FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 1
by Denise
Disclaimer: All Roswell Characters and situations are all owned by the WB. Except I wish I owned Jason Behr.
Summary: Liz gets Abducted
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
I'm Liz Parker and you know how your life is back to being normal except for the fact of Michael, Max, and Isabelle being Aliens in my life. But there is a point when you think that your life can't change anymore but then something happens that brings people together or tears them apart. Your life can definely change in one minute when you least expect it.............

(Max and Liz on her rooftop looking at stars together)

Liz: The stars are really beautiful out tonight huh?(Max stepping close to her)

Max: Yeah there as beautiful as you. (Liz turns to Max and they look at eachother with those intense looks)

Music: I love you from a distance star. I couldn't reach that far. I can't believe how close that we are. (Backstreet Boys)

(Max Turns away) Max: Am sorry Liz I said we just have to be friends and look what am doing am making it harder on me and on you. (Liz getting nearer to Max)

Liz: well there is a way you can make us both happy Max. (Max turns to Liz)

Max: We can't you know how much i want to. It kills me sometimes with how much i want to hold you and be with you but we can't. I care more that your safe and you never will be if were together.

Liz: I don't care about the dangers i told you that before.

Max: Well, I do because i couldn't live with myself (Holds her face) if anything were to happen to you. I better go its getting late. (Looks into her eyes and then goes to the ladder) I'll see ya Liz (Goes down the ladder)

Liz: Bye Max

(The next day Liz is walking down the street to the Crashdown Cafe. And stops when she see's Michael)

Liz: Michael Hey

Michael: Hey Liz

Liz: So what have you been up to Michael? Your doing well right? Everysince you almost die a few months ago.

Michael: Yeah am doing fine Liz. You have ask me that 20 times since it happen.

Liz: Am sorry. I guess am just trying to say am sorry for being hesitant in saving your life. I feel really bad for feeling like that.

Michael: It's alright Liz i don't hate you. I already have enough girls hating me like Maria.

Liz: She doesn't hate you Michael. She really likes you and was upset that you didn't want to go further. But when you were sick she jump at the chance to help you.

Michael: I know i better go.

Liz: Wait, why don't you stop by the Crashdown.....Maria's Working.

Michael: Thanks Liz but i don't know what to say to her.

Liz: Hi alway works for most people. (Michael actually smiles at Liz. Then Looks up and see's two guys coming toward him and Liz. One of them Grabs Liz.)

Michael: Let her go....(But two guys grab him from behind and hit him over the head. Liz trys to scream but the guy puts his hand over her mouth and puts her in the backseat of a black car and drives away.)

(Max, Isabelle, and Maria at the crashdown. Maria is taking Max and Isabelle's order)

Maria: Okay what would you guys like to drink with that? (Michael comes Rushing in)

Michael: Guys

Maria: Michael whats wrong your head is bleeding. Let me go get some bandages. (Michael grabs Maria's hand)

Michael: Wait

Isabelle: Michael who did this to you?

Michael: (Looks at Max then the rest) These Guys hit me from behind......and toke Liz. (And then him and Max look at eachother again)

To be continued

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