FanFic - Alex/Isabel
Part 1
by John
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Summary: "The Balance Statements" is a sequel to the Roswell E-Mail series. It may make more sense in the long run if you've read it.
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Since the re-balancing, things have been pretty sweet for our heroes. The Evans' household seems to have inherited four more kids as Liz, Maria, Alex, and Michael have been hanging out there a lot. Not that Max and Isabel' parents care… they're actually glad to see their kids being a little more sociable.

However, if there weren't an occasional crisis, there wouldn't be any need for these stories. Today, Mr. and Mrs. Evans are both notably upset as they call for a family meeting.)

(Max and Isabel come home after school)

Dad: Sit down kids…we've got to talk.

(Max and Isabel notice their mother is crying)

Isabel: What's wrong mom?

Mom: (sobbing) I don't want to lose you…either of you…ever.

(Max and Isabel look at each other fearfully)

Max: Lose us…what do you mean mom?

Dad: I'll tell you what's going on in a minute, and no…no one did anything wrong…but first I want to say something… I'm sure you already know this…but it will make both your mother and I feel better if I say it.

Max: What is it dad?

Dad: We've never made much of a point that you two are adopted. You're our kids…hopefully always will be. Max, I'm counting on you to carry on the family name. You're both in our wills as our heirs. I never thought there'd be any problem. Your adoption papers have been out of my safe all of three times in ten years. One time to get you registered for school, once to get you Social Security cards, and once to get you those passports when we went to the Caribbean. By the way…that took a bit of legal expertise on my part…so keep them current . They're as good or better than birth certificates in many cases. Other than that, your mom and I don't dwell on the fact that someone besides us gave birth to you. You guys haven't said much about it either, so we don't know if you do think about it or not. We just hope you're happy with us as parents.

Isabel: So what's this all about dad?

Dad: Now that I've said what I said…I'll read this letter to you.

(Phil reads Max and Isabel a letter) STATE OF NEW MEXICO

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Evans
123 Glad Street
Roswell, New Mexico

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Evans,

This office has been contacted by a Mrs. Kathy Oldman. Mrs. Oldman says that she is sure that the child adopted by you and now known Isabel Evans is really her daughter. She further states that this child was lost as she and her husband were traveling near Roswell over ten years ago…and she has been searching child custody records for that era for many years. She encloses a picture of herself…both now and when she was sixteen...and she claims there is a strong resemblance. She states she has been to Roswell and seen your adopted daughter and is sure she is her child.

Although you now have legal custody of this minor, Mrs Oldman never legally gave up any rights to this child or granted permission for adoption. A search of your adoption records shows no such grant or statement concerning a birth parent. This matter can be quickly resolved by performing a blood test on your adopted daughter to see if there is a genetic match to Mrs. Oldman. If it turns out to be positive, Mrs. Oldman would like to meet with you to discuss the future status of the minor child known as Isabel Evans.

We will be contacting you soon to arrange for this testing. Mrs. Oldman is not at this time requesting custody but has not ruled it out.

Yours Truly,

Ted Hurtman Family Service Director

(There is a stunned silence…except for the sobbing from Mrs. Evans)

Isabel: Can they do this…I mean force her on me?

Dad: I can't find a legal precedent one way or another. I'm trying to decide what our next move should be, but we felt you had to know. I'd like to talk to her…convince her that what she is doing is breaking up a family.

Max: Can't we just ignore this…let her come to us.

Phil: We could…but I don't think that's wise. She will anyway.

Isabel: (begins to cry) I don't want to go anywhere…I mean…this is my home…you're my mom and dad.

Mom: (sobbing) We know honey…and we can't let it happen…we've got to…

Phil: There are two things of which I am sure in all of this….one…she is not your birth mother Isabel…and two…I suspect we can all agree that a blood test is not a good idea.

(Isabel and Max shoot a terrified glance at each other at that last comment)


Max: Why do you say that, dad?

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