FanFic - Alex/Isabel
Part 8
by John
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Summary: "The Balance Statements" is a sequel to the Roswell E-Mail series. It may make more sense in the long run if you've read it.
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(Be prepared…the Boy Scout slogan has been adopted by the We Six , plus two. They think now that Mrs. Oldman will not be a problem. They've done their homework…or have they? Isabel and Max are at home. It's the morning of the day they've been worrying about)

Max: Iz…did you take a little walk last night?

Isabel: I tried…I stared at the picture…all I ever got from her was this awful darkness. I couldn't read anything except pain and despair. Finally I couldn't stand the empty, hopeless feelings anymore.

Max: I can't begin to speculate on what that might mean.

Isabel: I've never experienced anything like that before. I don't know what to think. I expected to find a feeling of excitement or something a bit diabolical maybe...but that's not what I read. It was scary to say the least.

Max: Are you OK now?

Isabel: I think so. I couldn't sleep after that experience. I tried to think of more pleasant things to calm me. I thought about Alex...and we connected. He said he was having trouble sleeping too. He calmed me a lot with his love and confidence.

Max: I can't get used to him having the power to connect with us. I probably should have discouraged him at the re-balancing.

Isabel: I'm glad he can do it…somehow, it makes me feel just a little less unique. He confided a while ago that hoping to connect with me was the reason he balanced the way he did.

Max: His theory that our power that way is just an amplified version of one that exists among some humans is interesting. He was sure miserable when he couldn't control it…right after we balanced Michael the first time.

Isabel: I've been wondering, if we knew how to do it, if we could share any of our other powers with our friends via a re-balance.

Max: I don't think so…Alex had a natural tendency towards that. I think the re-balance just acted like a volume control for something he already had. I just keep forgetting he can do it.

Isabel: Me too…he keeps surprising me…but I don't care.

Max: You're really beginning to like him aren't you?

Isabel: Yes! He loves me for what I am…not what everyone thinks I am.

Max: That's great for you...he's a good man. (Pause) I'm going to go get some breakfast…want me to bring you some?

Isabel: I'm not that shook up. I'll come down too…although when Mrs. Oldman comes… I think I'd rather be anywhere but home.

Max: You don't think dad might want you to come see her?

Isabel: He said no…I've just got to trust him on this one. This is really different…we're not used to trusting an adult so much on anything…but I don't see that any of us can do anything more to help him. With this situation, the law makes it his role.

Max: He won't let this go very far, Isabel.

Isabel: I know! I know! Will you take me to the Crashdown after breakfast? Maybe I'll volunteer to help Liz and Maria or something.

(Meanwhile…Michael and Alex want to do something…so they've set out to find Mrs. Oldman's car; Alex having retrieved her license plate number. They know she is coming to town today…they're assuming she may seek directions or check into a hotel before talking to the Evans.)

Alex: There may not have any point in finding her. What are we going to do, kidnap her?

Michael: Maybe I could perform an abduction.

Alex: Sounds like something I'd say, if I were you.

Michael: You're influencing everyone I'm afraid. I can't just sit and do nothing…I still have a bad feeling about this. I'd like to know if she's alone or has her relative with her.

Alex: Where shall we start?

Michael: Let's watch the park. It has that big encased map of the city. She might stop there to find Glad Street.

Alex: Good an idea as about we get a gut bomb on the way over there?

Michael: Huh?

Alex: You know…like food.

Michael: Oh…a gut bomb! OK…it is a little hungry out!

(They head to the park.)

Alex: So, what if we find her?

Michael: I'd like to know where she's staying. If she gets frustrated…if Phil Evans shuts her down… she might start telling people what she knows. Maybe we can head her off.

Alex: What do you think she knows.

Michael: Our secret, I'm afraid...Maybe just Max.

Alex: But it's Isabel she's after.

Michael: That's just a way to Max…I feel it.

Alex: I'm not convinced…I've got a gut feeling it's something else.

