FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Connection"
Part 1
by Susan
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, they belong to the WB, I just borrowed them for a short time period.
Summary: My fanfic occurs immediately after "Blind Date," Liz makes a connection with Max.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
Dear Journal,

Tonight I have hurt the one person who means more to me then anyone else. Although Max was the one who wanted us to take a step back, I now know how much he is hurting by this arrangement. I just wish he would not fear his feelings he has for me, or the danger it may cause me. I want to be with Max, but I need him to realize the choice of being together is mine too.

Liz put away her jounal and sat quietly on her bed. Her thoughts scanning what had occurred ealier in the evening.

It was now almost midnight and she couldn't shake the need to see Max. To tell him it was OK, to tell him she wasn't afraid of the danger, to tell him she would be there for him no matter what, or just to tell him how she felt about him.

Liz had made up her mind she was going to talk to Max tonight. What she had to say couldn't wait til tommorrow, she had to see him tonight. She quietly slipped out of her house and ran down the road toward the Evan's home, toward Max.

Liz was just outside the Evan's house when she finally stopped to catch her breath, not to mention her thoughts. she hesitated briefly. "I'll say what comes to my heart when I see him", Liz said this to herself, but outloud. This was what her grandmother's advice anyway - to follow her heart.

Liz walked around the house till she came to Max's bedroom window. Her heart was beating rapidly. She was unsure if it was racing from practically running all the way here or was it racing from the anxiety she was feeling about getting ready to lay all her feelings on the table with Max. Either way there was no turning back for Liz, she had to follow her heart and the time was now.

She reached up to tap on his window, but when she touched it with her finger it popped open. This startled Liz for a second. Was Max expecting her, was he there to greet her? He wasn't, no one had been waiting for her.

She took a deep breath and slowly looked inside. All her anxieties vanished as she finally saw him, he was sound alseep in his bed. She stared momentarily at him, he was laying on his back. Dressed in a tank shirt and she could see only the tip of his boxer shorts as the sheet on his bed covered the rest. One of his legs was slightly pulled out from underneath the sheet. One arm was layed straight out and his other one was tucked up behind his head. He looked very peaceful as he slept with a slight smile on his face. Liz wondered what he was thinking at that very moment.

Max was dreaming the same dream he dreamt just about every night. Liz and him were at a park, sitting and starring into each other's eyes. He had his arm around her waist and pulled her tightly toward him. He leaned over and touched her face, slowing bringing his lips to hers, kissing Liz Parker. Everthing in his dream was normal. There was no reason to fear his feelings or need to think about any danger for his was a normal teenage boy in his dreams. He was there in the park with the girl he wanted to share his future with. Liz, the girl of his dreams.

Liz crept inside the window trying to be as quiet as possible. In silence she stepped over to the side of his bed, watching him sleep. He seemed almost happy in his thoughts. She felt a tingle rush inside as she saw his chest rise and fall. Just being this close to Max was almost enough for her. No, she wanted more, she needed more. She couln't wait another minute. She needed to tell him what she had come to tell him. It was time to open her heart to Max Evans.

End Part I

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