FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Connection"
Part 2
by Susan
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to the WB, I just borrowed them for a short time period.
Summary: My fanfic occurs immediately after "Blind Date," Liz makes a connection with Max.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Liz sat down on Max's bed. She was becoming unsure if she could find the strength within her to tell Max exactly what she needed to tell him.

As she sat down, Max turned slightly toward her. He now was on his side facing Liz.

Liz took a deep breath still watching Max, once again feeling her stomach turn with what felt like a million butterflies fluttering inside her. Then she heard him moan out only one word "Liz." His voice made all the butterflies float away like magic. It made Liz more determined then ever to make Max understand they were meant to be together.

She gently reached her hand to his face and let her heart guide her voice. "Max I know I shouldn't be at this time of night, but what I have to tell you just couldn't wait until morning. I needed to tell you it is OK. You don't have to worry anymore, whatever comes our way we will figure it out together. You don't have to fear us anymore. I will always be here for you. I believe in my heart this is right."

Instinctly Max reached his hand to her face. Gently touching her cheek. He was still in his dream state, but knew she was there and he needed to touch her. Needed to let her know he heard and understood her words, if only in his dreams. Liz longed for his touch, she hadn't even noticed Max had not opened his eyes. "Max" was all she could let her voice say.

Max brought his head up toward Liz. He leaned carefully in to her bringing his lips to hers. Gently caressing their lips together. His passion for her in this dream felt so real. He could hardly controll his urges that began to swell inside of him. The gentleness of his lips deepened until his passion for her was growing uncontrollable with the taste of Liz's lips on his own.

Liz moaned in excitement of his reaction to her words. She still expected him to be more on guard, more in control,but when he started kissing her more and more deeply she herself lost all control. Never in her life had she felt so much passion for anyone. She never wanted this moment to end. Her whole body envoloped in his kisses.

Max reached around her waist and pulled her tightly toward him. He then suddenly twisted their bodies to pull her underneath him. Liz found herself lying on Max's bed with Max on top of her. She could feel his passion for her growing as she felt his arousal stiffen on the inside of her leg.

He was still kissing her deeply and passionately. All Liz could do was melt in his arms. She pulled her arms lightly up his back to his shoulders. Wanting more and more of his touch, his lips, just wanting all of Max.

Their bodies began to move with the same passion they had with their kisses. Max's arms softly started to caress up and down Liz's back. He moved his lips from hers down to her neck. He needed to touch her, to kiss her, just wanting all of Liz.

They both knew their passion was intensifing more then they should have let it. But, neither wanted this moment to end, neither could have stopped their passion. It was to intense, it felt too right to stop what was happening to them. Then it happened...

The flash they both felt was full of electricity. As they were still embraced, kissing each other with all the intensity of their beings. Max saw inside Liz's soul, he saw her from the beginning of her life. All of her feelings were now his and this made his passion for her more greater then before if that was possible. At the same moment Liz saw inside Max's soul, she could hardly breath, but she found this experience to be so explosive she couldn't stop it. She wasn't only seeing into Max's soul, but she could feel all of his feelings, fears, and she saw back in time, from the beginning of his existence.

The loud thump from across the room was what brought both Max and Liz out of their passinate embrace. Max jerked around to the figure starting to pull itself off the floor. His senses still not together, then he felt her in his arms. The small lamp on his desk flipped on bringing light upon Max's room.

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