FanFic - Alex/Isabel
Part 2
by John
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Summary: "The Balance Statements" is a sequel to the Roswell E-Mail series. It may make more sense in the long run if you've read it.
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(Before Max' dad could respond, the scene is interrupted by a knock on the door. That it's a knock and not the doorbell tells Isabel that it's one of the gang. )

Isabel: That will be one of our friends.

Dad: Shall I tell him to come back later?

(An interesting question? Max and Isabel are not sure if they want to pursue getting an answer to Max' question or talk with their friends. Both seem important to them. After a long pause, the question is resolved)

Isabel: No, let them in…I need a diversion right now…but we've got to talk some more… as soon as they've gone.

Dad: Are you sure honey…I'm sure they'll understand…

Isabel: No, it's OK…I need all the support I can get right now.

(Max answers the door…it's actually two friends, Alex and Liz. Isabel hugs her mom…tells her not to worry…that she has confidence this can be resolved… and the kids head off to Max' room)

Alex: (sensing near panic in Isabel, he takes her hand) Parents on your case?

Isabel: (feels strength and comfort from Alex) No…not exactly.

Max: Isabelle' birth mother wants to meet her.

Alex & Liz: WHAT?

Isabel: (nearly in tears) Dad just told us… he got a letter from Family Services. Some lady named Kathy Oldman claims she's my birth mother. She says I was lost in this area ten years ago and she's been searching ever since. She has researched adoption records…even come to look at me…and she's sure I'm her daughter.

Alex: Logic would tell me that couldn't be!

Max: I don't even need logic to tell me this is some kind of mix up…but the only way to prove it is with a blood test.

Alex: Oh no…not again…as much as I'd like to…I mean, I seem to bleed a lot for this group…I can't help you this time…wrong genetics…maybe Liz…

Isabel: We were lucky in being able to switch samples between you and Max when we had to. The chances of an opportunity like that happening again are pretty slim. I know you'll help if you can…but…

Max: We've got to find a way of proving this is a mistake without the blood test.

Alex: (squeezes Isabel' hand) Or find a way to discredit this woman.

Isabel: (perks up at a new idea) What are you saying?

Alex: I'm saying this may not be a mistake…it might be something more.

Max: Are you thinking what I think you're thinking…a set up? Topolsky?

Alex: Or one of her friends. I don't think anything should be ruled in or out right now…but something about this doesn't feel right. Of all the adopted people…she singles out Isabel?

Max: But if they were going to go after somebody this way, you'd think they would have gone after me…I'm the one they suspect after all.

Isabel: (clutches Alex hand a little tighter) Do you really think there might be more here than we're seeing on the surface?

Alex: Just take this for what it's worth…I can't tell you why…but I suspect this isn't what it appears to be.

Liz: He might be right. I don't know if anyone can just come in and claim someone ten years after an adoption, even if she is the birth mother.

Isabel: Dad's researching that…we were in discussion with mom and dad about this whole mess when you came to the door.

Liz: We should go then…you need to talk with your parents.

Max: I'm not sure I want to talk to them any more just yet…I need…we need to think.

Alex: They want to deal with this woman? I can't believe that.

Max: Oh no…nothing like that. They're as upset as we are…maybe more.

Isabel: Nobody's as upset as I am…but you guys are helping…just your being here…and I know mom and dad want this to go away quickly too.

Liz: You better get back to talking to them …this may be one time you need some adult help.

(long pause)

Isabel: (In a thought connection aimed at Max) Should we tell these guys the rest?

Max: (Thought) I don't know!

Alex: Tell us what?

Isabel: ARRRRGH! I keep forgetting about your new balance point.

Alex: Right now, I'm wishing I had my old one back, headaches and all. One look at that woman and I'd know everything about her since before she was born.

Isabel: Maybe we can't do that, but didn't dad say she sent pictures to the Family Services people. I'll bet we could ask to see one without committing to the blood test. I could do wonders with it the night after I get it.

Max: I know what you're thinking, but what if she sensed you. That might make things worse. Besides, dad or mom would probably have to ask the state people for it and dad will want to know why you want it.

Isabel: Back to that are we?

Alex: You guys are talking in circles.

Max: You got that right!

(As this scenario plays out upstairs, a strikingly similar one is happening downstairs. Phil Evans has pulled out the adoption papers for Max and Isabel for only the fourth time since he's had them)

Phil: Diane…how am I going to tell Isabel this could be all my fault…I know I was a new lawyer ten years ago but I should have caught this.

Diane: What are you talking about; honey?

