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"Who Are You?"
Part 12
by Ta'al
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Over the next few days, Isabelle got to know the real Alex. She spent most of her time with him and had finally come to realise that she loved him as much as he loved her. They would spent hours together, sometimes just sitting quietly holding hands, or cuddling together under the stars. She would constantly ask him about his past, and he would smile, pulling her tightly close to him and begin to regale her with stories of his life. He was a great listener as well, he could sit with her and listen to her problems for hours, before offering her comfort and advice. No matter what mood she arrived in, when Isabelle left Alex, she always felt better.

The sharing, as Alex had called it, became stronger between them. They sensed each other's presence and it completed them. They both were happy with the knowledge that whatever life threw at them, they would face it together. One of the most unsettling things between them was that the sharing changed Isabelle. She began to see and hear things as well as Alex and some of his strength was flowing through her. It sometimes took great effort to stop herself from accidentally letting Max or Michael know that something was amiss by mistakenly pulling the handle off of a door, or the door off of it's hinges.

Michael and Max still remained ignorant of the others. They would be told soon, but Alex and Isabelle thought it was best left to Liz and Maria, so they kept out of it.

Later in the week, the entire gang were at the Crashdown, for a surprisingly normal reason, they had just finished watching Maria do her kareoke and they were enjoying some strangely-named junkfood. After a short while, and about twenty dollars, the three aliens left for home, leaving Alex, Liz and Maria to finish up for the night. While Alex wasn't officialy working there, he was glad to help and the job was finished in no time.

Wrapping up, they left the Café' and began there walk home. While they travelled, Liz and Alex took the oppertunity to joke about Maria's singing and the trio quickly reached their' respective homes. They dropped Maria off and then Liz. Leaving Alex to wander home. He was about to walk into his house when he changed his mind. Looking around quickly to assure himself of his solace, he took off in the direction of the Evan's home.

Upon his descent from the night sky, Alex heard russling behind him, turning sharply he saw Isabelle, Max and Michael being accosted by seven men sporting black suits and guns. Moving quickly and silently he leapt into the shadows and approached the battle silently. He was about to call 911 and make it look more authentic, when a large, muscled man slapped Isabelle hard. She fell to the ground, and so did Alex's mobile.

Stepping out of the shadows and into the light, he started walking quickly toward them.

"Hey! Leave her alone!" he yelled, the anger building up inside of him. All eyes turned to Alex.

"Boss, what do we do?" One perticually neandertholic looking man said.

"Hey, that's one of the civi's we were told about, well ain't that great. Now we only have two more to find. Kill him." Said one of the men, who had been standing aloof of the fight, obviously the leader.

Isabelle looked once into Alex's eyes, she saw the anger there, the rage. And it frightened her. Max yelled at Alex to get out of there, while Michael just stared.

The man who had earlier inquired as to the course of action pulled out his gun, aiming it directly at Alex's heart. Expecting to see him jump or cower, he was dissapointed to see no change in Alex's deliberate pace. Sneering, he pulled the trigger several times. The night was shattered by three loud cracks and the aliens watched as their' friend crumpled to the ground.

Turning around, the man laughed long and hearty, he laughed so hard, that he didn't catch the looks on his comrade's faces, nor did he see the expressions on Max and Michael's faces shift from horror to amazement.

Behind him, Alex rose from the ground with an evil glare in his eyes. Walking silently, he got to within six feet of the man who had finished laughing and, seeing the looks on everyone's faces, spun around.

Coming face-to-face with Alex, he raised his gun again. Alex batted it hard out of his hand, causing several bones in the man's hand to shatter. He clutched his hand to his other and began to step away when Alex's hand wrapped around his throat and he was picked clear up off of the ground. The iron grip constricted sharply around his neck and he found himself unable to breathe. He swung with his one good hand, catching the vampire in the side of his head, he was surprised to see Alex's head gently rock from side to side, before settling back to normal. Alex's lips curved upwards in a cruel smile before everything went black as the hand which had been suffocating him, squeezed tightly and effortlessly seperated his head from his body. The corpse and it's severed head fell to the ground.

Michael's eyes were bugging out of his head and Max looked like he might faint. Isabelle looked a little green herself, she was unaccustomed to gore and from the way things had started, things were probably going to get very messy indeed…

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