FanFic - Alex/Isabel
Part 7
by John
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Summary: "The Balance Statements" is a sequel to the Roswell E-Mail series. It may make more sense in the long run if you've read it.
Category: Alex/Isabel
Rating: PG
(Well, it's the day before Mrs. Oldman is to come "claim" Isabel as her daughter. A lot of information has been gathered in an attempt to discredit her claims. In what could not have come at a better time; it's the end of term break, so there's no school to worry about. Max hasn't spent much time with Liz lately and with school out, he decides to make up for it. Liz is just waking up when she hears some ticks…like pebbles on the window. She goes to the balcony and sees Max below.)

Max: Hey…can I come up?

Liz: I'm still in my nightgown…if you can handle that…

Max: Handle your nightgown?

Liz: Oooo…bad…Alex must be affecting everyone.

(Max makes the familiar climb)

Max: You look nice.

Liz: Liar…I'm in my nightgown…my hair's not fixed…I slept in my body…

Max: You still look nice to me.

Liz: I'm glad.

Max: I haven't spent much time with you lately. I'm sorry! I guess with worrying about Isabel and all I kinda took a step sideways. I promise…it wasn't backwards.

Liz: I know…I wasn't worried…except about Isabel. Max…is this going to be OK…there's no way she'd ever have to go with that person, is there?

Max: I don't think so…I think we've got enough information to discredit her…but Isabel was right when she said that it would be just a matter of time for the others if any one of us ever got into the wrong hands.

Liz: Don't even think that Max…I couldn't stand not having you here with me. It's so unfair you having to live like this…none of you have ever done any thing wrong.

Max: But that's the way it is! Remember though…you're the one who convinced me I can't spend my life worrying about it…so don't you go worrying for both of us.

Liz: You're right…I'm right…we can't…

(Liz puts her head on Max' shoulder…there's a long silence…he senses some anxiety)

Max: Isabel's going to be fine, Liz...we all will.


Liz: Max…do you ever wonder about your birth mother...not that she's likely to drop in tomorrow…but…if she did, what would you do?

Max: Probably give her a hug and thank her for giving us a chance to have a life here. I think she probably risked a lot to bring us here.

Liz: Would you want to go live with her?

Max: I don't think so. Especially if you couldn't come with me. Diane is the only mother I've ever really had. She really is my mother. It would break her heart if I left; I absolutely know that now. Not that I wouldn't like to ask questions…or find out about my biological family…but I can't obsess about it…I know I may never find out anything.

Liz: Do you think Isabel thinks the same way.

Max: Probably even more so.

Liz: …And Michael?

Max: He's mellowing since the re-balance…but I think he might leave with a "real" parent.

Liz: And leave Maria?

Max: Tough call…I really don't know. I know he's becoming more attached to her. If anything makes a "human" out of him it will be Maria.

Liz: I don't think she wants him to be human…she just wants him to be Michael.

Max: That's good, because that's probably all she'll ever get. Do you think that's enough for her?

Liz: She's my best friend…present company excluded. I just want her to be as happy as I am when I'm with you. Michael can do that for her; but he can also make her very unhappy. She understands in her head that all she really has of him is a crack in his wall. She's grateful for that…but in her heart she'd like a whole door.

Max: I've said before…Michael is Michael. Either she can love him for what he is or she can move on. Trying to change him a lot won't ever happen. Isabel and I haven't been able to do it We just love him anyway. If she can do that…

Liz: I try to encourage her…but I think she's jealous of what you and I have.

Max: That's ironic, because I think Michael is jealous of me in some ways too…but not enough to change who he is. …And you know what…I think that's probably a good thing.

Liz: So…what do you think will happen tomorrow?

Max: My dad says he thinks all we need to do is talk to this woman. We'll tell her we don't know what she's trying to do; but she has no proof that Isabel is her daughter. Given that we've uncovered a number of things that were contrived to make it appear otherwise, the best thing would be for her to just drop this claim and move back. He says he'll tell her that because of the things we've found, he doesn't feel the need to authorize a blood test or even a meeting with Isabel. I guess he may ask her why she's trying to break up a family?

Liz: Do you think that will be the end of it?

Max: I'd like to say yes. But then you probably could call me a liar.

(Meanwhile, a knock on his door awakens Michael)

Michael: Friend or foe?

Maria: Which would you like?

(Unlocks door)

Michael: Hey…pull up a couch…I'll get cleaned up…

Maria: I'd appreciate that…want me to fix you breakfast?

Michael: Sure!

(Maria gets busy; Michael gets dressed.)

Maria: Are you worried about tomorrow and Isabel.

Michael: I'm always worried when anyone tries to involve themselves with us.

Maria: I want to help…but I don't know what to do…what to say to her…or Max…or her parents.

Michael: I'm kind of the same...all they need to do is ask for something…it'll happen. I've been hoping that Max would call…I want to know what's going on…

Maria: You know…I feel the same way with you sometimes! You never call me…yet every time I call you or come over you seem happy. Am I missing something?

Michael: No…I just forget that it's OK…It's never been my thing you know, but I really could call you.

Maria: Promise?

Michael: Yeh…I'll try…but if I don't, keep coming over anyway…especially at mealtime.

Maria: It's just about ready.

Michael: After breakfast, let's go see Isabel…let her know we're confident that everything will be OK.

Maria: Are we?

Michael: I've learned never to leave anything to chance…but I think we're as ready as we can be.

Maria: Why do you think this woman's doing this?

Michael: I think she's involved with the government people who suspect Max of being different…and they're using Isabel to get to him. I hate them for that.

Maria: It does appear that way doesn't it.

Michael: Unfortunately!


