FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Connection"
Part 6
by Susan
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, they belong to the WB, I just borrowed them for a short period.
Summary: Takes place after "Blind Date".
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Liz makes a connection with Max.
They watched the sunset in the distance then turned to each other. Max leaned over to caress his lips softly on hers. "You know this is going to be so hard, trying to keep what little control I have left around you." With that he began to kiss Liz with all his feelings losing control. He deepened his kiss and stretched his tongue inside her mouth exploring with it at first then he found hers. Liz let out a cooing sound that made Max feel himself getting aroused.

Liz reached her arms around Max's neck. Slowly running her fingers through her hair. She didn't even notice her body beginning to slide down until she was laying on her back with Max leaning over her. He was still kissing her passionately. His hands went down from Liz's neck along her side. He had no way to control his needs when it came to the girl he had in his arms. He slid one hand behind her to pull her tightly to him, pressing her body into his and at the same time his other hand moved up her shirt. As he gently cupped her breast with his hand he raised his head to look into Liz's eyes. He needed her to confirm what he was doing was okay.

Liz looked into Max's eyes when he raised his head. He was touching her breast and something took over inside of her, she needed more. With her hand that was around his neck she pulled his head back down to hers. She didn't want to stop, something inside her wouldn't let her stop. Now their kisses were intensifing. Max was still massaging her breast. Feeling her nipple harden, which in turn made his erection stiffen to the point he wasn't able to hide it from her any longer.

The flash came flooding into Liz's mind when she felt Max's hardness against her leg. "I saw her," Liz suddenly exclaimed.

"What, saw who?"

"Max I think, no I'm sure I just saw your mother!"

Max sat up instantly trying to regain his control. Trying to understand why Liz would get a flash of his mother. "Are you sure?"

"Max she was beautiful." Tears formed in Liz's eyes as she tried to describe what she saw. "She looked a lot like Isabelle, long blond hair. She had your eyes Max. I would recognise them anywhere. She was pregnant and rubbing her stomach. She was looking at her stomach and then she looked up. A tear was running down her face and then it seemed like she smiled at me. That's all I seen when..well as soon as you stopped touching me...she was gone. Oh my god, Max it was amazing!"

Now it was Max's turn to have a tear in his eye. He wasn't sure what to think at this point. "We need to get home and let Is and Michael know what you saw." As He was helping Liz up, "Liz, I'm sorry if I went...I mean..."

"Max the only thing I would regret about being with you, is if you regret us again. I don't think I could handle that again."

"I promise never to hurt you again Liz." With that they climbed into the jeep and headed back to Roswell.

Back at the Evan's home:

Michael and Isabelle were sitting there stunned while Max was trying to explain what had transpired with Liz(without going into detail about them personally). Isabelle was too shook up to say anything. Michael had too many questions to keep quiet. "So I still don't get how Liz had the flash? Did she tell you what she saw last night?"

"Last night, what about last night?" Isabelle chimed in.

Max threw Michael a look to kill. "Liz came over last night," he started to explain the events of what happened in his bedroom.

"Oh my god," was all Isabelle could say.

Max, I think you need to see Liz ASAP and see what else she can find out."

"Michael I'm not going to use Liz just to see if she has another vision. I won't use her like that." Max snapped back a little louder then necessary.

"But Max, she could be the key to find out so many questions." Michael yelled back.

"Quiet you guys, I don't want mom to hear every word we're saying. Max I think Michael may be right, to some degree though."

"Isabelle, you were the one who told me I had no right to play with Liz's emotions. I will not use her, do you both understand me."

They all got very quiet when they heard the front door bell. "Oh Hello Liz," Mrs. Evans said as she opened the door.

"Hello Mrs. Evans, it's nice to see you again. This is my friend Maria. Is Max and Isabelle home?"

"They're in Max's room. Max, Isabelle, you have guests."

All three of the aliens walked down the hallway to greet their friends. Mrs. Evan's went back to her study.

"So how are you doing?" Max asked Liz with concern.

"I'm fine Max, so did you tell them," Liz gestured to Michael and Isabelle.


"Maria knows too."

"Okay okay we all know, now what do we do about it?"

Max threw another disapproving look in Michael's direction. "Michael" was all he said.

"Max it's OK, I understand Michael wants to know why this is happening to us...uh..well me. We all want to know what this means."

"Some of us are just a little more sensitive to the people around us then others are." Maria stated as she glared at Michael.

"Bite me," he snapped back.

"Okay you two, do we have to put you guys in separate corners." Isabelle joked.

"Look I might not be sensitive here, but is anyone else just as anxious as me to find out what else Liz can see?"

Now it was Liz's turn to speak up "I am".

Max turned quickly around to look directly into Liz's eyes. "Are you sure Liz, I don't want to hur.."

She stopped him in mid sentence. "Max I'm a big girl, I think I can handle a few kisses from my boyfriend. Maybe even a few more visions. So what do you say, you want to make out?" she laughed trying to make the room a little less tense.

They all laughed, even Michael. He admired Liz, how she was willing to help them in any way. God how he envied Max Evans. Then quickly Michael glanced over at Maria and just as quickly looked away wondering, what if.

Max took Liz's hand in his. "So you want to go fool around with me?"

Still giggling Liz nodded and they started to walk toward Max's bedroom. "No wait Max."

Max immediately stopped. Then noticed why she had stopped. Michael, Isabelle and even Maria were watching the two of them with eager eyes.

Maria was the first one to notice that they all weren't making this very easy on her bestfriend and Max. "Look why don't we go to the Crashdown and give these two some privacy."

"I'll tell mom were going out and you two can sneak back to Max's room. That way she won't bother you guys either." She walked into her mom's study and let her know they were all going out and would be home later.

Maria looked at Liz and said "Good luck, call me later."

Isabelle walked up to her brother and squeezed his arm.

Michael gave both Max and Liz a nod stating his approval.

With that the four friends were gone and Max and Liz were alone again. He took her hand and once again headed down the hallway.


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