Michael: It's probably just one to many gut bombs.

Alex: Good one, Michael!

Michael: Damn…I really have been hanging around you too much. Oh God! Look…

Alex: That's her car!

(The guys are now on her trail. So, what about the ladies? They're concerned… but a little helpless.)

Liz: I'm glad were working…it's getting my mind off Isabel a little.

Maria: Then why are you reminding me about her?

Liz: Well…she's a good friend…I can't totally ignore her situation.

Maria: Her father, Max, and Alex seem confident. I think we just have to leave it to her dad to get this stopped.

Liz: I know…I just wish I could do something. It's got Max upset to…and that of course upsets me.

Maria: Don't covet him right now…Isabel needs him more than you do at the moment.

Liz: I know…and we talked about that. Everything's fine between us. I'll give him all the space he needs.

Maria: Michael and Alex are out trying to find Mrs. Oldman before she gets to the Evans. I don't know what they're planning…but I worry about Michael. Sometimes he doesn't look before he leaps…like visiting sweat lodges.

Liz: I don't think Mrs. Oldman will take anyone to a sweat lodge.

Maria: But Michael might want to see her in one…or something similar. I hope he'll just have faith in Isabel's dad.

Liz: From what Isabel told me…I think he does now. Isabel's folks have really accepted Michael…now that they know what he has in common with Max and Isabel.

Maria: I know…I don't want him to foul that up.

Liz: Have faith in him. He's different since he re-balanced. He's still Michael…but he is allowing others to touch him a little. He'll be fine. And Alex won't let him go to crazy.

Maria: In case you haven't noticed, a little of Michael is rubbing off on Alex. He'll do things now he never would have dreamed of a few months ago.

Liz: I guess you're right…but that's not bad. Remember how Alex said we shouldn't tell each other what we set our balance points to? I think that was wise. Not only does it let us rely on each other for our strengths…but it lets us see the good points each one has and incorporate them in our own lives to some degree.

Maria: You're right! Well, I see customers await!

Liz: Let's get to work.

(Isabel comes in)

Isabel: Need any help girls?

(And now…the meeting.)

(Alex and Michael follow Mrs. Oldman…right to the Evans' house…they'd forgotten she'd been there spying on Isabel before…Doorbell rings…Phil Evans answers)

Mrs. Oldman: Phil Evans? I'm Kathy Oldman. This is my gra…er…Mr. Hurtman of Family Services. He sent you a letter from them about me. I also sent you some pictures.

Phil: Come in. Have a seat. This is my wife Diane.

Mrs. Oldman: Is Isabel here? I'm anxious to see her.

Phil: Actually, she's not. She's with some friends.

Mrs. Oldman: I bet you're wondering how someone could lose their daughter?

Phil: Actually, we're wondering why someone would claim a daughter that's not theirs.

Mrs. Oldman: Don't make this difficult please…she is my daughter…I know it. She looks so like my pictures from years ago. And the time period she was found in was shortly after my daughter was lost.

Phil: I'm sorry if you lost your daughter; but we're sure she's not Isabel.

Mrs. Oldman: She has to be…she looks so much like me…and her early pictures...

Phil: She looks a little like my wife too…but we know she's not her birth mother.

Mrs. Oldman: Of course not, I am. A simple blood test will prove it.

Diane: Again, we really don't think so.

Mrs. Oldman: I was afraid you'd be defensive.

Phil: Wouldn't you be if someone were trying to break up your family?

Mrs. Oldman: I don't want to break up your family…I just want access to her. I'm willing to let her decide where she wants to live.

Diane: She already has…here.

Mrs. Oldman: I want to hear her say that.

Phil: Mrs. Oldman…we've done a lot of research into your claim. Frankly, we found so many holes in it that I'm not prepared to even let you see her, much less allow any medical procedures. I'm her father and her legal guardian. I'm within my rights.