Phil: Look…In Max' adoption papers, it clearly states that the state has made a good faith effort to find his birth mother, it was deemed impossible and no further maternity claims would ever be entertained. I just assumed that Isabel's said the same…but they don't. There's no mention of a search anywhere in them. How stupid of me! I was just so excited about getting the children….

Diane: She can't blame you for that. I don't. You couldn't have known…

Phil: I could have and I should have. This is horrible.

Diane: Again, I don't think she can blame you or anyone. (pause) It looks to me like somebody went to a lot of trouble to research this …to find this loophole…

Phil: It makes me suspicious...there may be more to this than what's on the surface…and the surface is bad enough. I think I'm going to have my firms' investigator look into this woman.

(Long pause…they stare at each other for a long time)

Diane: Is it time?

Phil: Diane, I know what we promised each other…that we wouldn't be the ones…but I'm not going to have this family torn apart. We are going to need both our kids help with this.

Diane: They need us right now too…especially you…your legal expertise. If we push them, it might make things worse. Max about left home when I tried to get him to open up after the kitchen fire.

Phil: He wouldn't have done that, would he?

Diane: I don't think so…but I think he was making a point with me. I opened that door as wide as I could. I told him that nothing that he was could ever push me away from him. I mean that. My love for both of them won't ever change. Max is my son. Isabel is my daughter. Max… he's so scared to talk about it…and I don't know why. All I know is after he begged me not to ask him any more questions…and after he sensed that I agreed, he gave me the biggest hug any sixteen year old boy has ever given a mother.

Phil: Well, I opened the door a few minutes ago too…did you see their faces?

Diane: I feel badly…I've always wanted them to come to us because they wanted to…because they felt they could…not because they had to. Besides…we only know a little bit…and this might not be the time they'll be willing to fill in all the gaps.

Phil: With this situation, the more we know the better. I hope they'll see that.

Diane: Isabel will…Max…I…

Phil: He's logical…he will…but like you I regret the circumstances.

Diane: Sometimes I wonder if their friends know more about them than we do?

Phil: What teenager doesn't tell their friends more than they tell their parents?

Diane: If what the sheriff showed me has any bearing, I'm sure Liz Parker knows quite a bit.

Phil: You told me about that…I think if Max did help her; it's wonderful.

Diane: But it's beyond the scope of the moment.

Phil: Yes...all we can do right now is get with them and make a plan for getting through this…with our family intact.

(Back upstairs)

Alex: Well, are you going to tell us the rest? I can't see how it could be much worse.

Isabel: I'm not sure the rest is that bad…this might be what I've been wanting…I just don't know…

(Just then there is a rattle at the window…it's Michael of course)

Max: You can use the front door now you know.

Michael: But then dad will ask me how things are? Listen to me…since he helped me I'm even calling him dad.

Max: Then you won't care if we have a long overdue discussion with him?

Michael: What? I didn't say that? That's never going to be a good idea.

Isabel: It might be now.

(Isabel and Max proceed to tell Michael all about the Isabel situation and their previous conversation with their parents. Alex and Liz are filled in on the "rest of the story".)

Michael: So you think they know? How could they?

Max: I don't know what they know…or think they know. What my dad said was he was sure that Mrs. Oldman was not Isabelle' birth mother and he was sure we'd all agree that a blood test was not a good idea. Before we could pursue it, Alex and Liz knocked at the door…almost as if on cue.

Liz: We really didn't plan it…I just wanted to see Max.

Max: (Gives kiss on cheek) I'm glad you came when you did. It's given us some time to re-group.

Isabel: (frustrated) Guys, this woman is after me. What are we going to do?

Alex: I'm going to look up some records…do a little hacking if I have to…I'll find out all I can about Mrs. Kathy Oldman. I don't suppose we know her birthday?

Isabel: I'm sure that's available if we talk to Family Services…but that needs to be dads call. If I get anything, I'll let you know.

Alex: Great…you know how to contact me.

Isabel: Unfortunately! (pause…Alex looks hurt) I'm kidding you dope…I told you I don't have any secrets from you.

Liz: I think we better go. Iz…if there's anything I can do…

Isabel: Thanks Liz!

(Liz and Alex give long kisses to Max and Isabel respectively…more to show support at this point than anything…then head out)

Michael: I know you've got to talk to your parents…but take my advice…don't tell them anything…find out what they know first I still think we're better off without them knowing everything…me for example.

Max: Were all in this together…what affects one affects us all, Michael.

Michael: I know…

Isabel: This is my problem…we're gonna do what we have to…I'm not about to be farmed out to someone else…or worse yet become a specimen.

Max: I never thought it would be you Isabel.

Isabel: I never thought it would be any of us.

Max: Ready?

Isabel: Yeh!

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