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"Who Are You?"
Part 6
by Ta'al
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Rating: NC-17
After what seemed like an age, Isabelle's vision blurred back into focus, things were still black, but the black was highlighted in places. Isabelle struggled to make out the shapes. Closing her eyes, she calmed herself, then opened them again. She saw a road, dark, yet not hugely so. Streetlamps flanked the road, giving off megear light that barely touched the darkness.

Suddenly, she heard Liz's voice beside her, she turned quickly to see her.

"Welcome." She stated.

"Welcome, welcome to where?" An utterly perplexed Isabelle asked.

" This is my mind, or rather, a portion of it. You will see a sort of, representation of my mind here, here you will learn about me. And some others…"

"How did you do this?"

"Shh. Watch and all will be revealed." Liz gestured towards the street.

A door flew open from a previously unseen building to the right, the yellow light from inside casting brilliant beams into the night. The door remained open to allow the exit of two individuals. One was a man whom Isabelle had never seen before, the other was Liz. She was dressed differently, in white. But it was Liz, and even more strangely, it was Liz looking exactly the same as she did now.

The two were walking happily next to each other, arms intertwined, they both had joyous smiles upon their' faces, and were laughing at an inside joke. Suddenly, from the shadows behind them, a pair of arms emerged, grabbing the man's head. Liz fell over, turning she saw what happened. The two arms soon became connected to a body, and soon a figure could be made out behind the man. Who had been frantically trying to free himself from the grip, failing miserably.

Isabelle watched in stunned horror as the figure sharply twisted the man's neck, giving off a sickening crack, the man's head came clean off and his decapitated body slumped to the ground.

Liz, or rather her duplicate, screamed and tried to run away, but the figure was too quick, and soon her head was also in his, or her, grasp. Liz closed her eyes, waiting for the end, but it never came like that. The figure, that could now be seen as male, leaned in, and tilted her head to one side, exposing her neck. He placed a soft kiss on her neck, then bit into it. After what seemed to be an eternity Liz collapsed, and the man scooped her up. Biting into his own wrist, he caused blood to stream out. Careful not to hurt her, he pressed his wrist to her mouth and let his blood drip into Liz's mouth. Liz began to convulse, then she went rigid for an instant, before falling lip once again. Turning, he carried her away into the darkness.

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