FanFic - Alex/Isabel
Part 3
by John
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Summary: "The Balance Statements" is a sequel to the Roswell E-Mail series. It may make more sense in the long run if you've read it.
Category: Alex/Isabel
Rating: PG
(Max and Isabel follow Alex and Liz to the door, then return to the living room to continue talking with their parents)

Max: Sorry they interrupted us..

Dad: That's OK…it gave me some time to study some papers and talk to your mom. So, did you tell your friends about Mrs. Oldman?

Isabel: Yes! They think it's a conspiracy.

Mom: Interesting…we had the same thought.

Dad: Did you tell them not to talk about this to anyone, I hope.

Max: Not specifically…but they won't…they're good at keeping secrets.

Isabel: So what do we do about this? I don't belong anywhere but here.

Mom: And somehow we're going to keep it that way, honey.

Dad: I want you both to know, we'll do everything we know how to do…no matter what the cost …to keep this family together. Isabel…I don't know how to say this other than to say it…I made a mistake ten years ago and it may make this more complicated. I'm sorry! I don't know what else I can say.

Isabel: What dad?

Dad: I told you I haven't made a point of studying your adoption papers…until now. I had kind of read them once…along time ago. I was a just a new lawyer then but I still should have been more diligent…I should have caught this.

Isabel: What dad?

Dad: In Max' papers, there is clear statement that the state had made a good faith effort to find his birth mother, that it was deemed impossible, and no further maternal claims would ever be honored. I assumed yours said the same thing…but they don't…not a word like that. How could I have missed it?

Isabel: (pause) Dad…dad…don't! It was nothing intentional…you can't worry about it now.

Dad: Your mother said you'd say that…I just needed to hear it.

Max: That does answer a question I was wondering about. If someone was going to do this, why they'd come after Isabel rather than me.

Mom: It looks like this woman really did her homework…researched everything she could…she found this loophole with Isabel that couldn't apply to you.

Dad: It would have been equally horrible had it been you, Max. We just have to decide what to do now. I'm going to have the investigator from my office look into this woman.

Isabel: And our friend Alex…who knows more about computers than even the computer science teacher at the school, is going on line to research her name. If we can get him any more information on her he wants it.

Dad: Normally I'd suggest he not do that…but we need everything we can get fast…maybe he can help.

Isabel: So you and mom thought of the conspiracy thing too?

Dad: Well…it was one idea…

Max: (His face tightens…his voice shakes a little) Dad…wh…why did you say that you didn't think a blo…blood test was good idea? That would seem a way to put this to rest quickly.

Dad: Are you sure you want me to answer that?

Max: (pause) Yes…and…no.

Isabel: I do…please!

Dad: What I said was, I'm sure we'd all agree that it wasn't a good idea.

Mom: Maybe we should ask you …should she?

Max: That's not fair. You brought it up.

Dad: Please…enough …can we get past the fear of this on all our parts …I said I'd do anything to keep this family together…and I will. We're a family with a crisis and we're acting like we're on a witness stand. (pause) Isabel and Max…a long time ago your mother and I agreed that we would not be the ones to bring this up… the topic of how you two got here…where you came from. We wanted any discussion of that to be your decision…talked about because you felt you could…that you had no reason not to. But, if we're going to talk conspiracy, I see no way around discussing it now. I think you'll find we know more than you think….but please, at least ask me the question.

Isabel: (pause) OK dad, why shouldn't I just take a blood test?

Dad: Because…not only would it not be a match…the results would cause a bigger investigation than I'm willing to pay taxes to fund...and well…we just can't risk it.

Max: You know that for sure?

Dad: Max!

Max: (pause…chokes) I'm sorry! I didn't mean that the way it sounded. This is just so hard.

Mom: (tearfully) It doesn't need to be, dear. It won't change anything, believe me.

Max: (Pause) You're right…you're right…no more secrets…tell me what you know…I'll…we'll… fill in the rest.

Mom: Max, remember when you first came here, how afraid you were…especially at night?

Max: Sometimes I still am.

Mom: You would cry…and I'd come in and take you in my arms. Sometimes, we'd just rock until we both fell asleep. Several times…as I feel asleep holding you…somehow Max, you shared a dream with me. I saw you and Isabel coming out of some type of what looked like a medical treatment chamber…it looked like some kind of pod, in a dark cave like area. Then I saw you and Isabel holding on to each other…walking around. There was at least a third chamber too...but you never let me see the person who was in it.

Finally…I'd see you two walking on the road where we found you. Max…I'd wake up and just stare at you. Something inside would tell me that I was supposed to take over for whoever left you there…I wasn't scared…it just felt like the thing I must do. It took me a long time before I told your father about this. When I finally did...he said something was making him feel the same way...about both you and Isabel. You were just two scared kids who needed a home…we couldn't turn our backs on you…it didn't matter to us where you came from…you'd already won our hearts.

Max: (he's hearing himself saying things to his parents he though he never would) We think we were part of the famous Roswell spacecraft crash…that we were in stasis for a long time…but we really don't know where we came from or who our birth parents were.

Dad: We suspected either the crash or some kind of a genetic experiment…we weren't sure until now. But we do know that you have some unique abilities.

Isabel: When did you find that out?

Mom: Well, we've been living with you for ten years. When you love someone…you tend to notice things about them. Max…I remember the bird video…or that fact that neither of you seem to ever get sick…or that if you ever got a scratch it was always gone the next day. Isabel…I remember that your dolls seemed to acquire clothes I never bought for them…or that recently, I've noticed you've worn shades of lipstick they don't even make. A mother tends to notice things about her kids…it's part of being a parent. It didn't surprise me a bit when the sheriff told me about Liz Parker…or how water can't put out grease fires. I think I acted sufficiently amazed around him though.

