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"Who Are You?"
Part 1
by Ta'al
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Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Liz put on an over-sized T-shirt, pulling back her sheets, she slipped between the material. She always loved the feeling she got as she just lie back for the first time for the night, the cool fabric gently caressing her skin. Tonight, however, she was too tired to even think about it, after school and work, she had finally caught up with Max, only to see him push open the door to the guidance councillor's room and enter.

Today, like every other day, she had wanted to tell Max about her, about her secret. But we each time she did, a thought, or rather an image popped into her head.

~What if I lose control, what if I hurt him, what if he hates me, what if…~

She was sick of this game, "what if" was becoming boring

After the last two or three weeks, it was becoming painfully obvious. The pain lay not in the truth, but in the possible ramifications of it's discovery.

~What if he can't love me, what if he can't even look at me, what if he is disgusted by me…~

She refused to continue this line of thought, she needed sleep, so she closed her eyes, and sank back into her bed. Unfortunately for Liz, not everyone was quite so tired…

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