FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Connection"
Part 10
by Susan
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That night Liz's bedroom:

Liz sat nervously on her bed. She knew she had better get to sleep, but sleep was the last thing on her mind. The what if's kept her from sleeping, what if Max can't come into my dream, what if the connection doesn't work, what if Max loses control too. Her mind was racing so fast she had lost all track of time. The moment her phone rang it brought her back from her thoughts. "Hello"

"Liz, it's Max are you okay?"

"I guess I'm having a little trouble getting to sleep."

"I'm sorry, if you would rather wait I completely understand."

"No, I think we need to at least try to see if works, Max."

"Are you sure, you're OK with me coming into her dream tonight.... I don't want to push you."

"Max I guess I just needed to hear your voice. Could you just talk to me for a little while longer. I'm starting to feel sleepy, just talk to me Max."

"I'm here Liz for as long as you need me. I was thinking maybe this weekend we could take another drive to the desert. I always like the way the wind blows your hair when you are riding next to me in the jeep." Max continued to talk into the phone just as Liz had requested. Not really saying anything, but just trying to keep Liz's mind from thinking about the so called "what ifs."


Liz was standing next to a bed. It wasn't her bedroom, but another bedroom somewhere Max didn't recognize. As Max surveyed the room he noticed a fire roaring in a fireplace that laid close to the bed itself. The room was filled with candles burning, but no electric lights were lit at all. It had all the essence of romance throughout the room. Soft music played on the high if system in the room. And then he noticed Liz, she was dressed in a red sleekly silk nightshirt. With a silk robe which didn't cover her much more. "I'm glad you were able to make it," was all she said to him as she reached her hand out for him.

Max knew himself this was going to be one great dream, but he stood off for a moment trying to make sure he kept his control enough to keep his promise to Liz. This was going to be harder for him then he originally thought. "Liz you are so beautiful," is what he heard his voice say.

Liz had dreamed this dream sequence many times before and in her dreams neither her nor Max were shy about their desires for one another. But, this dream was different. Max was different, he was more in control then in her other dreams. She reached for him, pulling him close to her. Max could feel his control slipping just being this close to her. Just looking at her made him feel aroused. Liz Parker wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt could get him aroused, but in this 'outfit' he was becoming totally lost in her. "Liz you know, you have me completely under your spell."

He reached her arms and they began to taste each others taste. Caressing each others bodies. Moving toward the bed. 'Oh god, I've lost my control' was what Max was thinking. Max swept Liz up into his arms and laid her on the bed, still kissing her passionately. He was on top of her, feeling her need for him to touch her. She felt his arousal against her once again. They kept exploring each other's bodies with their hands. Giving into their desires, their needs, their love.

Once they had fulfilled each other's fantasies. They laid in the dream world's bed holding each other. Watching the fire flickering in the fireplace content just be in each other's arms. Both knowing there was no need for words to be spoken. They had shared each others souls.

Next morning, Max laying in his bed:

As Max awoke he felt his heart beating faster then he had thought it could. 'How could I have betrayed Liz's trust like that,' he thought to himself. 'How am I ever going to face her knowing she was depending on me to be strong enough for both of us to stop our desires.' Max had tried to think why he was so out of control. Liz always drove him to the point of insanity when it came to his love for her, but last night something else seemed to be driving him to lose all his self control. He wanted to call Liz immediately and apologize, but he was so ashamed of himself.


Max looked around and was shocked, he knew that voice "Liz?"

"Max can you come to my house, I need to see you. Please Max."

Max looked down and noticed the phone was still laying on his bed. They had both fallen asleep while talking on the phone. He immediately picked it up, "I'll be right there." He hung up the phone and quickly got dressed. He had gotten ready and drove to Liz's house so quickly by the time he arrived he couldn't even remember getting dressed. All he knew Liz needed him and after last night he would be there for her no matter how much she hated him.

Liz saw Max pull up and ran out of her house quickly to meet him. "Come on, you drive, I'll show you the way," Liz stated to a very confused Max.

They seemed to drive for a long distance out of Roswell toward the desert. Max still didn't understand what Liz was doing let alone what she was thinking. Finally he spoke up. "Liz, I'm so sorry about last night."

"Pull over, please"

Max did as requested. Once they were on the side of the road he looked over at Liz who was staring deep into his eyes. "Max promise me here and now you will never ever be sorry about last night, I'm not."

"I have I told you lately that I love you Liz Parker."

"Well, not today you haven't," she joked. "Now come on we need to get going, it's still pretty far away."

"What, where are we going anyway?"

Liz understood, Max had no idea she had had another flash during their time together it had come completely clear to her as they both felt their climax together. "Max I saw what I was meant to see. Let's keep driving, you'll understand everything once we get there."

Max once again pulled his jeep back onto the highway driving them into the desert. He now understood why he had no control of himself the night before. He had no control because something else had made him lose control. He now understood Liz also understood this and he was amazed how she handled the whole situation. He didn't think his love for her could grow anymore, he was wrong.


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