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"Trip to Roswell"
Part 6
by Amanda
Disclaimer: I don't own Angel's characters, Roswell's characters, or Charmed's characters.
Summary: Cordy and Phoebe both see the Roswell gang in trouble, so Cordelia, Angel, Phoebe, Pure, and Piper head down to Roswell.
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG-13
"Hi. I am Maria, is there anything I could get you guys?"

Angel looked up at the sound of the voice. The girl who identified herself as Maria looked a lot like one of the girls described from her vision. Angel similed.

"Hi. I would like an alienated burger. Oh, and tell the cook to make it as rare as possible." Angel finished nonchalantly.

Maria gave a reflected look of disgust but quickly got over it and asked Cordelia, "How 'bout you?"

"Nothing," Cordelia responded without looking up.

"Ok. So we have one really rare alienated burger and one nothing. I'll be right back with your orders," Maria rolled her eyes and left.

When Maria was out of earshot Cordelia turned to Angel and asked, "What about whatever scared them? Do you think we could beat it?"

Angel nodded. He could sense Cordelia's fear and that scared him more than anything.

"Don't worry, it'll be a peice of cake," Angel said.

The Crashdown was a weird place to be right before closing.

There were only people left at two tables and five stools. Paranoia was high and everyone was staring at everyone else.

The table with Angel and Cordelia was staring at the table with the Charmed sisters the most. Knowing that they could be the ones to harm the Roswell teens, they kept a close watch on them and looked at the others from time to time to see if they were alright.

The table with the Charmed sisters was staring at the table with Angel and Cordelia the most. They knew that those two could be the ones who were hurting the eight from Roswell. But they still kept looking at the others to see if they were still safe.

The five in the stools- Kyle, Isabel, Max, Tess, and Alex- were staring at both tables. Remembering Isabel seeing them get hurt, they were very suspiscious of these two groups of people.

The only three people left were Michael, Maria, and Liz and they just stared at everyone feeling the obvious tension.

"Does someone wanna tell us what's going on here?" Michael asked looking around. He was tired of the silence and the stares.

At first there was a just silence.

Then Angel stood up slowly. He looked around before starting, "There's something you should know, and it isn't going to be easy to hear..."

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