FanFic - Max/Liz
"A New Arrival"
Part 2
by Giselle
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Summary: A new girl in town turns out to be an alien that could provide more answer's the the other's questions.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Jenna is sitting on a bench outside in the courtyard, going through some papers, when Isabel comes and walks up to her. "Morning" Isabel said. "Hey" Jenna replied. "Where ya headed?" she asked Isabel. "To my locker" Isabel answered. "Mind if I join you? I'm headed that way" "Come on" said Isabel. Jenna got up and they both walked inside a building and up to Isabel's locker. Isabel started to unlock her lock to the locker door. "So, how do you like West Roswell High?" Isabel asked. "It's a lot nicer than my old school." She answered. "Where did you live before, if you don't mind me asking?" "I used to live in the next town over, but I'm originally from Roswell." Jenna explained. Isabel finished turning the knob to her lock and unlocked it, then removing the lock and opened the door to her locker. "You're from here? What part?" Isabel asked as she pulled out a book from her locker and placed it in her bag. Just as Jenna was about to answer her question, she noticed the necklace Isabel was wearing around her neck, and the familiar symbol it had on it. "Hello?" Isabel said annoyed.

"What?" Jenna asked as she took her eyes off the necklace and looked at Isabel.

"What part are you from?" Isabel repeated as she took off the necklace and placed it in her locker than shut it and locked it with Jenna watching her every move carefully. "Um, I have to go. I'll see in lunch." she said as she walked off a bit shaken.

Max is sitting in geometry class watching Jenna from behind. Jenna leans back and turns her head a bit to the side so she can see Max in the corner of her eye as she says "Hi." He leans forward and says "Hi" "What are you doing?" she asked softly. "Watching you" he whispered. Just then a student walks in the room and hands a small piece of paper to the teacher at his desk, and then leaves. The teacher reads the paper and then says aloud, "Jenna Campbell, please report to the guidance counselor's office." She gets up and grabs her things and heads out the door as Liz looks back at Max and notices him watching Jenna.

Miss. Topolsky is sitting at her desk talking on the phone. "I suspect a new student could also be what we are looking for. She has the same background as your 3 subjects. I'm interviewing her today to get more information. I'll contact you when I know more." She hangs up the phone as she hears a knock at the door. "Come in" she calls out. Jenna comes walking in. She shuts the door and walks over to Topolsky's desk. "Hi Ms. Campbell. I'm your new guidance counselor, Miss. Topolsky. Take a seat please." Jenna sits down in a chair in front of her. "What is this all about?" Jenna asked. "Well, I like to get to know my students better, so I go through a complete interrogation with each and every one. So, if you don't mind, I'll be asking you some personal questions."

"No, not at all. Go ahead." Jenna answered. "Okay, it says in your file" she looks down at her vanilla colored folder, "that you were adopted. Would you like to tell me some background information on that?" "Well, I was found out near the highway when I was, like, 6 or 7 years old by a police officer. He sent me to an adoption agency in the next town over, and that's when my parents adopted me."

"Do you remember where you were found or how you got there?" "No" Jenna replied. Topolsky looked down at the files again. "It says here that you have a brother."

"Step-brother. My parents got divorced when I was 8. My mother got custody and we moved to the next town over while my dad moved to New York. My mother remarried last year to this businessman who was transferred here" "I'm sorry" Toplosky said. Just then, the lunch bell rang. "There's my exit cue" Jenna said as she stood up. "Well, thank you for answering my questions. I only wish we had more time." Topolsky said as she stood up and shook Jenna's hand. "Have a nice afternoon" she said as Jenna left.

Max, Isabel, and Michael are sitting outside in the courtyard eating lunch.

"Where is she?" Isabel asked herself aloud. "Who?" Max asked. "Jenna. She was supposed to meet me in lunch. You know, she's been acting a bit strange."

"Strange how?" Michael asked. "Well, this morning I asked what part of Roswell is she from and she like froze up and took off" "Wait a minute. She's from Roswell? I thought she was new here." Max asked. "Well, she said she was originally from Roswell, but lived in the next town over" Isabel explained. At that point, Michael got up and left. "Where is he going?" Isabel asked.

Jenna is walking in an empty indoor hallway. She is unaware of Michael, who is about 10 feet behind her. Watching her. She walks over to Isabel's locker. Michael hides behind a corner of a wall, peaking his head out a bit to see what she's doing. Jenna drops her things to the floor, and then looks to her right and then to her left. "What is she doing at Isabel's locker?" Michael asked himself in a whisper. Jenna then takes her index finger and places it directly in front of the knob to the lock, barely touching it. The knob to the lock begins to spin rapidly, then comes to a stop and unlocks. Jenna picks her bag off the floor and puts its strap around her shoulder. She removes the lock from the locker and opens the locker door. "Ouch." She cries as she cuts her finger on the edge of the locker door. She then looks all around her once again, seeing if the coast is clear. She then holds up her injured hand, and with the other, in a straightened position, places it above and in front of the injured hand, and slides it downward with out touching the other hand. She then brings her hand back up to its primary position and the wound was gone. Michael took a step back as his eyes widen and his facial expression turned to shock, and said "My god. She's one of us." Jenna reached inside Isabel's locker and removed the necklace from it and placed it in her bag, then shut the locker door and locked it again.

Lunch was over and Max had been searching the school for Michael since he had disappeared in lunch. He walked quickly down the halls looking everywhere to see if he could catch Michael before the last class of the day was about to begin. Liz spots Max from across the hallway and walks up to him. "Hey" she says innocently. "Have you seen Michael?" he asked her, worried. "No. Why?" Liz asked starring deep into his eyes. "He took off in lunch today and I need to talk to him" Max explained. "Um, Max, I know this is probably the wrong time to ask you this, but, I just wanted to know about you and that new g-" Liz was cut off by Michael's entrance. "Max, I have to talk to you" Michael said with an anxious yet impatient look on his face. "Uh, sure" Max says. They then walk off quickly leaving Liz behind.

Michael pulls Max into an empty dark classroom. And closes the door behind him. Michael looks all around the room to make sure it's safe. "What is it?" Max asked, concerned. "It's her. Jenna. She's one of us." Michael blurted out.

"What? No. That's absurd. " Max said. "Is it?" Michael asked. "I saw her. I saw her open Isabel's locker by spinning the lock with her finger. She healed her wound the same way we do. I'm telling you, it's her." Michael said, sure of himself. " Isabel's locker? Why would she break into Izie's locker? No, Michael, you probably think you saw her do those things. You're just so anxious to find out more about where we come from and who we are, that your mind is playing tricks on you." Max explained. "No," Michael said shaking his head. "Come on Max. Do you remember when we came out of the incubation pods? You said you saw numbers marked on them. Yours was number 1, Isabel's was number 3, and I remember seeing number 4 on mine. She's number 2, Max. It has to be her. What if she knows about our missing relative? She could have answers that we don't have or remember." Michael explained. "She would know us, feels what we're feeling." Max answered. "She probably doesn't know. Or maybe she's just scared." "But it can't be." Max said, afraid of what it could mean if it was true. "If it's not her. Then why did she break into Isabel's locker and steal the necklace?" Michael asked. "What did you say?" "She took the necklace. Maybe she knows more about it." Max lowered his head and closed his eyes. "I'm right, and you know it" "Well, we'd better make sure before we do anything." Max told him. "Leave that to me." Said Michael.

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