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"Who Are You?"
Part 5
by Ta'al
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Rating: NC-17
Upon entering the building Isabelle became acutely aware of two things. One, Liz was sitting at the sofa, and two, Liz was beckoning her over. Following, Isabelle sank down into the chair. Taking a moment to gather herself, Isabelle turned towards Liz, who had been staring at her.

"What do you want to know?" Liz asked.

"Well, I saw you and Max, I saw you dancing, and then you said something to him."

Liz tensed slightly.

"Whatever you said to him, it must have been pretty bad. I couldn't make out the words, though."

"Do you want to know what I told him?" Liz inquired.

"I do, but only to help max understand when you tell him. Because you will tell him. I see the way you look at him every day, I couldn't understand your constraint. I understand it a little better now."

"It's… well.." Liz sighed. "It's easier if show you. Liz leaned forward so that she was close to Isabelle. Isabelle jumped back slightly, before relaxing.

Liz just smiled.

"You asked for it, though."

Before Isabelle could respond to this cryptic remark, Liz's hands shot out, gripping Isabelle by the sides of the head.

Liz's eyes closed, her head tilted slightly, and she seemed to concentrate on something.

A minute passed, then two. The third minute saw Isabelle begin to pull away, as she did though, Liz held her in place.

"Stay still!" She whispered harshly.

Isabelle calmed down.

"Open your mind to me."

Puzzled, Isabelle sighed and did as she was told. Expecting nothing, she was caught off balance when a definite something happened.

She saw black, the a deep scarlet, then finally her vision, her mind, went white. A pure brilliant white was everywhere. All was serene.

Until her mind was rocked by an explosion of light, or rather, a lack of light. Everything went black, pure, unadulterated black…

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