(Notice here how Liz and Maria think alike sometimes.)

Maria: Michael…

Michael: Yeh!

Maria: Not that this is likely to happen or anything, but suppose your birth mother showed up? What would you say to her?

Michael: (Pause…looks surprised at the question) I'd ask her why I'm here…and where I came from…and if I could go home?

Maria: So you'd want to go with her then? Even if it was just to some other place on Earth…or what if it was to another planet?

Michael: I think I would want to go with her in either case…if nothing else to get the answers I've wanted all my life.

Maria: Those answers mean everything to you don't they?

Michael: Not everything anymore…but a awful lot. Now…I've got a question for you. Just suppose that happened…would you come with me?

Maria: (pause) Wow…I'd have to think…I'd want to…I'd want to very badly. There would be a lot to weigh.

Michael: Remember, if we went to another planet…you might have to do what I have to do here.

Maria: What do you mean?

Michael: You might have to pretend to be native of that planet…hide the fact that you're not of that world…and face everything that goes with doing that, just like I do now.

Maria: If that was the only consideration…and you'd help me… I'd do it.

Michael: What else then?

Maria: My family…my mother…our friends…Liz, Max, Alex, Isabel.

Michael: Suppose our friends came too.

Maria: I'd do it Michael. You know, I think I'd do it even if they didn't come. All you'd have to do is ask me.

Michael: …And leave your mother?

Maria: Yes…I'm going to do that sometime anyway…and if I could be with you…

Michael: It's probably never going to happen anyway…I just wanted you to think about what it's like for me…why I not in the habit of calling people…why I have to have a wall around myself...why I try to avoid others.

Maria: I don't care about others, Michael. You let me into your life. I wanted that so much! Then you did it…and I wasn't sure I still wanted it. But…I'm sure now, Michael. I want us to be close. I love you, Michael.

Michael: I love you too, Maria.

(Maria and Michael finish eating…they have good intentions about going to give support to Isabel…but then… the couch seems so appealing)

Maria: (On the couch) Oooh…you know I love it when you do that.

Michael: I hope so.

Maria: Do it some more.

Michael: You asked for it!

Maria: Oh Michael…

(We don't really need to know what they're doing, now do we? No doubt we'll catch up with them later when they do visit Isabel. Alex and Isabel have been on the phone for hours. Alex is concerned that there is something he's overlooked. In an unexpected move, Phil Evans has come home early and suggests to Isabel that she get all her friends who have been concerned about her to come over. He wants to compare notes and fill them in on what he plans. She's surprised at the suggestion…but she's really grateful for three-way calling. The couch at Michael's is grateful too. How much more it could take is unknown. Liz and Max wander in, saving her the trouble of tracking them down. Soon the scene is the "We Six plus two"…the extra two being Mr. And Mrs. Evans. I guess, in this situation, it's OK… even though they haven't been re-balanced. Maybe they're honorary members or something.)

Dad: Liz, Alex, Michael…we want to thank you for all the help you've given us in this situation…especially you Alex. I may not totally approve of your methods…but I must say, they're effective.

Alex: We do have a lot of evidence that she doesn't really have a case; but I have a feeling she won't just give up. She's invested too much time and effort in this. She must really want contact with Isabel.

I'm just glad I had some skills that could help…I'd have hated to just sit by doing nothing and let this happen.

Dad: Some of what you've given us I don't want to mention to her unless we have to. I don't want her to be able to come back to us about illegal snooping. Just know that you're findings have been a great help in giving us assurance we can end this quickly.

Alex: I understand. By the way…I've got one more thing…don't know if we care…but I've got her car's license plate number. We can be on the lookout.

Dad: Good! My friend Tom came up with something else too. Here's her picture.

(He shows it)

Isabel: She looks a bit like the person I remember from the children's home…only a lot thinner.

Michael: I think we'll start a stake out. I doubt she'll be staying at the Ritz-Carlton.

Alex: Roswell doesn't have a Ritz-Carlton.

Michael: Exactly!

Dad: Here's what I think is going to happen. She's going to come here…probably with some additional prop like the photo album. I'll invite her in and let her speak. Then I'll tell her we do not believe her claims and that we have some evidence suggesting they are all contrived. I'll get as specific as I have to. I'll try to tell her that we are a solid family and what she is doing is trying to tear us apart…causing undo stress on all of us. We'll see what she says. Based on what we know…as Isabelle' parent and legal guardian I'm going to refuse her requests for both contact and the dreaded blood test. Beyond that, I don't know what to expect.

Max: I'm nervous. Her relative with all the government jobs concerns me. He could have more information or supporting evidence than they've let on. I also think he's in a position to bend things their way. She might bring him with her.

Alex: When I discovered he had once been a medical assistant…I just envisioned her insisting on him doing the blood tests and having things coming out a perfect match, regardless of any reality.

Mom: We won't let that happen…even if he comes here with her. Besides…thanks to you, Alex, we know a lot about him too.

Alex: Is there anything else we can do…I keep thinking we haven't done enough.

Dad: I don't see what else we can do until she gets here and we know what she's going to propose.

Isabel: Somehow I feel OK about this now…everyone has been great…we've got so much stuff to discredit her…the hardest part of this is done. We'll just show her we know she's a fraud and hopefully she'll go away.

Michael: Does anyone care why she's doing this? I keep adding to my list of possible reasons and they're all bad.

Max: We may care a lot…or we may not care at all. I think this is just another of our challenges. We've faced things together before. I think we as a group are actually stronger now. We'll be OK.

Maria: seem remarkably calm.

Isabel: Like I said…I'm OK…at least right now. I think I'll even be able to sleep tonight. Oh dad… can I borrow the picture?

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