FanFic - Crossovers
"Trip to Roswell"
Part 2
by Amanda
Disclaimer: I don't own Angel's characters, Roswell's characters, or Charmed's characters.
Summary: Cordy and Phoebe both see the Roswell gang in trouble, so Cordelia, Angel, Phoebe, Pure, and Piper head down to Roswell.
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG-13
Liz continued to stare at her evil text book. Finally she let at a groan.

"It isn't fair, I don't need to know this stuff. It isn't like when I am running from the FBI or fighting alien hunters, I'll stop and recite the preamble!" she sighed.

Liz looked down at the night below her. From her balcony she could see a good portion of the town.

"Who is that?" she muttered when she saw a women with blond hair.

The women was talking to Mike the mailman. The one everyone had thought to be sick when he didn't show up yesterday and this morning for work. But what stuck Liz as really weird, was that in a small town like Roswell she should have heard about a women coming to town.

"Oh, well. It isn't any of my business. Now stop stalling and finish memorizing the preamble."

"Do you think she saw us?" The question wasn't asked from fear, even though it would only hurt matters if the answer was yes, but from excitement.

"I really don't know, Master," Mike answered with sorrow.

Mike knew he didn't want to get on his sire's bad side. He heard her brag about gruesome things she had done in her past that made even him sick to think about.

"Who would have thought that the alien capital of the world actually had aliens? After we watch the human some more, we'll see what those aliens are made of."

She thought back to when she would have been doing something like this with him. The one she should be with now. 'No big deal he'll get what he deserves in time,' she thought

Darla smiled.

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