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"Who Are You?"
Part 2
by Ta'al
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell High, and most likely never will. All of these characters are borrowed from the television show, and whoever owns it. The story is mine and can be published, copied and displayed freely as long as this disclaimer is attached and any age restrictions are observed. Personally, I don't care if your under 18 and read NC-17, but I don't have much of a choice in the matter…
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Although, logically Isabelle knew that it was impossible, she was having a bout of insomnia. She sat on a stool leaning over the kitchen counter. She just could not get to sleep. But she knew why, Max had spent two and a half hours last night droning on about Liz. Liz won't talk to me, Liz is avoiding me, Liz, Liz, Liz…

~Give me a break, why won't she talk to him? Maybe then they could just get on with what they seem to be best at, loving each other. I mean, it's obvious that she loves him, and I know that Max loves her, but she constantly holds herself back, why?~

Eventually resigning herself to the fate that sleep would not come to her easily she decided to find out the answer to her question. Walking into the living room, she retrieved this years school yearbook. She quickly found the pictures. After a few minutes, she found the photograph marked Parker, Elizabeth.

She reached out and laid her fingertips against the picture. Concentrating on Liz, who must be in bed by now. She thought, looking over to the VCR to see that the time was 2:23am.

She sat back down on the counter stool. The picture rippled for a moment when she touched the image, and then she was no longer in her house, or even her body. She was in a dream, specifically Liz's.

~Maybe this will get me some answers…~ Isabelle thought, as she made herself invisible to the dreamer, if she wanted to see into Liz's sub-conscience, then she must not change anything. Little did she know, that Liz dreamt of things that she could never have imagined, not in her wildest dreams…

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