Mr. Hurtman: Family Services might get involved…bring legal action to force you to do so.

Phil: I might bring legal action against you for harassment.

Mr. Hurtman: Birth parents have some rights, especially where they've never been signed or deeded away.

Phil: No doubt…but Mrs. Oldman is not Isabel's birth mother. I'm trying to be patient here…but we can go round and round on this all day. Kathy, you have planned a grand ruse…but we're on to it. We know the letter we got from family services was not the one they intended to send us. We're sure you, Mr. Hurtman, switched letters before they went out. We also know you no longer work there. We know, Mrs. Oldman, that you've remarried. We know that you have been employed by Family Services yourself. Your name used to be Boulder. We know you were involved with the children's home where Isabel lived briefly before she came to live here. She remembers you a little. We know your maiden name is Hurtman…so you two must be related. We know that the pictures you sent were computer enhanced. No Mrs. Oldman…you are not Isabel's birth mother…although you certainly went to a lot of trouble to convince us otherwise.

(Mrs. Oldman is in tears.)

Mr. Hurtman: You must really love Isabel to have gone to the trouble to get that much information to protect her.

Diane: Of course we do…she's our daughter.

Mr. Hurtman: Some adoptive parents really don't care…they'd just as soon not have the kids they care for.

Diane: That's sad. But it certainly doesn't apply to us.

Mr. Hurtman: Gra…Kathy…uh…maybe we better go.

(Mrs. Oldman sits in stunned silence…tears running down her face. Finally she speaks.)

Mrs. Oldman: Ted…I'd like to talk to Mr. And Mrs. Evans alone…would you mind waiting outside.

Mr. Hurtman: You need to be careful what you say…they know so much…

Mrs. Oldman: Please Ted.

(Ted goes out to wait in the car. Alex and Michael are parked across the street…waiting to pounce if necessary. Mrs. Oldman finally continues…)

Mrs. Oldman: (crying) I'm sorry for the deceit. I thought, if I could just get to see Isabel, I could convince her to help me.

Phil: I'm not at all sure I want her to see you.

(Pause…more crying...)

Mrs. Oldman: Then you are condemning me to death.

Diane: What? Why would you say that?

Mrs. Oldman: I know Isabel has special powers. I know she's a healer.

Diane: What are you talking about?

Mrs. Oldman: Please…I know I wasn't completely forthcoming with you …but I'm desperate. You see...I have cancer. It's spreading so rapidly the doctors can't stop it. They tell me I have a month at most. I'm in constant pain. But I know Isabel could heal me.

Phil: Isabel isn't a doctor…she isn't magic...she's a sixteen year old girl whose life you are disrupting.

Mrs. Oldman: ( In tears) Please…I know she's a healer. I know she is…she did it at the children's home.

Diane: (Thinks about Max…but then says, truthfully…) I've been her mother for ten years and I've never seen her heal anyone or anything.

Mrs. Oldman: I can prove it to you. Won't you please just let me talk to her?

Phil: How can you prove that. You weren't very good at proving she was your daughter. We were able to see right through all your elaborate tricks.

Mrs. Oldman: Do you have a video player?

Diane: Yes…over there by the TV.

Mrs. Oldman: Please…play this.

(She takes a video tape from her purse.)

Mrs. Oldman: This is a surveillance tape from the Children's Home. I've never shown this to anybody…I took it out of the recorder right after I noticed what Isabel had done…I didn't want to disrupt Isabel's life…but now… I need her. Please…

(Mrs. Oldman shows the tape. As Phil and Diane watch, they see a six year old Isabel in the same room with another child who has been seriously injured. Mrs. Oldman explains that the child was beaten by her parents and was taken from them and put into protective custody. The child is obviously in great pain, with cuts, bruises and a concussion. Mrs. Oldman explains she also had internal bleeding. As she is sitting in pain, crying, Isabel approaches.)

(Audio from the tape)

Isabel: Hi…are you really hurt?

