FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Who Are You?"
Part 13
by Ta'al
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Four of the men charged towards Alex, they seemed to have gotten the message regarding their' sidearms, and were apparently intent upon dismembering the boy who had just killed their' friend. Alex's eyes rose to look at them, he stared for a moment, not even flinching as the four hulking men approached him.

As the first man approached, one raised his fist in preperation to strike. His fist flew downwards, but met thin air, as Alex ducked and took him down with a hard backhand to the throat. Continuing the movement, Alex circled around and lashed out a spinning heel kick into the temple of the second oncoming 'suit'. Standing back for a moment, the two remaining charged Alex, one brought out a switchblade and thrust it downwards.

Reacting quickly Alex knocked out one of the men, but failed to evade the knife as it slid into his shoulder blade. Wincing slightly, he blocked the accompanying punch and caught the man by the neck.

Struggling to speak, the man managed to choke out.

"What are you?"

Alex's smile grew slightly before he answered.

"The last thing you'll ever see." With that Alex landed three punches to his face, followed by another three. Deliberatly holding back on the power so that the man would feel pain, lots of pain. Grabbing his collar, he pulled him close before sidestepping and dropping him with a one-handed closeline. The man was now on the the ground, barely alive. Barely, at least, for an additional few seconds as Alex axe-kicked him. Sending his foot crashing through the man's ribs and into his lungs.

Looking up at the man who had previously slapped Isabelle, and the leader. Alex strode toward the first man, who jumped away and grabbed Isabelle. Bringing his gun to her head, he cried out.

"Don't move, or I'll shoot."

Seeing the fear in Alex's eyes, the leader began to laugh. Alex closed his eyes for a second, before reopenning them. A golden hue glowed from them, and fangs peeked out from underneath his lips as he growled.

"Let her go, and you'll see your next birthday." His voice was too-controlled and the man hesitated for as second, before looking at him.

"Ha, I don't think so."

Alex looked up at him, then to Isabelle.

~Isabelle, calm down. It's going to be okay, I need you to step forward. On the count of three, don't worry babe. Nothing will happen to you, now. One, two, three. ~

Isabelle took in a shaky breath, then stepped forward. Moving quicker than the eye could see Alex put himself between the gun and her as the man reacted to the movement and shot. The loud bang did nothing to Alex, as he stepped forward slapping the gun away. He pushed the terrified man into a wall and exerted enough pressure on his sternum to crush it.

The man caughed up some blood and fell to the ground.

Alex turned to the leader, who had foolishly started to run away. He didn't get very far as Alex grabbed him and dragged him closer to the group.

"Who sent you?" He asked calmly.

"Fuck you."

Alex sent his foot smashing down on his knee, shattering it sideways. The man collapsed.

"Who sent you?" "Go fuck yourself."

Alex grabbed his hand and began to squeeze, until he could see bones fracture out of the skin and cartilage tear. The man screamed in agony.

"Okay, Okay!! It was this woman, she didn't tell me her name. She looked FBI, she had blonde hair. Ow! That's all I know, I swear."

Letting go, Alex lifted him up.

"Leave, and tell that agent, that if anyone ever fucks with these three again, you'll all die." He shoved him into his car. A minute later, the tires screeched as the car made it's getaway.

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