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"Who Are You?"
Part 19
by Ta'al
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~ YES, please, I need it, I need you, please ~ She practically begged. His lips covered hers again as he buried himself in her heat. Her back arched, pressing her to him as he gently moved inside of her. She felt her orgasm coming, her hands tightened around him.

Alex's eyes were gold as he kissed her neck, and then sunk his teeth into the artery. The sensation was unlike anything she had ever experienced. She screamed almost soundlessly as the feelings overwhelmed her. Her world became a whirling cacophony of sensation. They climax itself was earth-shattering. But the blood was even better and she instinctively bit hard into Alex's neck, feeling the scarlet gold cascade down her throat.

They both screamed, coming so hard that his muscles contracted and he snapped the headboard, before collapsing on the soaked sheets. Isabelle had passed out, and it would be at least an hour before she awoke. Alex smiled, and pulled her close. Wrapping a blanket over her shivering form, he settled his head into the crook of her neck and waited for her to wake up.

She regained consciousness, she was still trying to come to terms with the sheer pleasure she had just experienced, she fell asleep in his arms. Safe and warm. Only after he was sure she was asleep, did he allow himself his rest. A perpetual smile on his lips

Waking slowly, the first thing to hit Isabelle was that she was not in her own bed. When she realised precisly who's bed she was in, and more importantly, why she was in it; she smiled and turned over. The bed was empty, but on the pillow was a rose. A black rose to be exact. She picked it up to find the thorns removed. Smiling to herself, she slowly rose from her bed. She crossed to the door and was about to open it when the realisation hit her that she was completely naked and her clothes were scattered over the floor. She grabbed her panties and a black robe and padded from the room.

Arriving downstairs, she was not surprised to find that Max and Michael were not up yet. She was however slightly more surprised to hear some very strange sounds coming from a small room in the back. She oppened the door to find Alex, Liz and Maria working out. Alex had on the botttom half of a black kimono, while Liz and Maria had on tank tops and biking shorts. In most red-blooded girls seeing her boyfriend with two such women could cause some concern, and it would have in Isabelle as well, had Alex not at this precise moment been attempting to pummel Liz and Maria into the wall.

Alex launched a back spin kick towards Liz's head, who deftly ducked and swung an uppercut. Alex caught her hand and twisted it behind her back, slamming her hard into the wall. Liz smiled and kicked off the wall, pushing the two back. Alex attempted to ram her back into the wall again but to Isabelle's surprise Liz ran up the wall and over Alex's head. Liz backed away as Maria flipped into the situation and swung a combination of punches into his body, he dodged. But, this was happening so fast that arms, legs and bodies seemed to blur. Isabelle could not make out which of Maria's eight arms was hers, nor could she understand how Alex's head seemed to be in fourteen separate places at once. But nevertheless, Liz joined the fray and the fighting got more intense, assuming that was possible. Shapes and shadows were no longer still, this continued for a few minutes ending with a loud thump as Liz was thrown against the wall, closely followed by yet another thud as Maria also fell.

All of the three were breathing hard, like they'd just ran a marathon and layer of persperation covered each of their' faces. Isabelle's slow clapping draw there attention to her for the first time. Alex walked to her and gave her a quick kiss. She smiled and inquired as to how long they had been up.

"Oh, about an hour" came the response

Liz and Maria both got up and took out sports bottles of water, tipping a good portion over themselves. OF course, max and Michael took this opportunity to arrive and were pleasently surprised to find their' heart throb's drenched, scantaly clad, sweaty and looking good enough to jump on. In fact, the sharing let Liz and Maria know exactly what was going through their' male heads. They both blushed and crossed to their loves, Kisses and hugs followed and soon Maria had Michael against a wall and was attempting to swallow his tounge. Only when he was going light-headed did she let him up for air. However, she did not let him go for an instant. Not that Michael was complaining, no siree.

After prying themselves apart, Maria and Michael joined the others as they walked towards the kitchen.

"So," began Liz, "Did you sleep well, Isabelle?"

"Oh, I slept fine actually, Alex's bed was surprisingly comfortable." This drew a smile from Maria, and grin from Liz and almost gave Max and Michael a coronary. Alex even seemed to blush for an instant. Isabelle kept a perfectly straight face.

Arriving at the kitchen, Liz made a beeline for the refrigerator and grabbed three blood packets. Turning to the aliens, she cast a questioning glance.

Isabelle nodded quite vigorously, Max shook his head, and Michael just shrugged and accepted.

Liz retrieved two more bags and placed them in the microwave to warm. Smiling to herself, she made a quiet admission.

"God, I love the twentieth century."

"Why" Michael asked

"I always detested cold blood, and then, there was only one other way of aquiring warm blood. Guess how?" Liz smiled.

Michael visibly blanched for a second.

Maria smiled and handed him one of the glasses. Downing hers, she turned to Michael and watched as he carefully drank the liquid. His smile widened and he swiftly emptied the glass.


"Pretty good, isn't it?" Isabelle commented before finishing her glass and shivering slightly. Alex drank quickly and turned to notice Liz staring at Max.

~Honey, don't worry. I'm not upset, you don't have to, you know~ She comforted him. His expression softened quickly and a glass of milk sufficed for him. Soon, the entire gang had showered (Alex and Isabelle saved time and water by showering together, turned out they took twice as long), Dressed and went on their' way to school.

During school, everyone gasped as they saw nerdy Alex holding Isabelle's hand, and he was the receiver of several dirty looks from the jocks, particually Kyle.

The day ended and everyone but Isabelle left for home, she had to talk to coach about getting off the cheerleading squad. Who cared about that sort of thing, anyway? Not Isabelle, that was certain. By the time she left, it was getting dark...

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