Isabel: Pretty cool huh?

Mom: I thought so.

Dad: Those talents, they're a blessing. No doubt they help you keep secret the things you have to...and we totally understand that need.

Isabel: You known this for years…and you never told us? Why?

Mom: Fear I suppose. I think we were afraid we'd somehow lose our normal kids...that things would be different. You were working so hard to hide it…we felt you had a reason and we wanted to respect it. I did try to open the door a few times…

Max: (a little choked up) …and I slammed it in your face. Mom (pause)…I'm so sorry…if I had any idea that I'd communicated with you years ago…

Mom: It's OK Max…I understand…I really do…you didn't know how we'd react…and I think maybe it was better…it did let you grow up learning how to appear totally normal…that's important.

Isabel: You knew…and still you gave us everything…I don't know where we'd be without you.

Dad: Why wouldn't we. Any parent would be proud to have kids like you two.

(Isabel runs and hugs her mom; Phil put his arm around Max with a fatherly hug)

Isabel: I've dreamed of telling you for so long…and you knew anyway.

Mom: It doesn't matter …what's important now is that we solve your other mother problem.

Isabel: (pause) I think maybe Mi…er…a friend of ours was wrong. There is such a thing as unconditional love.

Mom: It's the love that a parent has for a child. I hope you'll be able to give it someday yourself.

Dad: Is that friend by any chance the third individual in the shared dream.

Isabel: (pause) I know Max said no more secrets…but this person really doesn't want us talking to you about him. He didn't even think we should tell you about ourselves.

Michael: (from the top of the stairs…his eyes moist from envy) He doesn't care any more.

(Michael comes down)

Michael: And you're right…he was wrong.

Isabel: Michael…I almost forgot you were still up there.

(Max and Isabel stare at Michael)

Mom: (long pause) It's you, isn't it? The other person from the dream.

Michael: Yes!

Mom: That explains why you've spent so many nights sleeping in Max' room.

Max: You know about that too, huh?

Isabel: It sounds like we really can't fool mom.

Mom: Michael…now that we know…I promise…every resource we might ever use to protect Max and Isabel we'll extend to you too…sometime you'll have to tell us why you weren't on the road with them that night.

Max: That's a long story.

Mom: I do have a request. Please Michael...from now on…use the front door. Max, what say we get him a key? And for heaven sakes…get a good sleeping bag and an air mattress from our camping stuff when you stay over.

Dad: Somehow, this was not the scene I envisioned for this "coming out"…but now that we're all on the same page…we've got to decide what to do about Isabelle's phony mom. Do you think she might be someone who has talked to the sheriff?

Max: The sheriff isn't the only one who's been interested in us. The FBI was tracking us for awhile…but I think we blew that up…or I should say Alex did.

Dad: The FBI…after my kids?

Mom: I've wondered sometimes if they still tracked alien sightings. Oh…sorry…what is it you guys say…"my bad"…I wasn't going to use that word.

Isabel: It's OK mom…we call Michael "Spaceboy" sometimes…in private of course.

Mom: If you say so!

Max: The FBI is a long story too…we can fill you in as we go along.

Michael: Mr. Evans, I feel strongly that this is a setup. I think the solution to this is to somehow discredit her.

Isabel: I think we should approach this on two fronts. Max, let's have the teenagers do what we would have done even if we hadn't had this discussion…and dad…you work whatever legal magic you can…I know it will be good. We'll keep comparing notes…one way or the other we'll get through this.

Dad: What if it's not a conspiracy?

Mom & Max: (almost together) I don't think there's a question is there?

Max: We all feel it…even you and mom came to the same conclusion.

Mom: Even?

Isabel: Don't take that wrong! It was a complement. Michael…Liz and Alex already know about this. Will you fill Maria in?

Michael: Yes…and I'll tell her about this situation too.

Isabel: Oh God…you sound like Alex…but I don't care…this has been too intense.

Mom: Do I perceive that there are a few others that know certain things?

Isabel: Only three…and…like Max said, they're good at keeping secrets.

Dad: Diane…at least now it looks like we're as trustworthy as the teenagers.

Isabel: It's not like that…you don't know…

Dad: That was supposed to be a joke. I guess I don't understand what's funny to teenagers these days.

Isabel: You need to talk more with Alex…he's just your speed.

Dad: Maybe we should work separately…but not privately...if you know what I mean.

Michael: Mr. Evans, we're pretty good in a crisis…and you won't want to know every thing we might do…trust me.

Dad: And you won't understand all the legalize either…one thing gang…nothing illegal, OK. I don't want to be defending my family.

Max: Right Dad!

(phone rings)

Mrs. Oldman: (doesn't let Mr. Evans get a word in) Hello…this is Mrs. Oldman. By now you should have received a letter from family services. I'll be coming to town Friday afternoon. I'm anxious to see my daughter. We'll talk about things then. Goodbye!

Dad: Well…it looks like we've got a few days. She's not coming here until Friday. I've got some people to see. Isabel, how about drafting a statement telling us what you remember from the time she says she lost you. Something anybody can read of course. I'm guessing it will be about two sentences. And everyone…excuse me for being a parent…but let's be careful.

Mom: Love you all…and that includes you Michael. This will work out.

Isabel: Let's get started on a plan. I like being the daughter here!

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