Little girl: Y...y…yes!

Isabel: What happened?

Little girl: They told me my daddy beat me…and threw me in a corner.

Isabel: I don't have a daddy…I least I don't think so.

Little girl: Maybe you're lucky.

Isabel: I think I'd like one. Do you want to play a game?

Little girl: No…not now…I hurt to move. (pause) What's your name?

Isabel: They call me Isabel. What's yours?

Little girl: I can't remember…I can't remember anything?

Isabel: I'm sure you'll get better and you'll remember.

(At this point…they see Isabel take the little girls hand…both girls start smiling…and it's evident that the pain is gone. Some of her scratches disappear. She starts talking.)

Little Girl: I remember now…my name is Sally…Sally Piper. You just made me feel a lot better. Thank you.

(Isabel was obviously not sure what she had just done…but she was afraid she's be in trouble if anyone found out)

Isabel: I'm glad. Maybe we can play now. But please don't tell anyone what just happened. I'm afraid I might get in trouble.

Sally: I promise…it's our secret. What do you want to play?

( The tape is stopped and Phil and Diane sit in stunned silence. Finally Diane speaks…)

Diane: You've never shown this to anyone?

Mrs. Oldman: I didn't want to ruin Isabel's life. If people knew she was a healer, she'd never be left alone.

Phil: That's true, I'm sure. But as Diane said, she's never shown us this capability.

Mrs. Oldman: She's probably never needed to. Maybe, living in Roswell, she was afraid to.

Phil: (As straight faced as possible.) She's not green with three eyes and scales…if that what's you mean. Besides…she's a bit young. All that supposedly happened fifty years ago.

Mrs. Oldman: I don't believe in aliens…but I do believe there are people who are healers.

Diane: What about Sally Piper? Do you suppose she ever told anyone about this?

Mrs. Oldman: I'm guessing not…or Isabel probably wouldn't be here with you. I don't know what happened to her. Her parents convinced the judge that it was all an accident…and despite our best efforts to keep her at the home…she was returned to them. She may even be dead by now if what they did to her before was any indication.

Phil: What about Mr. Hurtman…you must have told him something to get him to help you.

Mrs. Oldman: You already know about the name…he is my son's child…my grandson. I haven't shown him the tape…but I told him that Isabel was a healer and I needed her to cure me. He doesn't believe in such things, but he's trying to humor me in may last days.

Phil: (Pause) Obvioulsy we need to talk with Isabel. This is most unusual.

Mrs. Oldman: Please…please let me see her…ask her to heal me. If she will, I'll give you that tape…and no one else will ever know anything about her. But, if you force me to, I could show that tape and force her to come out.

Diane: This is all overwhelming…and as my husband said, we need to talk to Isabel. Tell us where you're staying and we'll contact you after we talk to her.

Mrs. Oldman: I'm at the Best Western Lodge here in Roswell…room 331.

Phil: Excuse us if we're in kind of a state of shock. We'll talk to Isabel and we'll call you.

Mrs. Oldman: Please…I don't know what else to do…I'm sorry for disrupting your lives…but I hope you understand why?

Phil: If this is true..I can.

Mrs. Oldman: You'll call me then?

Diane: We will.

(Phil shows Mrs. Oldman to the door. Alex and Michael don't know if they should follow her or run up to Isabel's parents and asked what happened. They finally decide to trail her back to her hotel. Meanwhile, Max had been upstairs during he whole meeting. He didn't see the tape but he overheard everything. He's more than a little concerned.)

Phil: I must say, for as much detective work as we did, I never expected that.

(Max comes downstairs)

Max: I heard most of it…I hope you don't mind.

Mom: Of course not honey…I was pretty sure you were up there listening.

Max: You handled her about as well as you could.

Dad: We've got to get Isabel back here. Do you know where she is?

Max: Yes…she asked me to take her to the Crashdown…she's helping Liz and Maria…trying to keep her mind occupied.

