FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Connection"
Part 11
by Susan
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Same day at Roswell High:

Isabelle searched the hallways of her school searching for Michael. She soon found Alex. "Alex have you seen Max or Michael?"

Alex immediately noticed the worried look on Isabelle's face, "no, I haven't seen them. Isabelle didn't you see Max this morning?"

"He was gone before I even got up. We need to find out where they are."

Michael walked around the corner as she finished her last statement. "Where who is?" he asked.

"I have been looking everywhere for you and Max, is he with you?"

"Didn't you ride to school with him this morning?"

"No, he wasn't in his room this morning. I thought he might be with you Michael."

Maria saw her friends huddled together across the hallway. When she went to pick up Liz her father had told Maria that she had gotten a ride from Max earlier. She noticed the worried look on Isabelle's face and decided she should find out what's up. Even if that meant she would have to be near Michael. The thought of having to deal with him made her feel mad, bitter, angry and excited all at once. "Hey Alex, Isabelle, Dogbreath."

"Hey, it's always such a delight to see a creature such has yourself first thing in morning." Michael stated with a large dosage of sarcasm.

Isabelle rolled her eyes at both Michael and Maria. "We don't have time for these stupid head games you two. Then she looked directly at Maria, "You haven't seen Max anywhere have you Maria?"

"Liz's dad told me Max picked her up early this morning, they said they had a school project to finish before school started."

"He's with Liz?" Michael asked not really needing her answer.

"Isabelle, don't worry I'm sure they are here somewhere," Alex stated as he put his hand on her shoulder to reassure Max's sister everything was going to be okay.

"But I didn't see Max's jeep in the parking lot out." Isabelle said with worry still in her voice.

Michael now very serious, "Do you think they might be.. trying to find out so more information."

"Michael it's 9o'clock in the morning. I don't think they would be off doing something like that first thing in the morning." Maria stated.

"Hey I'm just saying their not here so maybe they are somewhere else, doing something else besides a school project." Michael snapped back. He didn't want Maria to know that sometimes he thought of her in that way first thing in the morning.

Alex decided he better break the two of them apart before they started swinging. "Well, we all agree they are more then likely together and I'm sure they will let us all know if they come up with any more information" The bell rings for first period. "For now let's just go to class. Isabelle are you going to be all right?"

"Yeah, thanks Alex." She squeezed his arm slightly to show she really did appreciate him. With that they all agreed to meet for lunch in the quad. Each hoping that Max and Liz would show up by then and let them know what happened.

Driving down an old desert road:

Liz kept instructing Max exactly where to drive his jeep. Finally they drove up to a small hillside that was covered with rocks. There they saw a large bolder in the middle of the hillside. "Here, stop here."

As soon as Max stopped the jeep, he sensed something was there. He wasn't sure where exactly, but he knew it was important to him and it was close.

Liz jumped out of the jeep and went straight to the large rock that sat next to the hillside. "Max this is it!" she exclaimed excitedly. "We need to move this bolder out of the way."

Max went up to the bolder and started to touch it...The flash came instantly to him. He saw a rock similar to the rocks River Dog had given to them at the cave only it was a larger version. Max looked around cautiously to make sure he and Liz were alone. Then using his powers he moved the large bolder using only one hand.

"Showing off are we? Liz said laughing.

Max gave her a small smile and then notice a small cave hidden behind the bolder he had just moved. They both started to move slowly inside when Max stopped Liz. "I think you should wait out here. I want to make sure it's safe first."

Liz was a little set back and finally said "Max, we are in this thing together. Stop worry about me, I'm fine."

They walked inside and as they passed the barrier of the large bolder it suddenly moved back into it's original position trapping them both inside. "Max," Liz screamed.

Max immediately made light from the ground with one hand and took her hand with his other hand. They turned and surveyed the cave. Max saw three stones each sitting on their own pedestal. He immediately went to the first stone knowing that was the stone he had previously seen when he touched the bolder outside. As he touched the stone the cave lit up all around them. A woman appeared almost instantly to them. It was like watching a picture coming to life.

"Hello my son," she began. "My name is Aoria. Within this energy orb from our home planet of 'Draken' I have stored as much information about your home as it would hold." She explained how their home planet's natural resources had been exhausted and they were forced to seek a new planet that would sustain their life force. She continued to explain in which galaxy 'Draken' was located. How his father and mother were on ship that had decided to come to the planet 3rd from the sun in this galaxy. That it's resources and air quality was similar to 'Draken.' Then she waved her hand and showed pictures of his home planet to him. The scenery was very similar to earth, but the buildings looked like something from a future setting of a science fiction movie.

Max could feel a tear fall from his eyes. Liz amazed at how the pictures were all life like also had tears in her eyes. She reached her arm up Max to let him know what she was feeling.

When 'Aoria' finished showing them all the pictures the orb had to show them she again spoke. "If you have found this orb, this means you have found your human mate. You are by now aware of your connection to each other, my son you should have felt it from this human the first time you saw her. You will feel each others happiness and sadness. Trust each other completely for your lives will depend on each other for as long as you live. I have also left similar messages for both your sister and brother, but they will be unable to cross the bolder barrier without their human mate. I will always love you my son. Good-bye," and then she was gone.

The bolder immediately moved to allow them to step out. Max pulled Liz to him tightly, hugging her tightly he simply whispered "I always knew it was you."

The End

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