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"Trip to Roswell"
Part 7
by Amanda
Disclaimer: I don't own Angel's characters, Roswell's characters, or Charmed's characters.
Summary: Cordy and Phoebe both see the Roswell gang in trouble, so Cordelia, Angel, Phoebe, Pure, and Piper head down to Roswell.
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG-13
She wasn't sure how to react.

First, they were all hit with the fact that they were in serious danger. 'Bet it has something to do with that blonde,' Liz thought, unable to get her out of her thoughts.

After that news, Cordelia intoduced herself and explained, in painfully clear details, about her.

"That explains it," Liz heard Isabel mutter, "it must have been hers."

Looking at the other table, Liz saw the three women frozen in shock. Deciding quickly that this won't be a matter for these people, Liz turned to them.

"Sorry, ladies. It's closing time. Why don't you come back tomorrow?" Liz asked.

They just stared at Cordelia.

The youngest looking one said, "You're lying."

Everyone turned and looked at her.

"You couldn't have dreamt that. I dreamt that, that's why we are here," she finished.

They each told their names and explained their part of the story.

Angel took a step towards them and did something unexpected. He sniffed. Then Angel sighed.

"What is it? Can we trust them?" Cordelia asked, as if there wasn't anything unusually about going up and sniffing someone.

"Yeah. Witches, but I smell real positive power," Angel repiled.

"Um... I hate to break this to you, but there is no such thing as witches," Michael said with a slight laugh.

"Do you really want to know what does and doesn't exist? Especially in this room?" Angel asked, glaring at him.

Kyle looked down and didn't say anything else.

"Why don't we walk you to wherever you guys live," Liz said, looking at herselfin the mirror to try to prepare herself for what was about to come. All she saw were ten from the restaurant. Wait, ten? What happened to Angel?

Liz spun around and found the blonde from the other night, Mike the mailman, and a small army of vampires.

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