FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Connection"
Part 3
by Susan
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to the WB, I just borrowed them for a short time period.
Summary: My fanfic occurs immediately after "Blind Date," Liz makes a connection with Max.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Michael just stared at his best friend laying in his bed, with Liz. He felt alittle embrassed at first and then confused to what he had walked in on.

"Max, Liz, I'm sorry... I didn't know you were here" motioning toward Liz. He had no idea what Max was doing with Liz, here in Max's house, in Max's bed of all places.

Liz was still trying to compose herself from what had just happened between her and Max. She hadn't noticed Max's face yet. Max was is shock from what he now understood wasn't his dream, but what had happened between him and Liz was real.

The wave of embrassment hit him like a brick when he realized he let his passion take him where he knew it shouldn't have gone and then to top it off Michael had walked in on them, or more like dropped in on them.

When Liz finally looked up at Max all she saw was shock and disbelief in his face. She didn't understand why he was looking at her with a bewilderment look upon his face. Then she heard the words that frightned her more than life. "Liz you're really here... Oh Liz I am so sorry," he was saying.

Max's words started to sink in and the realization hit her hard. It was all a dream to him, he had no known knowledge that the bond that passed between them really happened until Michael had turned on the light. Now she understood why Max's guard was down, why he let himself lose control like that in their passion.

She suddenly felt awkward about where she was and what had just occurred. Not to mentioned the embaressment she felt having Michael looking at them in a very compromising position.

"I better get home," was all she could get out as she swung herself around Max and started to get up.

"Liz, I...let me take you home. It's late"

"No Max, it's okay you don't have to protect me, I'll be fine" She needed to get away quickly and she was too embarassed for Max to walk her home. Even though every ounce of her being wanted him too. She turned to Michael and just gave him a simple gesture with her eyes to say good-bye. He nodded back at her. Then she turned to Max to say something, but no words were spoken.

They looked into each other's eyes and knew that nothing needed to be said at least not now. Liz walked over to the window and started to climb out into the darkness of the night.

Max came up behind her feeling he should take her home. He wanted to pleaed with her to let him. He gently grabbed her shoulders. When he touched her he could feel Liz's embaressment of him thinking what had happened between them was only a dream to him. He knew he needed to let her go for now anyway. he would find her first thing tommorrow and they would need to talk, but for now as she turned to look at him, he looked deeply into her eyes and said "Tommorrow."

Liz moved slowly from his grasp and reached for the window. Max helped her out into the night air. "Bye Max" was all she said and with that she went into the night air. She didn't turn around to look at him. She needed to get home, she needed time to think about what she would say to Max when tommorrow comes.

"Bye Liz" Max said, mainly to himself.

Michael finally broke the silence of the night's air. "So what the heck happend here Maximillion? I thought you and the brunette were taking a step back. I mean you are lucky I had another fight with Hank and decided to come over or you might have done something I know you aren't ready for, not to mention Liz."

"Michael, I'm not really sure how it all started, I mean I was asleep and dreaming of being with Liz. The next thing I know you came in and Liz was really here. Michael something happened tonight when I was with Liz. I had a flash, no we had a flash together."

"What do you mean you had a flash together, Liz couldn't have had a flash she isn't one of us."

"I can't explain it myself, we connected together when things got pretty intense. I saw Liz from the beginning of her life. I mean it was kinda abstract, but... I just can't explain."

"Max, how do you know Liz had a flash too?"

"I can't be for sure, I just felt it at the sametime I had mine without actually seeing hers."

"Well if you saw the beginning of her life, maybe she saw the beginning to yours. You have to think what this could mean to all of us Max."

"It's late, let's get some sleep and we'll discuss it in the morning." Max turned out the light as Michael grabbed the bedroll in Max's room. His mind was racing with how the whole scene had unraveled. He was to filled with feelings to get any sleep. Emotions of Liz danced in his head. Once again he was in the park with Liz, holding her tightly.

Liz pulled her covers tightly around her needing their warmth. She was unsure of what had happened to her tonight. She was with Max, he was kissing her very intensely when she saw something. Just a few quick images at first and as their passion had intensefied so did the images. She could hear Maria's voice saying "when he touched you he saw into your soul, you don't know what will happen when you kiss a chekizavokian." She wanted to pick up the phone and call Maria immediately. Then she thought about what time it was and decided against it. "I'll have to call her first thing tommorrow."

She started thinking again about the images. At first the images made Liz feel uneasy. They were images of Max and they made her feel special, making her apart of Max's life. Which is all she really wanted anyway, so she wasn't frightened of the images. She was more confused by them then any thing. I'm sure he'll come by tommorrow to discuss what happened to us. This made her smile as she drifted off to sleep.


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