FanFic - Alex/Isabel
Part 4
by John
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Summary: "The Balance Statements" is a sequel to the Roswell E-Mail series. It may make more sense in the long run if you've read it.
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( Nobody got a lot of sleep that night, just as Isabel predicted. None of the gang was very effective at school the next day either. Isabelle's father has his firm's investigator checking out what he can in Santa Fe with family services. Now it's shortly after school and just the kids are home at the Evans) Isabel: Well Alex my hero, anything to report.

Alex: I've just barely gotten on the white horse Isabel…but already I found out something interesting. Mr. Ted Hurtman, who signed the letter your dad received, is no longer with family services. In fact, he only worked there a short time and was never the director as he indicated in the letter. My source said he was, at best, a clerk.

Isabel: How did you find that out?

Alex: My father has a friend who works with social services here in Roswell. This guy comes over to the house a lot and he was there when I got home last night. I said that a friend was having some problems with the state Family Services people and I asked him who would be a good contact in Santa Fe. He gave me the name of the director…and it wasn't Mr. Hurtman. This morning I called up there…I pretended to need some help and asked for Mr. Hurtman. The person who answered the phone told me Hurtman no longer worked there. I said, "wasn't he the director?". The person laughed and said no…just an assistant. She gave me the directors' name and it was the same as my father's friend had told me.

Max: Good work, Alex.

Alex: If this guy was there as short a time as I think he was, he may have been a plant. I've had less success on the Oldman name.I need to look up some more websites…nothing came up when I put in Kathy Oldman in Switchboard…that's one of my favorite people look up sites. There are some others I can check. Did you get any more information from your dad?

Isabel: No, I haven't talked to him since this morning.

Alex: So how was your talk with your folks last night? Do they finally know all about you?

Max: I've never had so many mixed emotions. After everything was over last night I felt relieved…but now I'm kinda ticked at the whole dumb situation. We've been playing cover-up for ten years and, you know what? They knew all along.

Alex: What?

Max: Yeh…turns out I connected with my mom in a dream when I was still only six. She saw almost everything I experienced when we came out of the pods. They didn't want to tell us they knew and we didn't want to tell them. It took about ten minutes to put away ten years of anxiety. Fear is a very bad thing Alex. It cost both us and our parents a lot of grief.

Isabel: But love can overcome fear…and that's what happened. They showed that they love us so much…and…even Michael got caught up in it what happened. I wish this Kathy Oldman problem wasn't circling around…it would make things all that much better…but then without it…we'd still be back where we were with them.

(phone rings)

Max: (on phone) Hi Liz. Actually Alex has turned up something interesting. Let's meet when you get off work and I'll fill you in. Love You.

Isabel: She's been great…she came to me about five times today to see if I was OK.

(Phil and Diane come home)

Isabel: Hi dad…any news?

Dad: Well…my man turned up something that seems suspicious. Seems the man who signed the letter we got was never the Family Services director even though he signed it that way. He only worked with the state office a short time. And…I got an address for Mrs. Oldman. She lives in Las Cruces.

Max: Alex found out about Mr. Hurtman too…but the address…that's more progress than we made.

Isabel: Can we give it to Alex…it'll help him on the computer searches.

Dad: OK…but don't do any more than search unless you let me know, please.

Alex: This will help.

(Knock…then Michael enters)

Max: Come on in Michael…I've got something for you.

(Gives Michael a key to front door)

Mom: Make sure you use it.

Michael: Did anyone else see the woman with the camera taking pictures around school today?

Max: I didn't.

Alex: Not I.

Isabel: I don't think I'd have noticed a tornado at school today.

Michael: I don't know if it means anything…it's just I noticed her nearby every time I saw Isabel today. Maybe I'm just being over cautious.

Mom: I don't think any of us can be too over cautious right now.

Max: I'll keep a better eye out tomorrow. (doorbell rings…Diane answers it and comes back nearly in tears. It's a special delivery package)

Dad: What's wrong Dear?

Mom: Look at this…it's from Mrs. Oldman it's a photo album of pictures…and they look exactly like Isabel when she was six.

Max: Mom, have you got some pics of us at that age…I'd like to compare.

Alex: Me too…in the photo lab.

(Hmmm…the plot thickens…stay turned…we'll be back after these messages!)

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