FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Connection"
Part 9
by Susan
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Monday morning at school:

Alex walked down the hallway of their high school looking for Isabelle. Ever since the other night at the Crashdown Alex had been trying to come up with a solution. He knew Liz was still upset with everyone grilling her about where her and Max's relationship had gone and was she willing to go further just for information. He finally spotted her alone by her locker. "Hey Isabelle."

"Hi Alex, so what's up?"

"I've been doing a lot of thinking of ... well you know."

Isabelle's mind was also thinking. She had thought to ask Alex if he would mind trying to connect with her so she could find out more information. She knew he probably would be more willing to go further with her then Liz, since she knew how much he dreamed of her and after all he was a guy. But, still she felt the same way Liz did. She knew herself she wasn't ready for that kind of a relationship either. "So what are you thinking Alex?" She was a little nervous even asking him the question.

"Maria and I were discussing your guy's powers the other day and I was just wondering about this dreamwalking thing. How exactly does it work?"

Isabelle was taken back by Alex's knowledge of her ability to dreamwalk and thought if he only knew how often she had come into his dreams. "It's actually pretty easy." She then went into more details how the whole processed worked.

"Well, it is only a dream really though, right."

"Hey, I guess so, why?"

"Well, we all know Liz isn't quite ready for her and Max... uh... to do... uh you know. But, what if Max went into Liz's dream? I mean ... do you think the connection would still work?"

"Alex, your a genus! But, I'm not sure if my brother would be willing to try it. He doesn't really dreamwalk, he thinks it is an invasion of privacy, but hey we can ask him anyway. The worst he can so is no right."

They started to walk down the hallway together to find Max. "Hey Isabelle, have you ever entered into my dreams?"

"Let's talk later about that, right now we need to find Max and Liz, okay."

Lunchtime outside in the quad:

Neither Alex nor Isabelle had been able to talk to Max all morning. Isabelle seen Max sitting in their usual spot starting to eat lunch. "Hey Max."

"Oh hi" Max said with a sullen expression.

"I guess you and Liz haven't spoken since the other night?"

"When I saw her in biology today it was has if I wasn't even there. And when we accidentally touched hands reaching for the same glass beaker, she pulled away from me quick. Almost like she was afraid to touch me."

"Max, you know how much she feels for you, she just has a lot on her mind right now."

"I know your right, thanks Is. I guess I just needed someone else to tell me that."

"Listen, Alex came up with a brilliant idea that I think just might work." Isabelle began to explain the whole idea to her brother. Michael had walked up just in time to hear the plan himself.

"You know Maxwell, this plan just might work." Michael said.

"Listen you guys, I don't even know if Liz is talking to me let alone dreaming about me."

"Max, believe me she dreams about you all the time," Isabelle informed her brother.

"Is you know how I feel about you going into someone else's dreams. I can't believe you went into Liz's dreams." Max was obviously upset with his sister's confession and then suddenly needed to know more about Liz's dream. "So what exactly happened in her dreams."

"Oh now it's okay as long as I give you information." Isabelle half smiled at her brother. She knew he was just dying to know what she saw. "Look all I'll say is I don't think if you go to her in her dream and started to do something's, well let's just say she has already thought about it before."

Max was blushing hard when Maria, Alex and Liz walked up. "So who said what to Max to make him turn into a cherry?"

"Maria!" Liz said to her bestfriend for her last statement. Then she looked at Max and asked "Can I speak with you, in private?"

"Sure" Max got up and they walked off together.

"Max did Isabelle tell you about Alex's idea?"

"Yeah, but I didn't tell them I would. I'm not sure if it would work." He blushed again.

"I think we should try." Liz said in whisper almost so quiet Max wasn't sure if he heard her right.

"Liz are you sure you want to try what I think you want to try."

"Look I'm not saying we should.. you know, but I think we should at least try and see if we started something, would the visions still come to me if it was only in my dream. So what do you think, do you want to come into my dreams?"

Max was smiling sheepishly at Liz and finally said. "Well, since I'm always dreaming of you anyway, what's one more night."

Okay then it's a date, oh and Max I would appreciate if you wouldn't tell anyone yet. Let's just see if it will work first OK."

"It's between me and you Liz I promise." He took her hand in his and brought it up to his lips, kissing it gently.

"Max there is only thing I have to ask of you"

"Liz you know you can ask anything of me."

"Well, I have to count on you to be the one... I mean the one to have the strength to stop us. I seem to not be able to control myself when we are ... you know."

"Liz, don't worry, even if I have to take two or three ice cold showers, I won't let us go any further tonight then is really necessary, okay."

Liz started to giggle "Thank you, I know I can trust you with my body and soul."

They both went back over to where their friends were still eating lunch. Michael of course was the first one to ask, "So did you two decide to try it or not?"

"That's it, you have got to be the rudest person I have ever met, oh that's right your not a person." Maria said.

"Hey I'm just trying to..."

He was cut off by Max, "look Liz and I have discussed it and for right now we want to just wait for a while until we feel it is the right thing to do."

They all finished eating lunch, except for Liz she was lost in thought. She loved Max more then anything and his statement to everyone to keep her honor was just like Max. Until tonight she thought to herself.


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