quickly." He gave her a quick kiss and pulled back once again. "I told you before I wouldn't let you go again and I intend to keep my promise."

Liz was trying desperately to get her emotions under control. "What are we going to do about him?" She questioned while nodding in the direction where Nasedo still laid on the floor.

Max stepped away from Liz and grabbed Nasedo by his shirt collar. The anger was again apparent in his eyes as he lifted the shapeshifter up against the wall. "Wake Up!" Max shook him violently and restated. "I SAID WAKE UP!"

Nasedo's slowly shook open. It didn't take him long to recover from Max's previous blow and figure out what position his was in with his young leader. "You don't understand, I was helping her." He stated firmly.

"Helping her! Is that what you call that?" Max asked still holding Nasedo in his grasp.

Nasedo placed his hands on Max's. "Yes,. I know Max." He said in a very calm voice. Max didn't loosen his grip but gave him a questioning look asking without asking 'know what' waiting for Nasedo to continue. "I know about the baby."

Liz gasped while Max loosened his grip immediately stepping back to take Liz in his arms. "How? How could you know?" Max whispered his question, holding Liz closely letting her know he was not going to let anything happen to her or their baby.

Nasedo knew both his leader and his now mate had questions. "Let me explain. I came here to get the four of you out, but when I went into the room where you were all being kept I saw Liz. It was then that I felt the presence of your child in her. I knew at that moment the child's safety was the most important life to save so I took Liz."

"What do you mean you felt my child's presence? And if you were truly protecting her, then why was she scared to death?" Max's voice was starting to calm slightly, but Nasedo could still hear the anger in his voice.

Nasedo turned his attention to Liz. "I didn't mean to frighten you. I just needed to get you out quickly and knew I didn't have time to stop and explain my actions."

"I...I understand." Liz finally stuttered out trying hard for Max's sake to understand.

"Well, I don't. Liz has a huge heart and it is easier for her to understand, but this is the second time you have taken her against her will. I'm telling you right here and right now, if you ever take her again against her will. It will be the last thing you ever do. Do you understand me?" Max voice was calm, quiet, yet deep with emotion making Nasedo take the words he spoke very seriously.

"As your mate, she will have my protection as well as the four of you. If not more so due to the baby. You need not worry about my actions toward her from this day forward. I can assure you of that." The guardian of the pod squad stated then added. "It's time to get the three of you out of here."

Max seemed to hesitate for a second as if to think of what to do. "I can't leave Michael, Tess and Isabelle alone." He then turned Liz to face him. "I think you should go with Nasedo. I need you to be safe."

Now it was Liz's turn to use a firm voice. "NO! I am not leaving this place without you. We are in this together and if you stay. Then the baby and I stay."

"Liz look....." Max tried to explain to her how her and the babies safety was the most important thing to him, but Liz didn't even give him a chance to get it out before she interrupted.

"Max, we need you right now. Both the baby and I need you and if you're staying so are we. Besides if the doctor's fears are correct and the other alien race is here wouldn't it be safer to be here with you then home where we could be discovered. Think about it Max, if Nasedo could sense the babies presence. Who's to say they wouldn't be able to sense it also." Liz now tried to reason with Max hoping he would understand she wouldn't be able to leave without him.

"Liz is right. You two should not be separated right now Max. I'll get the two of you out of here now and come back for Isabelle, Michael and Tess later. They are still my responsibility." Nasedo stated reassuring Max he had no intention of leaving the other three here.

Max thought carefully about what both Liz and Nasedo had said, he also thought about everything he had learned from the doctor. He turned his attention to Nasedo without leaving Liz's side. "What makes you say Liz and I shouldn't be separated?"

"When a child is conceived on our home planet it is connected with both of it's parents. The baby will sense your absence if the two of you separate. With Liz being human..." Nasedo explained, but Max didn't give him the opportunity to continue.

"Are you saying the baby could harm Liz?"

"I don't know. Your blood energy is far from human. I just don't know if a normal human body can handle the difference that a baby would cause." Nasedo finished his explanation.

Liz could feel the guilt that was coursing through Max's body as Nasedo spoke. She placed her hand on his face, turning him to look directly at her. "Don't." She said simply.

"Liz, I am so sor..." Max began, but Liz didn't allow him to continue.

"I said don't. I'm fine. The baby is fine. Period! Now let's figure out what our next move is." With that stated neither Max nor Nasedo could argue further about the baby.

"The way I see it we have two choices here. We leave together or we stay here together. I feel the doctor is sincere in wanting to help us and it might be a good idea to have a real doctor around just in case...." Max couldn't bring himself to finish his sentence when Liz gave him a glare that said 'don't go there again.' "I think we should stay, but only if you agree."

It was Nasedo that voiced his objection. "Stay? You can't mean you are actually considering staying here?"

Max then went into detail what they had learned from the doctor and about the other alien race. After he was sure Nasedo understood why he had suggested they stay. He turned to Liz. "It's your choice. If you want to go home, we go home."

"Max, we are in this together. It's not just my choice, we have a baby on the way and it's safety is our first priority. As much as I want to say let's go home, I think we need to stay."

Max took one of Liz's hands into his and squeezed it. He then looked back to Nasedo. "You should leave though. It's best to have a back up plan should the need arise and you will be it. Isabelle will be in contact with you if your needed. I don't think I have to mention that plan may be needed at a moments notice."

"I understand. I'll be close if needed." At that point Nasedo left the two of them in the room alone.

As soon as Nasedo left Max gave himself the opportunity to pull away and look Liz over closely. Liz stood watching his inspection of her and started giggling. "Always my hero." She finally got out and then leaned up and brushed her lips to his. "I'm fine Max, please stop being such a worry wart."

"That is something I can promise will never happen. I will always worry about you and this baby's safety." With that He took her lips in a gently, but hungry kiss. He urged her mouth open to give him excess to explore and fill the need of her taste into his soul. Their passion was growing with need for more and both of them knew they wouldn't be able to stop at anything less then completeness. Breaking apart their kiss for the few seconds it took to remove each other's shirts, Max strained out. "God, what you do to me."

This time during their love making Max didn't need to form a connection. The connection was there already. As soon as they finished filling each other's souls and got redressed Max held his hand out for Liz. "Are you ready to face the others?"

"As long as your by my side." Liz confirmed.

"Always." Max reaffirmed.

The two walked out the door down the hallway embracing each other's hands toward the living area where the rest of their party was waiting.

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