Mom: Would you mind going and bringing her back…I don't know how much you want to tell her…

Max: She can't help this lady, mom.

Mom: (pause) But you healed Liz.

Max: I did…but it wasn't her time…that was an accident. We can't play God. If it's someone's time to go…we seem to have no power to save them. I'm grateful for that. We don't want to be in the general healing business anyway and I wouldn't want the responsibility of deciding who can live and who couldn't.

Phil: Convincing Mrs. Oldman that Isabel can't help her might prove difficult. Right now we just need to get Isabel back here.

Max: Looks like… just as I had my bird healing caught on tape…Isabel apparently had her little girl. We were too young to know better.

Mom: It's OK Max. Mrs. Oldman says she doesn't want to disrupt Isabel's life.

Max: But, like dad said, she might not believe Isabel can't help her. As long as she has that tape, we are in danger.

Phil: I don't like that either…but first things first…

Max: I'm on my way…be back with Isabel as soon as I can.

(Max arrives at the Crashdown and tells Isabel to come back to the house with him. Liz and Maria naturally want to know what's happening, but Max doesn't feel like taking time to explain. He tells Liz there are complications…but not to worry. He'll let her know what's happening as soon as he has a better feel for it himself. Liz gets worried, but had already decided to give Max whatever space he thinks he needs right now…she decides she just has to trust that he'll tell her if there's anything she or Maria can do. On the way back, Max is trying to explain to Isabel what happened when Mrs. Oldman met with their parents. As they are driving, they spot Alex and Michael sitting in Alex's car outside the hotel. Max suggests they need to involve Michael because of the nature of what happened. Isabel agrees, but wants Alex to come too; first because he's done so much to help, and second, because he makes her feel less afraid. They stop and tell the friends to follow them home. Michael is reluctant to leave the hotel, but Max assures him Mrs. Oldman won't be going anywhere…at least not for awhile. They all arrive at home.)

Dad: (Surprised to see Alex and Michael.) Found more than just Isabel, eh?

Max: Isabel and I felt they needed to be involved.

Dad: That's fine…I understand…I just wanted to be sure that's what you wanted.

Isabel: So the meeting with Mrs. Oldman didn't go quite the way we expected it would.

Dad: Did Max tell you everything that happened with her?

Isabel: He told me some. What don't you and mom tell me everything…that way Michael and Alex can know too.

(Phil and Diane explain everything that happened during Mrs. Oldman's visit. Isabel is suddenly overcome with more worry and regret. She doesn't know what to suggest)

Isabel: Max and Michael…I'm so sorry…this really complicates things…I had almost forgotten about that experience.

Michael: Obviously Mrs. Oldman hasn't. I've had a bad feeling abut this for days, despite all our detective work. I couldn't have predicted this situation, but that we're screwed does not surprise me.

Max: This may not be as bad as it could be. I heard her say that she doesn't believe in aliens…but she does believe there are people who are healers. We've got to make sure she keeps thinking that way.

Alex: So what are the options?

Max: There don't appear to be any good ones. We can't deal with her but we can't not deal with her.

Michael: We could break into her room and find that tape. Then it would be her word against Isabel.

Dad: And if you get caught…?

Isabel: He's right…that would make things worse…and if the tape disappeared, she'd assume we had something to do with it.

Dad: I could dig in and just not let her have any more contact with us.

Max: Then she might try to call attention to Isabel by showing someone else the tape. She's desperate…and while she says she doesn't want to hurt Isabel, desperate people do desperate things.

Mom: You're right, Max. If the sheriff got wind of that tape…or any of her claims…he'd put two and two together and suddenly it wouldn't only be you he suspects of doing "magical" things.

Michael: Like I said, we are screwed.

Isabel: I could go see her.

Max: I'm not sure that would be a good idea. I don't think you could cure her even if you wanted to. You know our power doesn't seem to work if someone is supposed to die.

