FanFic - Crossovers
"Trip to Roswell"
Part 3
by Amanda
Disclaimer: I don't own Angel's characters, Roswell's characters, or Charmed's characters.
Summary: Cordy and Phoebe both see the Roswell gang in trouble, so Cordelia, Angel, Phoebe, Pure, and Piper head down to Roswell.
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG-13
"Are we there yet?" came the same voice from the back seat that had asked the same question at least 20 times in the last 10 minutes.

Prue sighed and turned in the rearview mirror to look at her youngest sister.

"No, Phoebe, we are not there yet. Why don't you try and go to sleep or something?" Prue suggested, trying her best to be patient.

"Easy for you to say. It wasn't you who saw the look on those teenagers faces." Phoebe muttered.

Piper turned from her sit next to Prue to warn Phoebe about manners but noticed her sister was already asleep.

"Cordelia? Cordelia? Cordelia!" Angel shook her from the drivers sit.

"Wha... what?" Cordelia asked when she woke up.

"What's wrong? You were screaming in your sleep," Angel gave Cordelia a worried look.

"Oh, I guess I had a bad dream or something." Cordelia shrugged pretending she didn't remember.

The truth was she remembered every detail. It was the same teens from Roswell. They were outside that cafe again. Only this time Cordelia could feel what they were feeling.

Cordelia knew it was crazy so didn't say anything. But she had felt the terror and the shock as if she herself had experienced it.

"Hey, doesn't this thing go any faster?"

"Phoebe, what is it?" Piper asked again.

"I told you, nothing. Let's just get to Roswell as quickly as possible." Phoebe unsteadly answered, her mind back on the detailed dream.

"Hi, guys. What are we talking about?" Isabell asked taking the seat next to Max in the Crashdown Cafe.

Looking at Isabell's blond hair reminded Liz of the stange women from last night.

"Hey, did any of you guys notice a women with blond hair?" Liz asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

Both Isabell and Max gave her a strange look before exchanging disbelieving glances.

'Maybe they saw her too. Maybe they noticed something didn't seem right. Maybe...'

"They are lots of women with blond hair. You don't think you could be more, oh I don't no, speific?" Isabell asked when it seemed like Liz wasn't going to continue.

"What she means is, did you see anyone suspicious? Anyone we should know about?" Max asked leaning towards Liz. His face looked worried and he lowed his voice when he asked the last question, meaning he thought it was about aliens.

"Nah, it was nothing. Don't worry about it. Probably just someones aunt or something." Liz quickly covered up, feeling bad about worrying them and gulity for jumping to conclusions.

"Or you sure?" Max questioned.

"Yeah. I gotta go wait tables, don't worry about it. Catch you guys later." Liz rushed.

Even though she menaged to convince Isabell and Max, she couldn't shake the feeling something wasn't right about the women with blond hair.

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