FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Who Are You?"
Part 18
by Ta'al
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Rating: NC-17
When the door closed on Alex's room, Isabelle found she was without light, and yet she could see.

~Must be an effect of the sharing~ she thought fleetingly.

Alex stepped close to her, he raised a hand to her face, and gently caressed it. She wrapped one arm around him, and he kissed her gently. The kiss was long and tender. He broke away after a second and looked directly at her. A smile formed on her lips as she began to unbutton his shirt. He grasped her hands quickly.

~Are you sure?~

~Of course~ She said brightly. This seemed suficient for Alex and he began to help her with her shirt. Once her shirt was off, he showered hot kisses onto her neck,. Her sweat-pants were next, and he kissed her legs. Placing one gentle kiss on the back of her knees, she shivered in pleasure. Her shoes and socks were quickly removed, and he ran a finger along he insides of her feet. Standing quickly, he reached around her and expertly unhooked her black bra.

When it fell to the ground, Alex marvelled at her breasts, they were absolutely perfect! He leaned down and kissed her icing pink nipples one at a time. They quickly hardened into small pebbles. Her panties were last. He hooked two fingers inside the waistband and slid it to the ground, helping her as she stepped out of it. He kneeled down and placed a single, long kiss on her triangle of curls. He would return to there soon enough. He stood back and quickly stripped.

Isabelle looked at him through half-closed eyes. God, he was built! His body was as hard as marble, and yet somehow, responsive to her slightest touch. Her glance travelled low, and her eyes widened at what they saw below Alex's waist. Alex the boy, like hell.

She placed a hand on Alex's chest, she found his skin like putty. It seemed to absorb the heat of her hand and radiate it back. He scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the bed, lying her down gently, he began to rain hot kisses down upon her face. His hands caressing her body. With subtle movements she urged him onward in his ministrations, understanding quickly her kissed his way down her body, along her slender neck., across her breasts, over her tight belly and finally arriving at her crotch.

His tounge lapped out and he licked her thighs thouroghly, taking his time. Isabelle was sweating as the presssure inside her body increased as his tounge pleasured her.

Alex was loving every second of this, the taste, the scent, he revelled in the experience that was Isabelle. His tounge travelled further, across her outer lips, along her inner, before thrusting deeply inside of her. He withdrew and kissed the begging button of her clit, his tounge swirling around her bud. Her legs tightened around his head, holding him in place, urging him on. He bit into her clit, not hard, she cried out in pleasure once again. Her body shuddered, she arched her back and came hard. Covering Alex in her essence.

He moved up her body, giving Isabelle the time she needed to recover. Kissing her on the lips, she could still taste herself on him. He opened up the sharing.

~ I love you, Isabelle. And I will make this the most pleasurable experience in your life. I promise ~ He accentuated this with another kiss. He reached down and opened her legs until she could accept him. Pressing himself into her center he pushed gently.

Isabelle's eyes went glassy as she concentrated just on the feeling of him inside her. He came to an obstruction, his eyes flashed a question to her, and she nodded.

~ I'm sorry ~ He sent. She smiled, and then wrapped her legs around his waist.

He pushed gently, feeling her hymen break. Strangely, she didn't feel the pain. The sharing seemed to block the effects. The sensations pulsed through her body.

He looked at her.

~ Isabelle, baby, I can open up the sharing to the final level. But I'm not forcing you, it's your decision.~

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