FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Connection"
Part 8
by Susan
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Same night at the Crashdown:

Max and Liz had both agreed to tell their friends about the vision, but they would keep to themselves what they had done to achieve the vision. They walked into the Crashdown holding hands.

"Liz are you OK?" Maria asked as she ran up and hugged her best friend.

"I'm fine Maria."

Maria gave Max a - if you hurt my friend you'll have to deal with me look. Max looked down shyly. They both knew everyone was waiting for them to disclose if Liz was able to have another vision. Now that they arrived the scene was embarrassing for both of them. They went to the booth where Michael, Isabelle and Alex were sitting with anxious looks. Michael was the first one to inquire about any visions. "Well, how'd it go?"

Isabelle slid over and allowed Liz and Max to sit down in the booth. Liz started to explain about the woman she saw again and about the place that she was trying to show her, but how it was all very fuzzy and she really couldn't tell what it was exactly. "Liz how does the visions come.. I mean what makes them start," Isabelle inquired.

"Isabelle, you don't need details." Max stated.

Michael then had to put his two cents in, "Yes, Maxwell we do. I would like to know if any of us could try to connect with a human and get some information about our past." He turned is head in Maria's direction.

Maria noticed Michael's glance in her direction. "So now I guess you want to use and abuse me for information. Don't count on it spaceboy!"

"Hey I never even thought about you in that way," he lied.

"Michael, the how and the when the visions come to Liz are not really the point. The point is the vision itself. Someone, possible my mom is trying to show Liz something. Maybe she needs a human to contact us."

"Well, I'm differently a human." Liz was set back by the phrase Max had used.

"Liz, I didn't mean....

"It's okay Max, I understand"

"But Michael, we've kissed before and nothing like that has happened to me." Maria conversed. "So why would this happen to Liz and not me?"

They all looked to Max for the answer. Maria's questioned still hanging in the air. Michael: "That's a good point."

Isabelle: "Maybe our mom found a way to communicate to us and they are just now trying it out."

Liz: "I don't think that's it. I think it has to do with the connection Max made with me when he saved my life."

Michael: Or maybe it has to do with how far you have let your relationship go? I know this is a sensitive question (looking once again to Maria), but we need to know. Did you guys just kiss when the vision occurred?"

Liz blushed immediately. Max squeezed her hand tighter to let her know it was up to her to answer Michael's question. Liz: "Michael normally I would tell you, that what Max and I do in private is private, but I guess you have a right to know. No, Max and I weren't just kissing.

Max then started to tell them how the visions seem to take place when things started heating up between them. How when he would start to get excited is when the visions would come. The booth once again fell into silence.

Michael: "So when do you think you guys should try again?"

Max started to say something and Liz stopped him. Liz: "Look Michael if and when we decide to try it again, it will be up us. I think everyone at this table knows how this is a very personal decision for us and I mean it's our decision to make. This is not a group thing any more." Liz got up and headed toward the back room.

Max started to get up, but Maria stopped him "I'll go, I think you guys have done enough to her for one night."

Max: "Michael, I can't believe you said that to Liz. I told you from the start I was not going to use her and that still holds true. Do you understand me Michael?"

Michael realizing what Max and Liz were going to have to do to get the answers he wanted. He suddenly felt bad for what he had said. "I'm sorry Max I didn't mean to sound so heartless."

Isabelle and Alex had sat quietly up until this point. Then Alex spoke, "Max I have been friends with Liz most of my life and I know she isn't ready to take that kind step yet. I think you need to find another way."

Isabelle: I think Alex is right, it's like your trying to rush the course of nature. Yes, there is good reason to want to rush it, but at what cost are you willing to pay for those answers. After all we have waited this long, I can't see how alittle longer would be that big of a deal."

Max: Thanks, Is I'm glad you understand. Michael what about you?"

Michael: Max I don't want Liz hurt, you know that. I guess I could wait alittle longer.

Upstairs in Liz's bedroom:

Liz was sitting by her bedroom window looking up at the stars when Maria walked in. "Hey are you okay?"

"I'm fine Maria, I was just thinking."

"I can understand that, but listen soulful eyes or not no one has the right to ask this of you."

"Yes....He does, Maria"

"What do you mean, he does."

"Maria, he save my life and now I have the chance to help him find out about his. How do I have the right to say no?"

Maria hugged her bestfriend and knew she was going to have a very hard decision in front of her to make. "I'll be here for you no matter what you decide, OK."

"Thanks, that helps a little." Liz looked back up at the night sky full of stars and knew her decision was made for her already. It was beyond her control. The choice was not hers to make anymore, she would tell Max soon.


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