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Part 6
by John
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Summary: "The Balance Statements" is a sequel to the Roswell E-Mail series. It may make more sense in the long run if you've read it.
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(Alex didn't have any more news when Isabel called that night even though they talked for thirty minutes. Alex did say he might have something by tomorrow. Phil decided to ask Tom to further investigate this woman using his usual resources. Now, it's the next day and Max, Liz, Alex, and Isabel are meeting at lunch time.)

Max: Anyone seen Maria and Michael? I know they think there's not much they can do about Isabel's situation, but we need everyone's input.

Alex: Have you checked the eraser room?

Liz: Could be…those two…it's like they're on a roller coaster…up, down, in, out, up, down…

(Liz turns red)

Liz: Uh…emotionally I mean.

Alex: We get the picture, Liz. Shall I tell you what I've been able to find?

Isabel: If you've got anything, let's hear it.

(Maria and Michael walk up)

Alex: Is the eraser room closed for cleaning?

Michael: So what if it is…

(Kisses Maria)

Maria: He's impossible today.

Max: Glad you two are here…Alex has a big find.

Alex: Ok…hang on to your hats. Here's the deal. I hacked into the Family Services employee data base. Promise you won't tell your father, right?

Max: No need to worry.

Alex: As near as I can tell, Mrs. Oldman has only been Mrs. Oldman a short time. Either she just materialized as a full grown woman or she has just remarried or changed her name. By checking addresses and Social Security numbers, I believe I've discovered her name used to be Boulder. Kathy Boulder.

Isabel: That name sounds familiar for some reason.

Alex: Wait…there's more. Her maiden name…if this is the right person… is Hurtman.

Max: Wasn't that the name on the letter my parents got…the one apparently substituted for the one Family Services originally sent…wasn't he the one pretending to be the director?

Isabel: That's right. I've looked at that letter far too many times.

Alex: What are you talking about…phony director?

Max: Sorry… this is so tangled I forget who knows what. Dad's detective friend found out that the only thing Family Services sent us was a letter trying to verify Isabel's address. They didn't know anything abut this claim of someone being Isabel's mother.

Alex: So this Hurtman guy, while working in the state office, must have switched the letters. And he's very likely related to Mrs. Oldman/ Boulder/Hurtman…or whatever her name is. Hurtman's an unusual enough name…it couldn't be a coincidence.

Liz: Sounds to me like you better do some research on him too.

Alex: Good idea…but I may not have the luxury tonight…my parents were gone last night…they get concerned if all I do is hang on the computer. I don't think your dad would appreciate what I do being done on your computer either, Isabel.

Liz: You can come use mine…it's my parents bowling night.

Alex: I may just do that.

Isabel: I have a question? Mom and dad need to know what Alex found out, right? But how are we going to tell them, without explaining how he got it. They're just starting to know Alex…dad won't like the hacking part…this could be tricky.

Michael: I told your dad he wouldn't want to know everything we were doing…I think he may be in a mood not to care if we can save Isabel.

Max: Let me talk to him…see if I think he'll accept "just trust us on this". Besides, I think he's got his investigator friend Tom working on it too. It will be interesting to see if Tom comes up with the same information.

Alex: I'd like some confirmation…when you're doing what I do…you have to do it fast…there's always the possibility of missing something.

Michael: In case anyone's interested it's adults two, teenagers two with one tie.

Isabel: Huh? What are you talking about?

Michael: Well…they found out about the phony letter and got her address. Alex found out her real name and that the pictures were faked. And everyone found out that Mr. Hurtman only worked in the Family Services office a short time.

Alex: Actually…it's three to two…I discovered Ted Hurtman's related to her.

Max: Michael…you still don't completely trust the adults do you?

Michael: With our secret…your parents…I trust them now. But with stuff like this, I think we've proved we're the survivors. We don't have our hands as tied by rules…if you know what I mean.

Isabel: Please…stop…this isn't a competition. In case you've forgotten, my life as we know it is at stake here. And if they take me…it's probably just a matter of time...

Max: She's right. Dad said it best…we should work independently…but not privately.

Isabel: We better get to our classes. Look, everyone come over early this evening. By then we'll have found out if dad has discovered anything more. Then Alex and Liz can go do the computer snooping.

Liz: Isabel, why don't you come over to my place with Alex? You and I can chat or go do something while Alex is on line.

Isabel: Sounds good…he's not much fun while he's hacking.

Alex: And I didn't even know I had a cold.

Isabel: That's the first one in two days Whitman…and somehow I wasn't missing those awful jokes…

Max: Some puzzle pieces are finally starting to match.

Liz: But I'm afraid we're still along way from having it solved.

