FanFic - Alex/Isabel
Part 8a
by John
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Summary: "The Balance Statements" is a sequel to the Roswell E-Mail series. It may make more sense in the long run if you've read it.
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Rating: PG
Mrs. Oldman: I know that there are people with the power to heal. I saw you do it on that tape. I have never told anyone or shown anyone that tape because I know people would hound you if they knew you had the power. I only did what I did so I could make contact with you. The doctors tell me I don't have much time left…and I'm in constant, constant pain.

Isabel: (Takes Alex hand…she needs his strength) Mrs. Oldman…or should I say Mrs. Boulder…I do sort of remember you from the children's home. I remember you assuring me that the nice couple who found me wandering in the desert thought they wanted to adopt me. I thank you for that. I know you've been helping children for many years. Please…you must believe what I'm going to tell you. It's not a cop out…it's the truth. I do sometimes have a power that can heal. You saw me use it...but that situation was different than yours is now. I honestly do not know what force controls what I can do. I do know that it doesn't work to prolong the life of someone who is dying of natural causes. I have been able to help people who are accident victims…like the little girl your saw…but if someone's time has come…I can't help them. That's why I can't help you. As I said...I would if I could. I don't know why it works or doesn't work…I really don't know much about it at all.

Alex: Please believe her, Mrs. Oldman. She feels badly that she can't help you…but she truly can't. I know with all my heart that she's telling you the truth.

Mrs. Oldman: I guess, maybe it was too much to ask.

Isabel: I understand why you had to ask…it's human nature to want to preserve one's own life…by whatever means. It wasn't too much to ask…it's just too much for me to do.

Mrs. Oldman: In some ways…perhaps I knew all along that this wouldn't work. I feel badly that I've upset your life.

Isabel: There is something I think I can do. (Isabel takes Mrs. Oldman's hand; a glow runs up her arm and surrounds her whole body.)

Isabel: That should ease the pain.

Mrs. Oldman: (Smiles) It did…I feel normal…no pain…for the first time in months. I knew you could do it.

Isabel: I've lessened the pain…I have not cured your cancer…but maybe your life will be a little more bearable now.

Mrs. Oldman: Thank you.

Alex: Mrs. Oldman…you have something that could ruin Isabel's life…and if you ruin hers you'll ruin mine too.

Mrs. Oldman: You two are really a number are you? You are a very cute couple.

Isabel: He's talking about…

Mrs. Oldman: The tape…I know. I'm not stupid. I know if people who are don't believe in healers saw this that you'd be labeled a freak. There are people who would want to capture you for their own benefit. There would be some that would accuse you of not even being human. I understand that. I work with people…remember.

Alex: Please Mrs. Oldman, I want a future with Isabel.

Isabel: And I want a future, period. Won't you give it to us? I've done all I can for you. I risked a lot by even coming here tonight. My brother and my parents told me not to. Please, all I ask for is your silence.

Alex: …And the tape…

Mrs. Oldman: (pause) If you hadn't come here the way you did tonight, I don't think I would have believed you. I might have tried to force your hand. But seeing you two here this way…so happy…I have to believe you. I can't disturb your lives any more.

(She hands Isabel he tape.)

Isabel: Thank you.

Alex: Thank you from me too…I think you can see why I love her.

Mrs. Oldman: Yes…I can. She's a wonderful person Alex. Take care of her. (pause) You two run along…I know you've done all you can for me..and please…accept my apology for causing you so much trouble.

(Isabel and Alex leave Mrs. Oldman's room…tape in hand. They head home for what will be their first good night's sleep in a long time…but not before a loooong kiss and a few big hugs.)

Isabel: Thanks Alex…I couldn't have done that without you.

Alex: And I wouldn't have had you do it without me, either.

Isabel: I'll see you tomorrow?

Alex: Count on it.

(The two slip back to their respective homes. The next bit of consciousness comes with morning…Isabel slept in late.)

Mom: Isabel…are you awake?

Isabel: Yes mom.

Mom: Where did you slip off to last night?

Isabel: I still can't fool you can I?

Mom: Only if I want you to.

Isabel: I saw Mrs. Oldman.

Mom: …And?

Isabel: I think things will be OK.

(She shows her the tape. Just then the doorbell rings. Max is downstairs…he answers it. It's Mr. Hurtman…Mrs. Oldman's grandson.)

Max: Mr. Hurtman isn't it?

Mr. Hurtman: Yes…I just wanted to stop by (sobs a little) to tell you that my grandmother passed away last night. I found her early this morning when I went to her room.

Max: I'm sorry for you. Do you want to come in?

Mr. Hurtman: (Steps in…Diane, Phil and Isabel come down) She left two notes. One was to me…she said that she found that she had been mistaken about Isabel being able to help cure her cancer…that she had been confused and she was now convinced that she should just leave you people alone. The other was marked: "to Isabel Evans". I thought I'd give it to you.

Isabel: I think your grandmother was a fine woman. I'm sorry she had hopes that weren't real.

Mr. Hurtman: I'm sorry for the trouble she caused you. She was desperate for anything that might have helped her…maybe even something she imagined. But…she was my grandmother…I wanted to help her.

Isabel: I understand.

Mr. Hurtman: Well…I need to go…I need to make arrangements. Goodbye.

(Mr. Hurtman leaves and a huge sigh of relief just about takes the roof off the Evans' home. Sleepily Michael walks down the stairs not knowing what has transpired. )

Michael: So…what are we going to do?

Isabel: Say a prayer for Mrs. Oldman…and then…(pause) LET'S PARTY!

(Smiles all around…Max and Michael are on the phone to Liz and Maria …Isabel's on the "Isaphone" to Alex…normalcy has returned, at least for now. And so…as we have seen…sometimes…no matter how much technology we have…no matter how much the law is on your side…life's problems can be solved and all can be made right…if you have lots of love...and just the right amount of BALANCE.)

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