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"Who Are You?"
Part 17
by Ta'al
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~Are you sure about this, love. You don't have to, you know~

~I know, but I need to to~ Isabelle replied, picking up the glass.

~Ok, but take it slow, please~

Isabelle smiled, before taking a tiny sip of the blood. Settling back for a moment, her eyes widened to saucers. She grabbed the glass and took a healthy draft. Before relaxing into Alex's rather surprised grip. Maria and Liz look shocked, Michael and Max looked a little queezy.

"Woah! Forget tabasco sauce." Isabelle said after a moment.

"Did you like it?" Liz asked, calming back down.

"It was, strange. I mean, at first it tasted weird, but then something went through me and it tasted like liquid gold." She took another gulp. Grinning.

Liz smiled.

"It's a part of the sharing, you picked up how Alex reacted to the taste. That is what its like for us."

"I think I'm jealous."

"Isabelle, how could you, ewww." Said Max.

"Why cant we feel it?" Michael asked. Gesturing to the now-empty glass that Maria had drunk.

"Don't panic yet, the effect will get stronger with time. We've only just connected." Maria offered, squeezing gently on his hand. Michael immediately felt better.

Isabelle turned to Alex and offered him the rest of the glass. He smiled and accepted. Tilting his head back, he swallowed the remenants of the blood. He closed his eyes for a second, and his grip on Isabelle became almost undetectebly tighter. He put the glass down and leant back so that Isabelle could lie fully on his chest. His arms around her, he planted a kiss on her forehead, and let his head loll back for a moment.

He turned to the others, who were all in similar positions. Seeing the contentment in the room, he said.

"Okay gang, what's the plan?" He said, everyone looked at him strangely, even Isabelle.

"What, just because I'm one and a half mellenia old doesn't mean I have to make all of the descisions." The entire group was laughing, ranging from Maria's giggles, to Max's chukles to Isabelle's open laughing. The laughing was contagious and soon Alex was also falling about. This went on for some time, before Liz looked at her watch.

"As much as I hate to admit it, it is time for bed. We have school tommorow anyway." Liz sounded regretful.

"You can all stay here, there's loads of room, this old place is bigger than you'd think." Alex gestured about.

"Look, there are three bedrooms anyway, and I know that none here would stay away for long." He said with a hint of amusment. Maria slugged him, full-force on the shoulder. Alex barely felt it, physically. But it helped his attitude no-end.

So, the group seperated into pairs, and the lights were turned off. Each couple disappearing into a room.

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