Michael: And even if you could…people would wonder how she got better all of a sudden. Her grandson, who doesn't now believe in healers, might become quite curious…and he has too many ties to government agencies.

Alex: It really looks like this is a no win situation.

Michael: (Sarcastically) You catch on fast.

Dad: (pause) I suggest we all mull it over this evening…then sleep on it. It's almost dinner time and we're not likely to solve it tonight. We can talk after we've thought about it for a while…and then attack it again in the morning. Maybe by then somebody will think of a solution.

Mom: Michael…you might as well stay over. Alex, you're welcome too…we've plenty of sleeping bags.

Alex: Thanks…but I'll sleep better in my own bed…if I can sleep at all. Besides, my dad needs me to help him with something tonight.

Isabel: Come back tomorrow Alex, please.

Alex: Sure.

Max: I promised Liz I'd fill her in. I'll go find her after dinner…see if she has any suggestions.

Michael: Likely excuse.

Max: You might as well go and tell Maria too. They're both worried.

Michael: I might as well.

Max: Likely excuse.

(After dinner, Max and Michael go and tell the women the latest. No one offers a great solution. All they can do is agree that it's a no win situation. Still…both guys enjoyed some time with the girls. Finally, everyone heads home for the night. It's getting late and Isabel has gone to bed…but naturally…she can't sleep. She's tossing…wondering what to do…she caused this problem…maybe she can fix it She takes advantage of the re-balance.)

Isabel: (In a silent connection attempt) Alex (pause)…Alex …you awake?

Alex: (In connection) Right here beautiful…I wondered if you'd call? I was afraid you'd forgotten my number.

Isabel: Not likely. Can you come over?

Alex: Now?

Isabel: Yeh…I want to go see Mrs. Oldman.

Alex: At 10:30 at night?

Isabel: Yes…before I chicken out... and I need you to come with me.

Alex: I may want to strangle her.

Isabel: You sound like Michael. I've got an idea…but I need you to be part of it. Can you play the part of my loving boyfriend?

Alex: Isn't that what I am?

Isabel: Uh…yes...but you may need to show it more than usual.

Alex: I try to show it all the time.

Isabel: Oh…forget it…just come over…please…help me with this.

Alex: OK…I'll see if I can dream up an excuse to go out for something.

Isabel: Thanks!

(End of connection)

(Alex and Isabel both slip out. Her mom hears Isabel go …but decides not to stop her. Alex and Isabel drive to the hotel where Mrs.Oldman is staying. After some time holding hands and sitting quietly, they approach room 331 and knock on the door. You better get out a hanky for this part.)

Mrs. Oldman: (startled) Who's there?

Isabel: Isabel Evans…

Mrs. Oldman: Oh my…just a minute.

(She opens the door)

Mrs.Oldman: Come in dear…and who's this young man?

Isabel: This is my really good friend…Alex Whitman. I don't like to go out alone at night.

Mrs. Oldman: Neither do I. I wasn't sure your foster dad was going to let you see me.

Isabel: He doesn't know I'm here…and he's my dad…not a foster dad…true I'm adopted…but he's been the only father I've ever known.

Mrs. Oldman: He seems like he really cares for you. Too many people adopt children…then regret their decision. I'm glad you're in a nice family.

Isabel: That why I'm here. I want to stay in it. I love my mom and dad and my brother. You have been causing my family and I a lot of anguish.

Mrs. Oldman: I think maybe your father told you why. I'm in a lot of anguish myself.

Isabel: (Pause) I wish I could help you.

Mrs. Oldman: (Looks at Alex.)Do you want to talk about this in front of your friend…what was his name?

Isabel: Alex…and yes…it's OK…he and I don't have any secrets.

Mrs. Oldman: You sound like you can't help me. Please…don't deny it…I know you can do it.

Isabel: As I said…if I could help you, I would. You have a tape in which you saw me help someone else. That was a different situation.

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