Isabel: If I'm remembering something correctly, I think I just may have taken one more step…I'll tell you all later after I make sure. (What could Isabel's step be? And what did her dad find out today? This would be a great point to end this episode…but we'll never get done if we keep stopping, right? So instead, let's look in on the Evans home again…it's early evening…)

Isabel: So dad…did you or your friend, Tom, discover anything today?

Dad: Yes…Mrs. Oldman has apparently just remarried. Her name used to be Boulder.

Isabel: I know that name.

Mom: Oh?

Isabel: Yes…there was a Boulder woman who worked with me at the children's home…after you found us and before they let us come live with you.

Max: (surprised) You didn't tell me that earlier?

Isabel: Sorry! I wanted to make sure I was remembering correctly.

Mom: Could that explain how she got that one real picture?

Isabel: I suppose.

Max: Sounds very suspicious. She is supposed to be some kind of social worker.

Isabel: Anything else?

Dad: According to her neighbor…she's apparently having health problems and is cutting back on her work. That's about all we were able to find out. Did your friend Alex find anything…and do we want to know how he found it?

Isabel: Yes and no. Alex found out two things…he did find out about the Boulder name…but he couldn't tell if it was from marriage or a legal name change. The other interesting thing he found out is her maiden name. It was Hurtman.

Dad: The name on the phony letter.

Max: Right! Whoever signed it is probably a relative.

Mom: Is this suddenly starting to make some sense?

Max: The players have been identified…but what's the reason for the game?

Dad: Sounds like a court room metaphor, son…have you considered law school?

Max: Just wanted to make you proud, dad.

Dad: I already am… of both of you. Isabel…are you holding up OK?

Isabel: I really appreciate how everyone is working on this for me...I'm still scared…but I'm feeling better. I'm going to go with Alex after dinner. He says he has more work to do...I just want to show him I appreciate what he's doing.

Mom: Tell him we do too.

Dad: But tell him I don't want to hear about his methods.

Max: Dad…I'm amazed… I never thought I'd hear you say something like that.

Dad: Desperate times son! Hey…sometimes whatever works…but I'm glad you said that…it tells me we've taught you something.

(A bit later, Alex stops and picks up Isabel. They're on the way to see Liz and her computer. As she's thinking to herself, the two communicate in a silent connection.)

Isabel: (To herself… but looking at Alex… she again forgets Alex has a new balance point) The hours and hours you've spent on can I tell you what it means to me?

Alex: (Right back in silent connection) You just did. And hey… I think what I'm doing is what God had in mind when he gave different people different skills…that we'd help each other… each one doing what we do best.

Isabel: (pause) I never thought I would hear anything like that coming from you. Alex the jokester…the rock star.

Alex: You probably wouldn't if I had to speak it…it's much easier to say things from the heart this way.

Isabel: I know…Isn't it great? At first I wasn't sure I liked your being able to do this…and I keep forgetting you can…but right now I'm grateful for it.

Alex: Me too! Thanks you for sharing. I wasn't sure if I should have allowed this when I had the choice. The truth is, I did it with the hope you and I could talk this way sometimes.

Isabel: I hope we'll be able to for a long time to come.

Alex: We will…no way will I let anyone or anything take you away from me.

Isabel: (tears in her eyes) I love you Alex.

Alex: Bet you can't say that out loud.

Isabel: (pauses…then out loud) I love you Alex Whitman!

Alex: (also aloud) I love you too Isabel Evans.

(Quiet minutes pass as they finish the drive)

Alex: (They embrace) Hey…we're here…better get into normal mode again. Liz wouldn't understand any of this.

Isabel: Actually, I think she would. They've never said so, but I think she and Max can connect…at least sometimes.

(They go in and find Liz. Alex fires up the computer and soon he's lost in cyberspace. Meanwhile Liz and Isabel decide to watch some videos…to get their minds off the situation. After several hours…)

Alex: Whew! You won't believe…Mr. Ted Hurtman…I'm not sure there is a government agency he hasn't worked for. Everything from school teaching to State and U.S. government agencies. Family Services was one of them…but that was recent. He's also worked as a medical assistant at a Veterans Hospital. I don't like it. I have to wonder if he isn't a professional mole for some agency. Maybe I'm too suspicious. (pause) Well, there's not much more I can find on either he or Mrs. least not without a specialized computer network. I wonder if the school computer lab's still available?

Liz: Not again!

Alex: Right…not again! That was a joke…I really don't think that's advisable.

Isabel: We probably better go, Alex. I'll tell Max and my folks about your latest find. Liz…if you'll tell Maria, I know Michael will get the word.

Isabel: One more day until she gets here. I hope we're ready.

Alex: No way we won't be…she's gonna be sorry she ever messed with the "we six" plus two.

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