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"Trip to Roswell"
Part 8
by Amanda
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"This isn't happening," Maria stated, her voice flat. "Yes, it is," Angel corrected stared at the blonde. "Come on, Angelus. You know, deep down inside, you want to come back with us. Maybe we could have another go at losing that pesky sole of yours?" Darla licked her lips. "You've got to be kidding me! How could you do this Angel? Again?" Cordelia was yelling at Angel. What was going on? Vampires? The blonde knowing Angel, he was supposed to be good! And what was that about the sole? Liz didn't know what to think.

"Darla, I'll give you one chance to take your followers and leave. You remember what I said before I left," Angel's eyes hadn't left Darla's.

"Something about you killing me next time you saw me. Honestly, I wasn't paying the most attention," Darla answered with a wave of her hand. "What the hell is going on here?" Kyle's shaky voice spoke Liz's thoughts.

"Angelus is being a pain," Darla said with a sigh.

As if on cue, all the vampires but Darla all took a step forward. Angel took a step towards them and then, following the others example, the Charmed sisters took a step forward.

Then everything happened at once. Liz couldn't be sure who had started fighting first but suddenly there were punchs and kicks everywhere. Angel was taking on three at a time while Cordelia and Phoebe were busy with another. Mike, the last vampire, was being corned by Prue and Piper. It occurred to Liz that something wasn't right. More than just the fact that vampires were attacking her and her alien friends and witches were helping them.

Angel. There was something unusal about him. He could handle three vampires while groups of two could barely control one?

Liz watched with horror as she found what why. Angel's face became distorted and fangs grew out of no where. If Liz didn't know any better she would have thought he just got bit. However, he super-strength let her see the truth.

"He's a vampire!" Liz screamed pointing at Angel.

Everyone at Roswell took a step back, shocked and horrified.

If the situation wasn't so dangerous and deadly, Angel might have laughed. The look they had was the one Cordelia had described.

At wasn't that they couldn't handle the danger of Darla, they were scared of Angel.

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