FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Connection"
Part 5
by Susan
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, they belong to the WB, I just borrowed them for a short period.
Summary: Takes place after "Blind Date".
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Liz makes a connection with Max.
At the Crashdown:

This day is taking forever, thought Liz. Her shift ended at 3 o'clock and Max said he would pick her up afterwards. Maria was trying to keep the mood light by joking about anything except the alien trio. She could tell Liz was nervous about seeing Max. At 2:30 Maria told Liz she would finish up since the lunch rush was over and the restaurant had slowed down quite a bit. Liz thanked her and went upstairs to get ready.

At 3 o'clock sharp Max pulled up in front of the Crashdown. He still had no idea what he was going to say to Liz. He knew he had to make her understand it was still too dangerous for them to be together, but he couldn't hurt her again. His thoughts drifted of the night before in his bedroom, of her lips touching his so sweetly. The feel of her body laying underneath his...

"Hey Max."

Max thoughts were interrupted by Liz standing at the passenger side of his jeep. "Hey Liz, you want to go for a drive?"

Liz nodded and climbed into the jeep. She had felt nervous all day until she saw Max sitting in his jeep. Her fears were gone almost instantly and she new what she was going to tell him. It was time.

They drove out of town toward the desert in silence. Both stealing glances at each other, but neither saying anything yet. Max pulled the jeep of the main highway and followed a dirt road for quite a few miles. He stopped next to a group of boulders that rested up by the bottom of a foothill. He got out of the jeep, walked around the back, grabbed a blanket from the back seat and then held his hand out for Liz. She took his hand and followed him behind the group of rocks. They spread the blanket out and both sat down. Max was the first to speak, "Liz...I..."

Liz immediately stopped him by placing her finger gently on his mouth. "Max before we start, please connect with me and see what transpired last night. I want you to remember everything you said, we did and what we felt before we say anything."

Max was taken back by her request. He wasn't expecting this at all, but then realized she was right. He needed to know exactly what happened before he could say anything else. He put his hands gently on each side of Liz's face and mad the connection. He felt her pain of sorrow seeing him standing outside the restaurant after Doug had kissed her. He saw her shock when she walked into her bedroom and found him and Kyle standing there. He understood how she had tried to protect him from himself while he was under the influence of the alcohol. He felt her heart fill with joy when he touched the red heart shaped pattern and lit it up. He felt her excitement when he asked her to run away with him. He was her worry when he started doing his magic on the street. He could feel how happy she was when he told her she was his dream girl and how concern she was that he wouldn't want her when he remembered they were different. Then he felt how deeply she loved him when he kissed her on the stage at the concert.

Max broke the connection and while still holding Liz's face all he could do was lean down and kiss her gently. He pulled back slightly resting his forehead on hers. "God.. Liz, we really need to talk," was all he could say.

"I know, I just needed you to see, to know, to feel, what was inside of me." It was her turn to say what needed to be said. "Max I know how you feel about me and I'm pretty sure you know how I feel about you. I understand why you thought we needed to take a step back. You and I are different."

"Liz this is just as hard on me." Max interrupted.

Liz took his hand in hers "Max, please let me finish. Yes we are different, but something has happened between us that we can't control. I mean you can't control your feelings no matter how hard you try... They will always be there. Yes there is a danger and yes someday may come when we will have to say good-bye. But, Max until that day comes it is just too hard for both of us to try and pretend what we feel for each other doesn't exist."

"Liz, there are so many things we still don't know about me, Isabelle or Michael. We can't just act normal and hope nothing happens. Or if we do try to be together and the day comes when we need to go, I don't know...if we follow our hearts... I'm not sure I could leave you."

"If and when that day comes we will follow our hearts and they will help guide us to make those decisions then."

"Liz I can't put you in danger. Not to mention Isabelle and Michael. They need me to be strong, to watch out for them and I can't do that when I'm with you. Please try to understand that."

"That's the one thing I do understand more then you know. But, Max when we are not together you're mind isn't any clearer, because I know you still want and need me too. I'm not saying we should start this relationship over blindly. We both know the stakes and instead of pushing away from each other, we need to pull together. We need to find a way to keep our feet grounded and let nature take it's course at the same time."

Max looked deeply into Liz's eyes. His heart was beating rapidly as he listened to her words. What she had said rang so true to his heart it almost scared him.

As if sensing his fear Liz reached up and touched Max's face. "Please don't fear us, we will be OK. We will just have to deal with whatever comes our way, but deal with it together. I mean after what happen to Michael I now know I'm ready for anything."

The sun was starting to set over the horizon. Max put his arm around Liz's waist and pulled her tightly into to him. He stil wasn't sure he was going to keep his feet grounded but he was sure of his feelings for Liz. He loved her from afar for so many years. Now he was in love with her, down to her soul. "I love you Liz Parker," he whispered ever so softly in her ear.

"I love you too, Max Evans," she whispered back.


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